Enneagram Type 7: “The Adventurer” Personality Type Analysis

25 May 2023

“Find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss the joy is to miss all,” said Robert Louis Stevenson, the Scottish novelist, and you can bet the Enneagram 7 personality type would totally agree with him.

Many studies indicate that Enneagram 7 is one of the rarest Enneagram types. Isn’t it intriguing that a person with such a positive outlook on life is so rare? One thing is for sure: without the Sevens, life would not be nearly as exciting and fun!

So, join us on the adventure of explaining the Seven’s amazing personality in detail—we’ll provide an in-depth analysis of this enticing type.

Ready? Let’s kick in!

Enneagram Personality Type 7 Overview

Sevens see the world through the eyes of a curious child who just wants to play and have as much fun as possible. Their enthusiasm for life is contagious, and people love having them around.

Spontaneous, playful, and easygoing, they value their freedom highly. Other Enneagram types that are not so comfortable with expressing emotions so openly may find Sevens impulsive and maybe rude. However, they are just uninhibited and see no reason to hide how they feel—at least as long as they feel no pain or sadness.

There’s nothing more terrifying for a Seven than to be overwhelmed with negative feelings. Unable to handle them, they tend to distract themselves with work and shallow entertainment. That’s also one of the reasons why they easily leave their mistakes and disappointments in the past and always look into the future. All those amazing adventures that await them are far more interesting than dwelling on past failures.

The only thing that might be bad about the way they are always looking for new things to do is that they often don't take the time to develop and use their many talents.

Another reason why their talents may stay unrecognized is that the Sevens are not competitive or ambitious at all. Their ultimate goal in life is not success, recognition, or status but pleasure and joy.

Enneagram Type 7 Compatibility

Sevens are passionate and inspiring partners. They enjoy flirting and experimenting with love, especially when they are young. Casual romances and flings are often just another way for them to experience the pleasures of life.

Having this in mind, we can conclude that it is not easy for a Seven to commit. But when they decide to do so, they become romantic, generous, and creative partners who enjoy planning exciting couple activities.

Speaking of that, let’s now have a look at the types that are the Enneagram 7's best matches.

Type 7 With Type 7

Unsurprisingly, Sevens enjoy the company of other Sevens. They love exchanging ideas and experiences and understand each other perfectly, without words. It’s a couple that is always on the move, traveling, exploring new places, and meeting new and interesting people.

The problems, however, may arise from the fact that neither of them is capable of tough conversations. When the going gets rough, they may distance themselves from each other. Still, as long as there is love, they are able to overcome every obstacle with a positive attitude.

Type 7 With Type 9

Sevens and Nines share many wonderful characteristics. Both are easygoing, optimistic, and open-minded. Together, they are capable of seeing the good in the worst possible situations, always oriented to what’s positive in life.

Another thing that often bonds this couple strongly is physical attraction. Both types are very sensual and enjoy exploring the world and their relationships with all their senses.

Enneagram Type 7 Wings

Each Enneagram type can display some traits of the types that are adjacent to them on the Enneagram circumference. Those adjacent types are called wings. So, the Enneagram 7 personality can have an Eight or a Six wing.


The Enneagram 7 wing 8 type is a very attractive, highly energetic go-getter. The Eight wing makes Sevens more focused, ambitious, resolute, and pragmatic.

These people are charismatic, natural leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit. They can’t stand to be bossed around and are very possessive of their freedom.

Additionally, since Eights love adventures and have a strong hedonistic streak, too, 7w8s will never forget to enjoy life while pursuing their goals.


Under the influence of the Six wing, Sevens become more careful, tactful, and empathetic. Enneagram 7 wing 6 is more responsible and cooperative than other Sevens, but they are also more sensitive and prone to anxiety and all kinds of fears.

The combination of the Sixes’ seriousness and the Sevens’ curiosity and need for exploration often produces intellectually gifted individuals who enthusiastically follow their academic interests.

Enneagram Type 7 Strengths & Weaknesses

The happy-go-lucky Enneagram 7 often seems as though they are resistant to all the common weaknesses we all face. However, that’s just because they tend to run away from anything that could make them feel vulnerable. Even though they usually display impressive strength of character, they are exceptionally frail in some areas.

Enneagram Type 7 Strengths

The Enneagram 7 personality has many talents and virtues, including:

  • Ability to learn quickly and easily. Being intelligent and resourceful, they absorb knowledge effortlessly.
  • Open-mindedness. Sevens are not hypocrites and have an honest understanding of people from all walks of life and their different opinions.
  • Ability to think on their feet. Their agile minds never rest, and they can quickly come up with creative yet practical solutions to many issues.
  • Creativity. Their imagination is wild and free, fueled by all the different adventures they live through, so they are often exceptionally creative in many areas.
  • Spontaneity. They live in the moment and are not inhibited by the fear of how others may perceive them. They express their opinions and needs freely, often with an irresistible sense of humor.

Enneagram Type 7 Weaknesses

There’s a bit of specific vulnerability in the Sevens’ characters. Their most critical weaknesses are:

  • Difficulty accepting their vulnerability. They will do anything to avoid hard feelings and are, therefore, often restless in their pursuit of pleasure and distraction.
  • Sense of entitlement. Sevens may be too self-absorbed at times, failing to notice how others around them feel and putting their needs first.
  • Impulsivity. Just like children, when they want something, they want it here and now and find it impossible to control themselves.
  • Difficulty sticking to plans and following through. Since they quickly get bored, they may abandon projects, jobs, or relationships even before they realize what really bothers them.
  • Tendency to give up too easily. Since they generally learn quickly and easily, when some task is just a bit more complex, demanding, or harder than they expected, they will readily give up and move on to something else that gives them more joy.

Enneagram Type 7 Fears & Desires

Part of the Sevens’ charm is their childlike eagerness to pursue all their passions with no particular goal but to satisfy themselves.

For that reason, saying that Sevens simply want all and nothing at the same time may sound confusing but pretty much reflects their free-spirited nature.

There is also an aspect of childlike innocence to them when it comes to the fears that they have.

Enneagram Type 7 Fears

Though hidden beneath the layers of distractions and escapist tactics, Sevens’ core fears are ever-present. These individuals are typically afraid of:

  • Feeling pain. Deep down, they feel they don’t have the capacity to deal with pain, so pain equals death to them.
  • Missing out on things. They are always afraid that something better may come their way and that they might miss it if they commit entirely to someone or something.
  • Committing to anything seriously. They are afraid that if they lose their freedom, life will become tedious, boring, and too heavy for them to handle it.

Enneagram Type 7 Desires

Every Seven wonders what a wonderful adventure life would be if there were no responsibilities, schedules, or expectations imposed by others. So, their core desires are:

  • Keeping up a constant state of pleasure and delight. They truly enjoy life with the innocence and curiosity of a child and long to explore all of its wonders.
  • Staying free to pursue whatever piques their interest. Following their passions without constraints is one of their deepest needs.
  • Experiencing all the nice things life has to offer. Sevens are hedonists, epicures, and insatiable pleasure seekers.

How Does an Enneagram Type 7 Act Under Stress?

Restrictions, strict rules, and a lack of creative challenges are some of the common sources of stress for Enneagram 7. When they feel pressured to behave contrary to their nature, they become scattered, anxious, and impulsive.

Since they are very extroverted, spending too much time alone may also make them feel stressed. They crave the company of positive, interesting people, and stimulating relationships make them feel alive. When they lack such experiences, they get frustrated and restless.

Nevertheless, the biggest threat to Sevens’ mental health comes from their inability to cope with hard feelings. The reason they lack healthy coping mechanisms is that they never received adequate comfort and support in difficult situations when they were younger but were instead offered distractions.

For example, imagine a scenario in which a child is upset because they lost their best friend, and their parent decides to give them a lollipop as a consolation prize rather than having a conversation with them and providing them with encouragement, support, and direction.

We all learn how to deal with hard feelings from the way our parents comforted us when we felt sad, hurt, lost, or grieving. Sevens typically never had someone truly mature around them to learn to handle the hardships of life in a healthy way.

For this reason, they are prone to all kinds of escapist behaviors, addictions, vices, and superficial distractions. Highly stressful events may push Sevens into binge eating and other eating disorders, substance abuse, gambling, various addictions, and similar self-destructive behaviors.

How Does an Enneagram Type 7 Behave in Relationships?

Energetic, quick-witted, and charming, Sevens are usually very popular with the opposite sex. They often feel that love comes easily to them. This holds true even more so when they are still young. Therefore, they usually see relationships as just one more source of pleasure they want to dive into and explore.

Because of this, their love lives tend to be full of ups and downs. However, as they mature, they begin to appreciate real connection and intimacy.

They typically avoid commitment, fearing that relationships may limit their freedom. But, when they find someone who doesn’t make them feel bound, they can be passionate, generous, and exciting partners.

Generally, they like to keep things light and fun, so big promises, serious conversations, and grand gestures may scare them away. Therefore, the Enneagram 7 best matches in love are the types that are similar to them.

Enneagram Type 7 Careers Matches

Sevens are excellent multitaskers who thrive in dynamic environments. Their minds are bursting with creative ideas, and they are never afraid of trying new approaches or taking different stands. Therefore, working with them is always fun and intellectually stimulating.

They feel at their best when working in a team, as they feel bound by too much responsibility. Still, they can be great leaders in areas where creativity and communication, and not attention to detail, are essential for success. And because they are free-spirited and unchained, they also like working as freelancers.

Best & Worst Careers

When it comes to working, creativity and quick wit are Seven’s biggest advantages, so they are excellent copywriters, advertising professionals, designers, and entertainers. Since they are great at motivating others, they also excel as personal trainers and life coaches.

The worst choices for Sevens are jobs that demand sticking to strict rules and schedules, as well as those that require too much responsibility. Having that in mind, Sevens probably won't choose to be doctors, lawyers, accountants, or other similar types of professions.

Development Levels Enneagram Type 7

Every Enneagram type faces some challenges in life that may propel their growth or trigger their biggest weaknesses. Depending on how successfully the type goes through such experiences, we can differentiate healthy, average, and unhealthy development levels for every type, including Sevens.

Healthy Enneagram Type 7

A healthy Enneagram 7 is productive, creative, and full of zest for life. They are aware of their many talents and consciously develop them by pursuing stimulating experiences.

At this level, their pursuit of pleasure turns into a pursuit of knowledge. They feel the need to live deeply through all that life throws at them without escaping its unpleasant aspects.

Inspired and positive, they enjoy committing to creative projects. They know how to network and promote themselves while staying focused on their goals. Therefore, they become accomplished and successful in many areas.

Average Enneagram Type 7

At this level, Enneagram 7 is a bit scattered and pretty concerned with avoiding their negative feelings and experiences. They are all into making plans for the future, keeping themselves busy and distracted.

While they typically wish to develop and grow and put much effort into such plans, they have trouble staying focused and committed. Running from one goal to the next makes them think they might be able to skip over all the bad feelings.

Unhealthy Enneagram Type 7

Under an excessive amount of stress, Enneagram 7 tends to become inflexible and judgmental of other people’s points of view. Their adorable enthusiasm diminishes almost entirely, and they tend to be very critical of the unbearable demands of everyday life.

In their efforts to relieve the anxiety they feel, they are prone to acting out and other hazardous behaviors. Engaging in reckless adventures, they seek out the next high to avoid dealing with the tedious reality.

Enneagram Type 7 Growth Tips

Sevens generally dislike the idea of growing up. So if you are a Seven, these tips may be very useful for you to help you live life without the stress and anxiety you are prone to feeling occasionally:

  • Take control of your impulses. Instead of acting on them immediately, take hold, breathe deeply, and notice how you feel. Take courage and resist the temptation to satisfy your craving—go for a brisk walk and notice how the initial impulse fades away.
  • Become aware of your tactics for avoiding unpleasant feelings. Since you never had the chance to learn to cope with pain and sadness in a healthy way, you need a mature person, friend, partner, or therapist who can help you move through negative feelings. But, the first step is not to ignore your feelings—it’s being brave enough to share them with someone you can trust.
  • Putting in the effort to cultivate your many talents can be just as exciting as going out and seeking new experiences in the wider world. Make it a habit to prioritize quality over quantity, and devote some of your time and energy to discovering your inner world.
  • Show empathy for others. You tend to be self-centered, especially when you are stressed. When you pay attention to how other people are feeling, you will realize that you are not the only one dealing with negative feelings. Connecting with others who share the same experiences as you will make it much easier to deal with the challenges that life throws at you.
  • Establish a basic routinein your day-to-day life. Make sure you get enough sleep and eat at regular intervals because ignoring your physical health will only make you more prone to engaging in impulsive behavior.

Enneagram Type 7 Famous People

Energetic, charismatic, and fun to be around, Sevens are often talented entertainers, actors, singers, and performers of all kinds. Some of the most famous Enneagram 7 celebrities include:

  • Jim Carrey, American comedian and actor whose performances in blockbusters like Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber are now legendary.
  • Miley Cyrus, American singer and songwriter who started as a child actress and rose to world fame.
  • Usain Bolt, Jamaican sprinter who has also tried acting and has recently published his first music album.
  • Voltaire, French philosopher who confronted the rigidity of catholicism and fought for personal freedom.

Key Takeaways

And that’s a wrap!

Before you go, let’s remind you of some of the Sevens’ core traits:

  • Sevens are adorable, enthusiastic people who enjoy the company of others.
  • Multitalented and quick-witted, they learn new things with ease and are very adaptable.
  • They seek adventures and new experiences, and they enjoy the variety and pleasures of life.
  • Coping with hard feelings is the hardest and most important lesson for them to learn.