Enneagram Test has inspired many people around the world to know more about themselves and to change their lives

Finding out about my Enneagram type was like meeting that one person that makes you feel like someone finally understands you. I wish I had known about it sooner!

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Ann — “The Enthusiast

Type 7

Wow! I am absolutely blown away about how accurate this personality test was. I was constantly reading through my profile and thinking, ‘OMG, that is so me.

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Sam — “The Helper

Type 2

I was amazed at how accurately it described me. I found affirmation as well as encouragement.

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Elise — “The Achiever

Type 3

I loved it. It affirms what I already knew about myself and the work I have done to feel more whole, for me. I see areas for growth, always but more importantly I see that I like myself and that's been a LONG journey to get here.

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Racquel — “The Individualist

Type 4

Almost perfect assessment. Just go by your instinct. You are up for a report that you can relate and improvise. Free report could be a bit more elaborate.

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Racquel — “The Individualist

Type 4

Much more in-depth than any other personality test I have taken

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Joe — “The Individualist

Type 4

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