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1. Perfectionist

Passionate, principled idealists with powerful logic who strive to make the world a better place.

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2. Helper

Compassionate, generous, and caring empaths who value relationships.

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3. Achiever

Goal-oriented, driven, and image-conscious people who strive to excel at all costs.

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4. Individualist

Authentic and highly sensitive people who are always in search of a higher purpose.

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5. Investigator

Quiet, intelligent, and rational individuals who seek to understand the world in depth.

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6. Loyalist

Careful, responsible, and hardworking type driven by their need for security.

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7. Enthusiast

Thrill-seeking adventurists who want to enjoy life with all their senses.

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8. Challenger

Power-driven and strong individuals determined to succeed and protect their independence.

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9. Peacemaker

Amiable and compassionate type that protects their harmony and strives for inner peace.

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What are Enneagram triads?

Based on their underlying core emotions and preferred psychological functions (instinct, feeling, and thinking), the nine Enneagram types are split into groups of three—the so-called Enneagram triads.

Therefore, we have the Enneagram gut (instinct), heart (feeling), and head (thinking) triads. They help us understand which emotions the Enneatypes from each group tend to struggle with and how their core emotion influences the development of their personality.

Unlock your full potential with the Enneagram test

The Enneagram test is a unique tool that allows you to better understand yourself on every level—emotional, spiritual, psychological, physical, and social. In fact, there’s no similar personality theory that brings scientific facts into practice as efficiently as the Enneagram.


How reliable is the Enneagram test?

The Enneagram test has been used by psychologists since the 1970s. Up until today, it has only been refined and improved, becoming one of the most accurate personality tests you can find. Because of this, many HR professionals and businesses rely on it for talent development and employment purposes.

How do I discover my Enneagram type?


Take the Enneagram test. Answer honestly to 100 questions about how you would feel and react in different situations.

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Receive your Enneagram test result. After you’ve answered the questions, you will find out which Enneagram type best matches your personality.

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Decode the secret of self-awareness with the Enneagram test

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