Enneagram 7w8 Personality Type (7 Wing 8) Explained

10 May 2023

Is the 7w8 Enneagram type really as successful as they seem to be, or are they just charming people who know how to use their charm to get what they want? One thing is for sure—this intense combination of childlike enthusiasm and masculine power seems like the perfect recipe for an intense, seductive personality.

Are you ready to meet a person who fearlessly follows their passions, having a lot of fun along the way? Learning about the strengths, weaknesses, dreams, and fears of 7w8s will tell you the story of a hedonist who decided to turn their wishes into reality!

Stay tuned—this will be an exciting adventure!

Enneagram 7w8 (7 Wing 8) Personality Type

Generally, Type 7w8 is a rather energetic person who approaches everything in life with confidence and enthusiasm.

They are the type who goes after what interests them because the willpower of Eights makes them more persistent and capable of sticking to their goal until they achieve it. This is way different from regular Sevens who will stick around only as long as the project at hand provides them with inspiration and gratification.

Unlike them, 7w8s also have logical thought processes—courtesy of the Eight Wing's influence—which also helps them maintain emotional stability.

7w8s can be rather forceful—they are extremely impatient and lack empathy for those who are not as outspoken and vivacious as they are. Even so, they have a tendency to be fiercely protective of those they care about and those they perceive to be less strong.

Once they lose interest in something, 7w8s immediately leave, no matter how much time and energy they previously invested in it. They also protect themselves from pain not only by looking for fun and adventure like a typical Seven but also by throwing themselves into work.

What Does Wing Mean?

Every Enneagram type can have a wing. That means you scored highly for one of the types that are next to your dominant type on the Enneagram test. In the case of Type Seven, you can have a Six or an Eight wing.

Eight is considered the most masculine type of all Enneagram types. As a wing, it adds resolution, strength, stability, and assertiveness to the Sevens’ character.

Due to the lustful nature of both Sevens and Eights, mixing these two frequently produces extremely sexual personalities that are adored by the opposite sex. The sex appeal they exude is also a huge part of their charisma.

Considering how strong both of these types are, it comes as no surprise that 7w8s are extremely assertive, dynamic, and even aggressive at times. These people know what they want and need and do not hesitate to get it. Moreover, they are ready to compete or fight for it.

Enneagram 7w8 Strengths & Weaknesses

7w8s are very determined to get what they want from life, and their willpower and enthusiasm are unstoppable. Even though this is usually good, the paradox is that their weaknesses actually stem from their greatest strengths. Let’s see how.

7w8 Strengths

The 7w8 Enneagram type is in love with life—they want to taste and feel everything, and their biggest strengths come from their hedonistic outlook on life.

The strongest aspects of the 7w8 personality are:

  • Resilience in crisis. They are collected and always in control of whatever hits them, which makes them the type you want by your side in a crisis.
  • Entrepreneurial skills. Their enthusiasm and organizational skills combined make them excellent entrepreneurs with great visions.
  • Powerful drive to succeed. Or, in other words, nothing will stop them when they are inspired and determined to achieve something.
  • Generosity. Even though it’s not so obvious, 7w8s are quite empathic and will go the extra mile to help anyone whenever they can.
  • Charisma and passion. They invest so much energy in what they do and easily earn the admiration of others. Besides that, they are also magnetic individuals who woo everyone they meet, which helps them get what they want on many occasions.

7w8 Weaknesses

7w8s are so used to taking care of themselves without the help of anyone that they sometimes forget that others are not as strong and resilient as they are. That somehow explains all of their biggest weaknesses, including:

  • Self-centeredness. They prioritize their own needs over those of others in their pursuit of success and pleasure.
  • Blunt and insensitive manner of communication. This stems from the fact that they oftenforget that not everyone is as tough as they are.
  • Aggression when triggered. Since they have learned to be independent and take care of themselves, they become very defensive when they feel their autonomy is in danger.
  • Lack of consistency. When there are so many distractions nearby, they occasionally find it difficult to stay focused on what they started.
  • All-or-nothing attitude. They may act like a dictator, insisting on having something done in only one way.

Enneagram 7w8 Fears & Desires

7w8s are strong personalities who prefer to avoid dealing with emotions whenever possible. For this reason, they will never admit they have fears, but they do—just like all of us.

7w8 Fears

However strong and fierce the 7w8 Enneagram types generally is, they still have some fears that never leave them. These usually stem from their earliest experiences, when they weren’t yet able to be totally independent.

Here are some of the deepest ones:

  • Being controlled and/or dependent on anyone, as they only feel safe when they have complete autonomy.
  • Facing their past mistakes and taking responsibility for them becausethey are aware they can be harsh and impatient and hurt people along the way.
  • Being hurt or in pain because they will do anything to avoid feeling sad.

7w8 Desires

This type is best characterized by the word "passion." When a 7w8 wants something badly, they will stop at nothing to get it. These anti-conformist desires include:

  • Having power and control over their destiny
  • Being free to pursue their hedonistic endeavors
  • Achieving material wealth and social status

Enneagram 7w8 vs. 7w6 Comparison

Both 7w6s and 7w8s are animated and vibrant. However, a 7w6 appears calmer and more stable than a 7w8 and is more interested in putting their energy into relationships with other people.

A Seven will also be less of a nonconformist with a Six wing. They require routine and structure to feel safe. The Eight wing, on the other hand, highlights the energy of Seven and makes it even more free-spirited.

When it comes to work, a 7w6 is more of an excellent manager, while a 7w8 is a charismatic leader who naturally inspires others to follow them.Moreover, 7w8s like to have control over the situation, and their appearance may be intimidating, which is rarely the case with 7w6s. They represent a friendlier front and are more sensitive to social dynamics.

What Motivates 7w8 Personality Types?

A 7w8 wants to taste all the beautiful flavors of life, be in control of their own destiny, and live their best life. They want to have fun but will also not stop until they have the power and social status they believe they deserve.

Even though they occasionally come off as materialistic, their propensity for accumulating material wealth is simply a means of preserving their independence and freedom.

This type enjoys high-adrenaline challenges, which is why they can effortlessly start a business from scratch using only their own ideas and energy. They love excitement and never settle for the average—if they launch a company, they will strive to dominate their industry.

Finally, let’s not forget to mention that this type is very physical—they draw immense inspiration and joy from their sex life.

What are 7w8 Personality Types Like Under Stress?

Most of the time, 7w8s can handle stress well, but if the situation gets worse than they can handle, they may become aggressive and defensive. They act similarly to a volcano that erupts and does not quickly cool off. As their rage becomes almost palpable, people automatically keep their distance from them.

Since they can’t stand feeling restrained and weak, they may turn to alcohol or substances to regulate their emotions. Obviously, this is the worst possible way to deal with stress. Fortunately, this only occurs in extremely exceptional cases because Sevens, who are prone to all types of addiction, are deeply grounded by the Eight wing.

Also, when things don't go their way or when other people can't keep up with them, they become impatient. Anything that limits their autonomy becomes a threat. That’s particularly challenging in intimate relationships—they want complete freedom and autonomy while also being very possessive at the same time.

Prolonged periods of isolation, lack of excitement, and contact with people also make them feel deprived and stressed out. In such cases, they typically need a lot of physical activity to balance their high energy.

What are 7w8 Personality Types Like at Work?

A 7w8 is a hard-working, enthusiastic, and passionate worker who is ready to go above and beyond to ensure the work is done according to the best standards. They push and push until they achieve their goal—nothing can distract them if they are inspired and genuinely motivated.

They are also born leaders. Charming and motivating, they uplift the spirits of their colleagues, and they typically move up the corporate ladder quickly. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and once they get invested in a project, they don't let up until it is finished.

As team players, they can be challenging. Their strong need for independence and control can intimidate other people on the team.

For this reason, working independently may be the best way for them to organize their lives because they are naturally entrepreneurial. Sevens want to have fun, but the Eight wing makes them aware that they must protect their resources, making 7w8s a very practical type. All this leads them to become successful businesspeople who aspire to positions of authority.

Enneagram 7w8 Best & Worst Career Choices

If you put your mind to something, nothing is impossible—that’s 7w8s’ motto. And it’s true—they really can do a lot thanks to their high energy levels, organizational skills, and ability to learn and think on their feet.

7w8 Best Career Choices

7w8s are rather assertive and entrepreneurial, so all kinds of businesses can work for them. However, since they can handle stress very well, they often excel in occupations that call for this kind of strength.

All this makes 7w8s great:

  • Motivational Speakers
  • Sales Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Advertising Professionals
  • Travel Agency Owners
  • Creative Directors
  • Paramedics
  • Attorneys at Law
  • Politicians
  • Movie Directors

7w8 Worst Career Choices

A 7w8 can't put up with excessive rules, strict structure, or limited autonomy for very long. Professions that do not require creativity, are not challenging, or are not financially rewarding will also not be good choices.

Due to this, they rarely make a successful:

  • Accountant
  • Lab Technician
  • IT Professional
  • Debt Counselor
  • Psychotherapist
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • Psychologist

Enneagram 7w8 Famous People

Many famous entrepreneurs, as well as politicians and actors, belong to the 7w8 personality type. Here are some of the most interesting examples:

  • John F. Kennedy was the youngest president to take office by election and the youngest president to leave office. He was famous for many vices, but he was still so loved by his people.
  • Jack Nickolson is a charismatic, award-winning actor who led an eventful life. He portrayed rebels against the societal order in several of his movies. Throughout his career, which lasted more than five decades, he garnered various honors.
  • Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones frontman with a career spanning more than six decades, has earned a reputation as one of the most well-known and significant frontmen in the chronicles of rock music. The Rolling Stones have been known for their dynamic live shows and unique vocal style throughout their history.
  • Quentin Tarantino is an American director, writer, and producer. His movies are known for their frequent references to pop culture and film genres, non-linear plots, dialogues, and use of bad language, as well as for their ensemble casts and cameos.

Key Takeaways

And… that’s all!

Here are some important conclusions to draw now that you understand what makes 7w8s so alluring:

  • No one loves freedom like the 7w8 personality type—they value their autonomy and independence above everything else, and their passion and love for life are contagious.
  • They can achieve a lot if they learn to practice persistence and refuse to indulge all their needs for pleasure. They are also charismatic leaders who inspire others to do more with their lives.
  • Their entrepreneurial spirit usually makes them very successful at work—they tend to occupy leading positions and advance quickly in their careers.
  • The 7w8 type fears boredom and limitations, loves challenges, and dreams of living a life full of adventures. When stressed, they may engage in self-indulgent behavior and substance abuse.