ENFP 7w8 Personality Type Analysis [+ Growth Tips]

26 May 2023

“Always look at the bright side of life” is something an ENFP 7w8 personality would say to you on a cloudy day. While this may sound theatrical, the truth is that these individuals are incredibly optimistic, adaptable, and resilient.

Continue reading if you are interested in gaining an understanding of the origins of such optimism and adaptability and learning whether or not they are motivated by this character's strengths or weaknesses. We'll go into great depth on this type's main characteristics, anxieties, wishes, and much more in this guide!

ENFP 7w8 Overview

Energetic and passionate ENFP 7w8s radiate positive energy and attract the attention of everyone around them with their spontaneity and quick wit. They get fully engaged with everything they do, so their presence is always felt, and others enjoy being around them because they feel amused and energized by their enthusiasm.

The combination of ENFPs and Enneagram Type 7 results in an adventurous, free-spirited, and bright personality, driven to go after what they want. These individuals can’t stand any kind of limit, are generally uninhibited, and love to taste the pleasures of life. Such traits often put them in a position to confront authority figures both in personal and professional contexts.

Social norms mean little to this open-minded type, who may seem too headstrong and insensitive to more emotional types. However, ENFP 7w8s have an exceptional ability to read other people’s feelings and motives, and they are generally protective of those in need. Moreover, they are often the first ones to stand up for the weak and against any kind of injustice.

This type is highly extroverted and deeply enjoys meeting new people, engaging in interesting and even challenging conversations, and sharing their thoughts and insights. Even though they can be impulsive and moody at times, they are generally loyal friends who will always help you see the silver lining.

On top of everything, these individuals are inspiring visionaries who can accomplish great things and unite people around a common goal. They usually achieve a lot very early in their lives because they are full of ideas and initiative.

However, because they are talented in so many areas, they may struggle to decide what they want to do with their lives. Sometimes they never decide and frequently switch between jobs and professions instead.

ENFP 7w8 Fears & Desires

ENFP 7w8s may seem larger than life thanks to their gregarious and passionate spirit. Their warmth is irresistible, and they win people over without any particular effort. For all these reasons, it may seem hard to believe this type even suffers from any fears at all. Moreover, it is especially amusing how small their fears seem compared to their big wishes.

ENFP 7w8 Fears

ENFP 7w8s’ fears have a certain childlike quality. Nevertheless, to them, they are real and terrifying, and they boil down to:

  • Being deprived. They lack the skills to cope with unpleasant emotions, so they run away from them.
  • Being limited by life circumstances. Anything that limits their freedom feels heavily threatening to them.
  • Lacking the things they crave. Somehow, they are used to attaining what they want. Not being able to have it is deeply triggering for them.

ENFP 7w8 Desires

Though it seems like this type has many wishes, they all basically stem from the same need. Their deepest desires revolve around:

  • Being content. For this type, being content means many things, but above all else, it implies being capable of fulfilling their wishes.
  • Being free. They can’t stand limitations of any kind and will fight with all their might to keep their freedom.
  • Being in charge of their lives. They don’t want anyone to make decisions for them or take the lead in their lives in any sense.

Differences Between ENFP and ENFP 7w8

The key difference between ENFPs and ENFP 7w8s is reflected in their ability to use their intellect and rational approach on an everyday level. ENFPs do not generally identify so often as 7w8s, so ENFP 7w8s will have some unique and atypical traits. Let’s take a look at a brief overview of all the most prominent differences between the two.

#1. Difference: Initiative

Unlike the regular ENFP, an ENFP 7w8 is not so all over the place with their ideas and desires. They are more assertive and ready to take action to make their big wishes come true. This comes as a result of the 7w8 influence, as this type is better attuned to reality and more aware of what they want from life and what it takes to get it.

#2. Difference: Structure and discipline

Self-discipline and organizational skills are not ENFPs’ strongest suits, so they typically rely on others for those. However, the Eight wing brings some order and structure to this fun-loving type. Therefore, ENFP 7w8s are less prone to procrastination and use their time and resources more efficiently.

#3. Difference: Impulse control

ENFPs follow their hearts—or, to put it less romantically, they struggle to control their impulses. This struggle is a tad less harsh with the support of the Eight wing, as Eights are generally highly driven to take charge of their lives. ENFP 7w8s are more thoughtful, better at handling practical issues like money, for example, and generally more even-tempered.

#4. Difference: Intellect

ENFPs are feelers, and their intellectual abilities are their second-best asset compared to their intuition. However, ENFP 7w8s look a lot like ENTPs because Sevens are thinking types who love intellectual conversations and have no trouble being objective. For these reasons, ENFP 7w8s will tend to rely a bit more on common sense and make less biased judgments.

#5. Difference: Ambition

ENFPs want it all and easily get lost in their own wishes and impulses. Meanwhile, 7w8s are more determined, focused, and aware that they need to work toward achieving their goals. Therefore, ENFP 7w8s are more aware of their priorities, able to tell the difference between a need and an impulse, and focused and resolute to realize their wishes.

ENFP 7w8 vs. ENFP 7w6

The most obvious difference between ENFP 7w8s and ENFP 7w6s is in their temperaments. Both ENFP subtypes identify with Sevens and share many common characteristics. Yet, there are still many noticeable differences between the two.

ENFP 7w8

ENFP 7w6

Stubborn and hot-tempered

Balanced and considerate

Driven by the need for independence

Driven by the need to belong

Fearless and bold

Courageous yet prone to anxiety

Adventurous and thrill-seeking

Values stability

Likes to be in charge

Not interested in being in charge

Visionary, full of ideas

Pragmatic spirit

Takes risks boldly

Avoids risks

Passionate and driven

Warm and cooperative

Spontaneous and fun-loving

Responsible towards others

ENFP 7w8 Careers Matches

ENFP 7w8s are often multitalented individuals who may find it hard to choose their career path since they seem to have so many options. The Eight wing makes them more resolute and aware of their needs, so they spend less time finding their true calling compared to a typical ENFP.

ENFP 7w8s might be cast in leading roles because they have an easy time attracting others. They are great leaders in roles that call for creativity and offer lots of flexibility because they are visionaries and idea generators.

As they are motivated and inspired by the sharing of ideas with others, they enjoy working in a team environment. Warm and enthusiastic, they are often the glue that keeps the team together.

Working independently may not be the best option for them since they are not great at organizing their time and need the presence of others to keep them motivated. Still, they need some level of independence in their job, as they can’t stand strict hierarchy and corporate rules.

Best ENFP 7w8 Careers

ENFP 7w8s need a good balance of flexibility and structure to perform at their best. For this reason, they excel in roles that require creativity, innovation, and quick wit.

The best ENFP 7w8 careers include:

  • Writer
  • PR Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Lawyer
  • Psychologist
  • Content Strategist
  • Content Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • Marketing Manager

Worst ENFP 7w8 Careers

Mundane tasks and routines kill the zest in ENFP 7w8s, as they can’t stand administration and bureaucracy. With that in mind, we can say that the worst ENFP 7w8 careers are:

  • Office Administrator
  • Data Analyst
  • Paralegal
  • Financial Specialist
  • Auditor
  • Compliance Officer

Unhealthy ENFP 7w8 + Growth Tips

When functioning at an unhealthy level, which can come as a result of stress, ENFP 7w8s may become confrontational, overly emotional, and impulsive. Generally warm and compassionate, they turn into volcanoes who react to everything and take everything personally.

They may also be scattered, find it hard to focus even on the things they love, and struggle to find the motivation to finish what they started. Their great ideas stay in the realm of imagination, never coming to fruition because they lack the persistence and diligence to see things through.

In some circumstances, they may also become manipulative. They use their intuitive powers combined with interpersonal skills to make others work toward their goals. The downside of this strategy is that they may feel alone when others eventually see through their intentions.

ENFP 7w8s have a lot of childlike zest for life. They need to mature and grow to be able to use their many talents. Here are a few essential tips this type should follow to further develop their personality:

  • Practicing self-discipline is essential for ENFP 7w8s so that they can see and feel the results of their efforts. Once they understand how great ideas need persistence to become more than just ideas, they will be more willing to stick to their projects till the end.
  • Accepting pain and sorrow are inevitable parts of life. It is impossible to distance oneself from them, and that’s what this type needs to understand. The more they run away from unpleasant feelings, the further they get from satisfying their deepest needs. They need to be aware that, as adults, they have the stamina needed to stand the sorrow and pain that are inevitable in some cases.
  • Becoming aware of the difference between an emotion and an impulse is necessary for this type to be able to control their moods and actions more efficiently.

ENFP 7w8 Famous People

It may be hard to comprehend that Osho and Nelly Frutado belong to the same personality type, but yes—ENFP 7w8s come in all shapes and sizes! Therefore, here are some of the most popular ENFP 7w8 celebrities:

  • Jennifer Lawrence, American actress
  • Jack Black, American actor
  • Osho, Indian philosopher, author, mystic, and founder of the Rajneesh movement
  • Bruce Springsteen, American singer and songwriter
  • Hunter S. Thompson, American journalist, author, and founder of the gonzo journalism movement
  • Nelly Furtado, Canadian singer and songwriter
  • Manu Chao, French-Spanish singer

Key Takeaways

There are many more ways in which ENFP 7w8s are different from typical ENFPs. Generally, the strength of the Eight wing has a lot to do with which traits will be more or less distorted.

No personality type can be explained in a couple of pages, let alone in a few bullets, but a brief overview of the ENFP 7w8 meaning and key traits may help you remember what their essence is about. So, here we go:

  • ENFP 7w8s are independent, passionate, multitalented, and driven, full of childlike zest for life.
  • They are more spontaneous than most people and usually have large friend circles.
  • These individuals stand up firmly for what they believe in and take risks to achieve their goals.
  • They resist restrictions and authorities, determined to live life on their own terms.