ENFP 7w6 Personality Type - The Complete Guide

27 May 2023

ENFPs are warm and charming, and they often identify as 7w6s in the Enneagram. So, will the ENFP 7w6 personality be even more charming, or can we expect something completely different from this type?

One thing is sure—ENFP 7w6s add a dash of humor and fun wherever they show up. Sensitive and playful at the same time, they can be quite attractive. If you want to learn more about how this type perceives life, what matters to them, and what scares them, keep reading.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through all that makes this combination different from typical ENFPs and 7w6s. Ready? Let’s kick in!

ENFP 7w6 Overview

ENFP 7w6s are lively, charismatic, and in love with life. Their energy is gentle yet alluring, and they are often very popular in their surroundings. Warm, friendly, and kind, they light up the room when they show up.

Imagination and creativity are very pronounced in this type, and thanks to the Six wing, these people are more practical and better organized than typical ENFPs. Thanks to this, they manage to use their creative ideas in real life.

Their interpersonal skills are highly developed. The Enneatype Seven complements the extraverted intuition of the ENFP, so these individuals can easily initiate an interesting conversation with anyone. Plus, they are sincerely compassionate, so people feel safe around them.

Staying focused on one thing at a time is a real challenge for ENFP 7w6s. Despite the stabilizing influence of the Six wing, these individuals may find it hard to commit to one job, one person, or one cause, especially when they are young. As they mature, they become more aware of the necessities of real life.

ENFPs are sensitive, and 7w6s belong to thinking Enneagram types. Therefore, ENFP 7w6s will be prone to all kinds of anxiety that are typical of hypersensitive people. Moreover, their bubbly, easygoing attitude often hides deep personal insecurities.

ENFP 7w6 Fears & Desires

Vigorous and openhearted, these individuals seem like all they want to do is play with everything life offers. But their silent, invisible anxieties make them more cautious and security-oriented.

ENFP 7w6 Fears

ENFP 7w6 struggles with all the anxieties typical of modern life. They are hyperalert, and their racing minds are constantly questioning everything. They may, at times, be very suspicious of others. Their core fears are:

  • Being alone. For them, being alone often means facing all the unpleasant feelings they’ve been running away from since they haven’t fully developed skills to cope with negative emotions.
  • Being deprived and in pain. Their fear of pain has a lot of childlike elements. Deep down, they doubt their ability to deal with pain and deprivation.
  • Missing out on the good things in life. Even though it doesn’t sound so threatening, it feels very burdensome for these types to feel like the real thing is always happening elsewhere.

ENFP 7w6 Desires

While it may seem like they are always looking for a new adventure, these types are actually very concerned with security. Their main desires are:

  • Feeling connected and understood. They feel at their best when they are in relationships or surrounded by friends.
  • Feeling safe. They need a safe haven to explore their freedom, and they strive to attain it.
  • Feeling content. They want to know they are at the right place at the right time and feel there’s no better place to be than here.

Differences Between ENFP and ENFP 7w6

The biggest difference between ENFPs and ENFP 7w6s will come from the Six wing since ENTPs generally correspond well to the Enneatype Seven description. Sixes strive for security, stability, and a sense of belonging in life, which is in contrast to both typical ENFPs and Sevens. Therefore, ENFP 7w6s will be a more balanced and grounded person.

#1. Difference: Organizational skills

An ENFP 7w6 is all about fun and play, but they know when to stop and what they need to take care of first so that they can have fun. They will still want to stay open for last-minute changes and opportunities but will not lose sight of their primary responsibilities, especially if those responsibilities involve other people.

#2. Difference: Dependability

ENTPs are sensitive and compassionate but also have a reputation for being unreliable. The Six wing influence plays a part in this case, too, so ENTP 7w6s are very aware of other people's needs and more capable of staying with the people they care about through thick and thin.

#3. Difference: Carefulness

These individuals are often hyperalert, as if their minds are constantly scanning the environment for threats. Although they are open-minded and amiable, they have a hard time trusting others. For this reason, it’s not easy to become a close friend to an ENFP 7w6—the extent of their distrust will depend on how pronounced the Six wing is.

#4. Difference: Realistic and practical

ENFPs and Sevens are full of creative ideas. Yet, they often lack the persistence and steadiness needed for an idea to come to fruition in reality. Here, again, we witness the influence of the Six wing, which makes ENFP 7w6s more aware of potential risks and chances for failure. Hence, these individuals are better at judging which of their ideas deserve more attention.

#5. Difference: Stress

ENFP 7w6s are more susceptible to stress and anxiety than ENFPs. They need a stable environment so that their creative and adventurous spirit can flourish, but if they don’t feel secure, they will not be interested in any kind of risk or adventure at all.

ENFP 7w6 vs. ENFP 7w8

The main difference between ENFP 7w6s and ENFP 7w8s is in their attitude toward taking risks. The Six wing highlights everything related to the ENFPs’ need for security, while the Eight wing accentuates their assertiveness and confidence.

ENFP 7w6

ENFP 7w8

Needs a secure base

Needs challenges and adventures

Values loyalty

Values ambition and power

Thoughtful and considerate

Direct and open

Better self-control

Prone to impulsive behavior

Accepts rules easily

Wants to avoid rules

Insecure and doubtful



Assertive and has no trouble saying no

More intellectual

More intuitive

Fragile and delicate

Resilient and robust

ENFP 7w6 Careers Matches

An ENFP 7w6 has no interest in being a leader. They are motivated by stability, but the more stable and secure their environment is, the more thirsty they become for new adventures. For this reason, they need a job that will be their secure base but also allow them enough flexibility so that their creative spark doesn’t diminish.

Working in a team with a 7w6 is a pleasant and fun experience. They bring a childlike enthusiasm to everything theylike to do, so others around them feel inspired. Thanks to the Six wing, they are also great team players in the sense that they are always willing to help others.

Working independently may not be the ideal choice for this type, as they are not so good with time management and tend to procrastinate unless they have a clear structure to stick to. It is best for them to have a fine balance between security and creativity at work.

Best ENFP 7w6 Careers

Creativity, compassion, and intuition are the biggest assets of this personality type, and they are often drawn to humanistic fields and creative industries. They are usually endowed with many talents and skills and learn easily, but they may fail to use their abilities because they don’t take themselves seriously.

The fact that they are very adaptable doesn’t make career choices any easier for them and may even lead them down paths completely different from their nature. But when they choose the right profession, they become greatat it. With all this in mind, some of the best ENFP 7w6 careers are:

  • HR Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Actor
  • Psychotherapist
  • Lawyer
  • Writer
  • Life Couch
  • Sociologist

Worst ENFP 7w6 Careers

ENFP 7w6s easily see the big picture but aren't so happy to deal with the details. Besides this, they also need a human touch in their profession, room for creativity, flexibility, and structure. With this in mind, we can say that some of the worst ENFP 7w6 careers are:

  • Auditor
  • Dentist
  • Surgeon
  • Flight Engineer
  • Programmer

Unhealthy ENFP 7w6 + Growth Tips

On an unhealthy level of functioning, ENFP 7w6s are overwhelmed with anxiety, prone to paranoid judgment, scattered, and completely disoriented. They may also become childish and seek too much support and reassurance from others. Generally, these individuals lack a sense of direction and self-discipline, so they are prone to meaningless self-indulgence.

On the other hand, if the Six wing is very strong, they may be too people-pleasing, ignore their own needs, and step over what matters to them just to appease others. Feelings of guilt and inadequacy dominate their behavior, and their adventurous spirit boils down to moodiness and a whiny attitude toward life.

For these individuals to grow, it is essential that they find a stable, secure environment that will not sustain their weaknesses. Without stability, they resemble a flower lacking sunlight—they simply can’t show all the beauty of their character. Bearing all this in mind, here are the essential growth tips useful for this personality type:

  • Ultimately, what marks the transition from childhood to maturity is the ability to create a safe place within yourself. When an ENFP 7w6 learns to turn inward instead of outward when in need of support, that will be the major turning point in their life.
  • ENFP 7w6s always look into the future. While this may seem like a positive trait at first, it actually heats up this type’s anxiety. They may get addicted to constantly questioning what’s going to happen and get stuck in “if” patterns of thought. The key for them is to understand that by focusing so much on the future, they are actually losing the present.
  • Resolving their trust issues is essential for their mental health. Once they understand the real origins of their lack of faith in others, they will be able to estimate more objectively who they can rely on.

ENFP 7w6 Famous People

Here is a list of the most famous ENFP 7w6 celebrities, which may help you understand the kind of character we are speaking about in this guide:

  • Jim Carrey, American-Canadian actor, comedian, and artist
  • Robin Williams, American actor and comedian
  • Blake Lively, American actress and model
  • Walt Whitman, American poet, essayist, and journalist
  • Seth Rogen, Canadian actor, filmmaker, and comedian
  • Will Ferell, American actor, comedian, writer, and producer
  • Gwendoline Christie, English actress
  • Roberto Benigni, Italian actor, screenwriter, comedian, and director.

Key Takeaways

We’ve come to the end of this elaborate description of the ENFP 7w6 personality, so now you surely understand the ENFP 7w6 meaning better. We know it may be hard to keep it all in your mind at once, so here is a brief summary of the ENFP 7w6 key traits:

  • ENFP 7w6 are gentle social butterflies who flourish in an atmosphere of peace and stability.
  • Curious, subtle, and with a great sense of humor, they bring joy wherever they show up.
  • Unless they work on self-discipline, they may fail to take advantage of the many talents they are endowed with.
  • Meaningful relationships matter a lot to this type, despite the fact they may look superficial at times.