Complete Interpretation of ENTP 7w8 Personality Type

27 May 2023

Life is an exciting adventure for ENTP 7w8s, who seem ready to question the unquestionable. Their daring spirit may seem intimidating, but they usually bring a lot of fun wherever they show up, so people easily get used to their challenging attitude.

Understanding what drives their unsinkable spirit and whether they have any moral principles or just follow their own impulses can help you decode their personality, and we can help you with that!

This guide will take you through all the core fears and desires of this robust personality type and explain everything that makes them unique.

ENTP 7w8 Overview

ENTP 7w8s are intellectuals who do not suffer from the anxieties that are typical of many intellectually oriented personality types. They are driven, enthusiastic individuals who don’t take "no" for an answer and don’t know what failing means. And even if failure comes their way, they pick themselves up so quickly that it almost seems like they failed just for fun.

The Enneagram Type Eight adds drive and ambition to this personality, which often results in an entrepreneurial spirit. Because of this, ENTP 7w8s come across as action-oriented, energetic individuals who know exactly what they want from life but nevertheless use every opportunity they get to just have fun.

They usually have many interests that they passionately pursue, and thanks to the influence of the Eight wing, they are more willing to invest themselves in developing their talents. Despite the many socially desirable qualities they usually have, they are never conceited or vain, which is one of the reasons they are easy to love.

Furthermore, ENTP 7w8s enjoy socializing, crave adventures, and are always on the go. They keep their zest for life well into old age and have a great sense of humor. Like other thinking types, they don’t easily get in touch with their emotions. However, because of their pronounced extraversion combined with strong intuition, they still develop some kind of intuitive empathy.

Playful and charismatic, they are always bursting with ideas and are open to innovations. No one is so fond of changes like this personality type—they are fast learners who are able to adapt to any circumstance with ease.

ENTP 7w8 Fears & Desires

ENTP 7w8s approach life with such ease and vigor that it often seems like there isn’t a thing in this world that could scare them. Indeed, they are among the boldest personality types, but they still have their share of fears, just like all the other types.

When it comes to their desires, it seems like they just want to be happy and nothing more. But there’s a lot going on inside of them, and their desires are anything but simple.

ENTP 7w8 Fears

There’s a childlike innocence in the emotional life of an ENTP 7w8. Others may find it silly that such a strong person can be afraid of such simple things. But, to them, of course, their fears are real and scary. They are most afraid of:

  • Missing out on the best things in life. They intuitively feel there’s much more to life than what we are typically taught. Because of this, they feel they might miss the purpose of life if they miss the good things.
  • Not living up to their potential. They intuitively feel what they are capable of, but since they often have self-discipline issues, they are reasonably afraid they might miss using their full potential.
  • Feeling pain. Pain and sorrow are the greatest enemies of this personality type, and they will do anything to avoid feeling them.

ENTP 7w8 Desires

The Eight wing spices up this ENTP variation a bit, so they become more resolute in attaining what they want. Their greatest desires are:

  • Experiencing life to the fullest. They are endlessly curious and eager to discover and experience everything life has to offer.
  • Maintaining their freedom and independence. Being stuck in a routine is one of this type’s worst nightmares—they need their autonomy like others need air.
  • Pursuing their passions. Their agile minds are always full of new ideas, and they want to have the chance to try them all out.

Differences Between ENTP and ENTP 7w8

The key difference between ENTPs and ENTP 7w8s is the result of the Eight wing influence and reflects most in the strength of their willpower. ENTPs are generally very adaptable, and both Enneagram Types Seven and Eight often identify as ENTPs.

#1. Difference: Improved impulse control

ENTPs are generally very impulsive and find it hard to stay focused and in control of their reactions. Mainly due to the influence of the Eight wing, ENTP 7w8s struggle less than typical ENTPs to maintain their focus and pursue their goals until they are fully achieved. This is particularly true for ENTP 7w8 females.

#2. Difference: Autonomy

ENTPs are known as unchained, free spirits. The Eight wing highlights this need but also makes them more willing to take responsibility for their destinies into their own hands. ENTP 7w8s want something bigger than freedom—they want autonomy and control over their lives.

#3. Difference: Self-Discipline

Because they understand that real freedom comes with a lot of responsibility, ENTP 7w8s are also more willing to introduce some level of discipline and order into their lives. This sharpens their focus and allows them to bring their talents to life, while ENTPs are usually all over the place and rely on others for structure.

#4. Difference: Grounded in reality

ENTPs are intellectuals who live in a world of ideas. Meanwhile, 7w8s are hedonists who want to taste life with all their senses and live on their own terms. Therefore, ENTP 7w8s are better connected with reality, more practical, and more goal-oriented.

#5. Difference: Insensitivity

ENTP 7w8s take their resilience to a whole new level. They may even seem selfish and completely insensitive to others in some situations, but the thing is, they are just focused on solving their own problems. ENTPs, meanwhile, would rather deal with other people’s problems first and may have trouble setting boundaries.

ENTP 7w8 vs. ENTP 7w6

The biggest difference between ENTP 7w8s and ENTP 7w6s is noticeable in the way they approach challenges. This is, of course, mainly due to the influences imposed by their different Enneagram wings.

ENTP 7w8

ENTP 7w6

Is confrontational and enjoys debating

Avoids conflicts and discussions

Prone to all kinds of risks

Always goes for the safer choice

Enjoys challenges

Avoids challenges

Loves changes

Needs some level of steadiness

Has an entrepreneurial spirit

Loves to be a part of a system

Passionate and energetic

Energetic, but with better impulse control


Understanding of others

Independent adventurer

Sociable hedonist

ENTP 7w8 Careers Matches

ENTP 7w8s’ minds are always bubbling with new ideas. They crave creative challenges and enjoy intellectual debates. For this reason, they can be great leaders in terms of having a vision and being able to see the big picture.

Since these individuals belong to the most extroverted types, they enjoy being around people and work best in the company of others. They are great, enthusiastic team players who bring a lot of positive energy to the team.

However, even though they like being independent and free, working alone might not be the best option for them because they need external factors to stay focused and organized while working.

Best ENTP 7w8 Careers

Because they love changes and innovations and have the ability to think on their feet, this type thrives in fast-paced environments. Some of the best ENTP 7w8 careers are:

  • Copywriter
  • Creative Director
  • Performer
  • TV Host
  • Entertainer
  • Content Strategist
  • Social Media Manager
  • PR Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Manager

Worst ENTP 7w8 Careers

Repetitive tasks, a lack of variety, and routine are buzzkills for these dynamic and lively individuals. With that in mind, it’s clear that some of the worst careers for ENTP 7w8s definitely include:

  • Compliance Officer
  • HR Administrator
  • Web Administrator
  • Programmer
  • Lab Technician
  • Paralegal

Unhealthy ENTP 7w8 + Growth Tips

When operating at an unhealthy level, ENTP 7w8s may become prone to outbursts of anger, scattered, and highly irritable. Since they have trouble dealing with unpleasant emotions, they will do anything to avoid feeling them. That includes all kinds of escapist behaviors like excessive partying, substance abuse, and other forms of escapism.

They completely lose their focus and give in to their lowest impulses, seeking comfort in shallow amusement. Shut off from their feelings, they may push others in an attempt to avoid facing the unpleasant reality. They may also become argumentative and impulsive or generally behave like teenagers.

ENTP 7w8s are often endowed with many enviable qualities, but unless they intentionally work on overcoming their weaknesses, they may fail to bring their talents to fruition. For them to grow, it is essential to:

  • Learn that by trying not to miss anything, they actually miss developing their biggest talents. Focusing on what they are best at will actually allow them to enjoy life more.
  • Accept thatsorrow, pain, and other unpleasant feelings are all part of the human experience. By numbing themselves out, they also limit their capacity for joy.
  • Show more compassion and understanding toward others. This will allow them to bond with people in a more meaningful manner since they are charming and make friends easily, but making close friends does not come so easily to them.

ENTP 7w8 Famous People

You may already be familiar with some of the best-known ENTP 7w8 celebrities, including:

  • Ryan Reynolds, Canadian-American actor,
  • Quentin Tarantino, American film director, writer, actor, and producer
  • Boris Johnson, member of Parliament of the United Kingdom
  • David Harbour, American actor
  • Bill Hicks, American stand-up comedian, social critic, satirist, and musician
  • Mike Patton, American singer, producer, film composer, voice actor, and the lead vocalist of the music band Faith No More
  • Jon Hamm, American actor
  • Conan O’Brien, American television host

Key Takeaways

We hope that learning about ENTP 7w8 meaning was just as joyful as being around them! They seem to bring fun wherever they show up, so we hope this guide was as amusing as it was insightful. Now, before you leave, let’s recap the core traits of this type:

  • ENTP 7w8s are bold, free-spirited adventurers in love with life. They are among the most self-confident personality types who never miss an opportunity to enjoy life but at the same time stay committed to their goals.
  • They are quick-witted, fast learners who adapt to changes easily. Changes excite them, and they always love a good challenge.
  • Intuitive and bright, they focus on the big picture and consider focusing on details a waste of time.
  • They have trouble handling unpleasant emotions and dream of living a life full of adventures and joy.