13+ Enneagram 7 Memes: A Humorous Look at the Enthusiast

28 March 2024

If you ever wondered which Enneagram type invented comedy, the answer would probably be Type 7! There is nothing Seven loves more than a good laugh, so it would not be shocking to learn that they created some Enneagram 7 memes on their own, too!

Indeed, Sevens see life as an opportunity for joy, happiness, and discovery. Thanks to their insatiable curiosity and childlike sense of wonder, they are often referred to as the children of the Enneagram.

In this article, we’ll explore the funniest aspects of the Seven’s versatile personality through some great Enneagram 7 memes. Keep reading to have a few laughs!

15 Funny Enneagram 7 Memes

These carefully selected Enneagram 7 memes will show you many sides of the upbeat Enneagram 7 personality. Some of them may refer more to one of the Type 7 subtypes (7w6 or 7w8), but each reflects some of the key Seven’s traits.

Sevens Are Spontaneous

Sevens like to keep their options open and are never afraid to start something new, even a new life in a new country! Of course, it would take more than a misunderstanding for them to start a new life in Poland, but not much more, for sure. A new idea, business possibility, or romance is quite enough for them to pack their bags and travel across the world!

Sevens Are a Treasure Trove of Ideas

Sevens find inspiration everywhere; their creativity has no limits. Plus, they firmly believe in their ideas and fiercely stand up for them, no matter how funny they may seem to other people. The funniest part is that they often come up with brilliant ideas just by being silly rather than working hard.

Sevens Are Uninhibited

Credit: Ord Animal Clinic

This Enneagram 7 meme is a perfect illustration of how impulsive Type Seven can be. Being hedonists, they do not see their desire for pleasure as a flaw. Moreover, they readily act to indulge themselves without any regret.

For this reason, they are often very popular at parties, as they inspire other people to lose their inhibitions, too. On the other hand, they are just as likely to get in trouble for acting so impulsively. Nevertheless, people are usually easy on them because of their irresistible charm.

Sevens Breaking the Rules

This Enneagram 7 meme is an excellent illustration of how Sevens use their wit and charm to play with rules and get their way. Though their attitude may seem childish and naive at times, they are actually very resourceful and don’t give up easily on their desires. Plus, they never take rules seriously and quite often break them.

How Sevens React to Responsabilites

It would be hard to find a better illustration than this Enneagram 7 meme to demonstrate how a typical Seven feels at school and the office. For them, life is too short and wonderful to be spent in a boring classroom or in a job that doesn’t inspire them. They always look for ways to avoid things that don’t feed their curiosity or thirst for new experiences.

For this reason, Sevens often choose unconventional careers that allow them to enjoy their freedom and follow their passions.

Sevens and Their FOMO

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While some other Enneatypes dread the idea of betrayal, poverty, or abandonment, the joyful Sevens are terrified of missing out on the good things in life. Plus, as silly as it sounds, they really struggle to make a decision when given a choice between two or more excellent options because they are terrified they will miss out on important life experiences.

Seven’s Favorite Hobby

Though very funny, this Enneagram 7 meme points to the Seven’s core weakness that causes them the biggest problems in life—their inability to manage their feelings.

Sevens feel utterly incapable of dealing with unpleasant emotions and, therefore, have many tactics to avoid them. From intellectualization and rationalization to hedonism, Sevens will do almost anything to avoid going through their feelings.

Luckily, as they mature, they usually learn to empathize more and accept that unpleasant emotions are just as valuable and necessary as pleasant ones.

How Sevens Solve All Their Problems

Credit: Legallawtutor

There’s no better illustration of how Sevens react to problems in life than this Enneagram 7 meme. They ignore them and run away from them for as long as possible. This is especially true for unhealthy Sevens, who function at a very low level. They behave as though they believe their problems will magically disappear if they ignore them long enough.

Therefore, the crucial life lesson for Sevens is to learn that they have the strength and ability to deal with unpleasant emotions and problems.

Sevens Have Many Hobbies

A Seven's reaction to what appears to be an intriguing new activity is similar to that of a child upon receiving a new toy. Always ready to drop everything to embark on a new adventure, Seven goes through many exciting experiences in life. For this reason, they often end up being the jacks of all trades and masters of none.

Nevertheless, this is also one of the things that makes them so interesting—they have many different experiences to share with other people!

Sevens Always Looking at the Bright Side

Seven’s ability to reframe negative experiences and present them to themselves in a positive light is amazing. Even though they have a genuine sense of optimism, there are times when they choose to ignore the clear signs that something might not be in their best interests. This is especially true when they are very young and immature.

While this is a great way to avoid disappointment, it is also a great way to fail to learn from a bad experience. However, as they get older, they inevitably learn to make sounder judgments and avoid unnecessary disappointments.

The Eternal Shine of Seven’s Beautiful Mind

This Enneagram 7 meme is a very precise depiction of what’s going on in Sevens’ heads most of the time. Versatile, spontaneous, and open-minded, Sevens enjoy multitasking and often struggle to stay focused on one thing even when they are passionate about it.

While this makes them anxious from time to time, it also makes them very resourceful. They often come up with creative solutions to problems that are otherwise very complex.

The Struggles of Being a Seven

Being a Seven seems easy-breezy, but it actually takes a lot of hard work to maintain that level of enthusiasm and zest for life!

Moreover, constantly juggling between the need to embark on new adventures and the need to amuse other people can be very exhausting and often makes Seven anxious and confused.

Sevens Are Nonconformists

As illustrated in this Enneagram 7 meme, other people’s expectations and social standards mean nothing to a Seven. It’s not that they don’t have or despise social expectations; they simply don’t care for them, and they will only do what makes them happy. So, needless to say, people-pleasing isn’t their weakness.

Seven’s Work Ethic

Credit: Sara Pitchford

Staying focused for more than 10 minutes is mission impossible for Enneagram Type Seven, especially when they are already doing something that they don’t actually want to do. Therefore, having interesting and chatty coworkers is very dangerous for Sevens!

They can literally spend the whole day at work or school just mingling and talking to other people. Moreover, they will find themselves completely surprised when they realize they failed to finish their tasks.

The Essence of Seven’s Spirit

No matter how old they are, Sevens remain young at heart, always open to new people, experiences, and possibilities. Moreover, they often look much younger than their biological age precisely because their spirit is so full of vitality and childlike joy.

Key Takeaways

These relatable memes are one of the best ways to understand why Enneagram Type Seven is also called the Enthusiast. Sevens are so full of zest for life that they bring joy and positive vibes wherever they go!

Bottom line, we hope these funny memes inspired you to laugh and look for joy in life, just like Sevens do!