What Are the Enneagram Types of “Friends” Characters?

21 June 2024

friends enneagram types

The Enneagram types of “Friends” are diverse, as are the TV show characters themselves. Many are curious about Friends Enneagram types because the TV show has been popular for many generations across the globe.

While there’s no 100% way to determine “Friends” Enneagram types, we can surely make pretty educated guesses as we’ve seen all its characters in a variety of situations throughout the many seasons of one of the most popular sitcoms of all time.

Which Enneagram Types Are Characters from “Friends”?

Each character from “Friends” matches the description of a specific Enneagram type or subtype. The Enneagram test and theory are detailed yet allow for a lot of variety, so even two characters who belong to the same type may behave in a completely different manner.

That’s because the Enneagram focuses on understanding the life strategy, core strengths, and weaknesses of each Enneagram type, not just the way they behave.

Now, let’s review Friends Enneagram types one by one.

#1. Monica Geller

Monica Geller

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Monica Geller’s Enneagram type is One, also known as the Perfectionist. Perfectionists are recognized for their strong sense of right and wrong and the need to improve the world in their own way. They are all about rules, order, and ethics and have a very strong inner critic.

Monica Geller exemplifies all One’s key traits; from her relentless perfectionism to her competitive spirit, she is a typical Type One, making her one of the most closely aligned Friends Enneagram types and characters.

Her strong organizational skills often make her the leader of the Friends group, as she readily takes charge whenever something needs to be organized. Moreover, she is obsessed with cleanliness and has her own way of doing things, which sometimes causes conflicts within the group as she insists on being right at all times.

However, her strong sense of morals also makes her a great friend, and everyone around her knows that beneath the ‘Mrs’ Always Right’ attitude is a heart of gold and a friend they can always rely on.

#2. Ross Geller

Ross Geller - friends enneagram types

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Ross Geller’s Enneagram type is Type Six, also known as the Loyalist. Ross is portrayed as a kind, supportive, and loyal friend who has a strong need for security in life, just like a typical Enneagram Six. He likes everything to be planned and organized in advance and pays attention to every detail.

In addition, a sense of belonging is very important to him, which is why he is a great friend who goes out of his way to support the people he cares about. What also strongly indicates that he is a Six is the fact that he is the one in his friend group who has the most stable career. Ross is a paleontologist devoted to his field of expertise who takes his job very seriously.

Furthermore, Ross seeks serious and committed romantic relationships and isn’t the least interested in playing around, which is also very typical of Type Six.

Since every Friends character brings out the humorous aspect of their personality type, in the case of Ross, his bad luck, which is a reflection of his pessimism, and occasional clumsiness make him funny.

#3. Joey Tribbiani

Joey Tribbiani

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Joey Tribbiani’s Enneagram type is Seven. Also known as the Enthusiasts, Sevens are recognized for their hedonistic attitude toward life, optimism, and playfulness.

Of all the characters in the show, Joey is often the funniest one, as his carefree, cheerful, and spontaneous behavior creates many amusing situations. All of these traits make him one of the most closely matched Friends Enneagram types and characters, after Monica.

Joey is open-minded, free-spirited, and has no serious plan for his future. His charisma makes him very popular with the opposite sex, and he takes advantage of all his talents to bring more joy to his life. He is not good at handling hard emotions or having serious conversations and he always finds excuses to avoid those.

However, despite his lack of sense of responsibility or interest in serious commitment, Joey is a great friend who never judges other people and empathizes with them genuinely. His spontaneous nature and sense of humor always light up the room, and his friends love him for that.

#4. Rachel Green

Rachel Green - friends enneagram types

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Rachel Green’s Enneagram type is Type Three, the Achiever. However, Rachel also shows some traits of Enneagram Type Two, known as the Helper, which indicates that she is a Three with a Two wing (3w2).

She is a kind, warm, and compassionate friend who is always ready to support and help the people she cares about, just like a typical Type Two.

However, she is also very ambitious and has a strong drive to succeed in her line of work. Starting as a spoiled girl with big dreams, she grows into a responsible, driven professional in the fashion industry. While paving her path to success, she shows a lot of resourcefulness and resilience, just like a typical Three.

In addition, her romantic relationships are often very complicated, which is also typical of Threes, who often struggle to connect with their emotions. Therefore, Rachel struggles whenever she has to make a decision in regard to her love life, as she is never entirely sure of what or who she wants by her side.

#5. Chandler Bing

Chandler Bing - friends enneagram types

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Chandler Bing’s Enneagram Type is Type Six. However, Chandler’s creativity and sense of humor are more typical of Type Seven, indicating that he is a Six with a Seven wing (6w7), which makes him the most nuanced and complex personality among Friends Enneagram types.

Chandler is strongly grounded in reality, and his sarcastic remarks and irresistible sense of humor make him a very popular character in the show.

His career path also confirms that he is a 6w7. He started off as a business statistical analyst, which is a textbook Enneagram 6 career. However, he grows to loathe the job, resigns on an impulse, and transitions to a much more creative line of work, becoming a junior copywriter, a career that is perfect for Enneagram 7.

While he is playful, witty, and amusing, just like a typical Seven, he also seeks a stable and committed relationship, which is typical of Type Six. Moreover, he finds happiness with Monica, type One, as Ones and Sixes are highly compatible romantic partners.

#6. Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe Buffay

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Phoebe Buffay’s Enneagram Type is Type 4, also known as the Individualist. Fours are nonconformists who seek a higher purpose in life, value authenticity and have a strong artistic streak. Phoebe’s quirky personality, honesty, and complete disregard for social conventions make her a typical Type Four.

Moreover, Phoebe’s character is largely defined by her exploration of her past and search for her identity, which also reflects Type Four’s typical need for understanding their identity. Furthermore, Phoebe is compassionate yet often very blunt, as she feels no need to comply with social expectations.

Phoebe also shows the playful and spontaneous side of Type Four and their unique sense of humor. She seems to have a special connection with Joey, who is a Seven, which is no wonder since Fours and Sevens often make best friends because they are both very creative, spontaneous, and uninterested in complying with social norms.

4 Extra Characters From “Friends” & Their Enneagram Types

Apart from the leading characters, there are four extra characters from Friends that have also significantly contributed to the show’s popularity.

Let’s take a look at the Friends Enneagram types of the supporting cast.

#1. Janice Hosenstein

Janice Hosenstein - friends enneagram types

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Janice Hosenstein is Chandler’s ex-girlfriend who constantly reappears in the show, always creating funny situations. She is a perfect illustration of an unhealthy Enneagram Type Two, as she is needy, intrusive, and sometimes even aggressive in her emotional demands of other people.

Moreover, she is hyper-emotional and, therefore, highly subjective, completely lacking self-awareness, which often creates awkward situations. She also expresses her emotions in a very dramatic way and struggles with accepting rejection and breaking up with Chandler, which reflects Twos’ abandonment issues.

#2. Gunther

Gunther - friends enneagram types

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Gunther’s Enneagram type is Type Nine, also known as the Peacemaker. Gunther is the manager of the cafe where characters from Friends typically gather, and while he is present in most of the episodes, he blends into the background.

That attitude is typical of the mellow Nines, who like to be surrounded by other people yet avoid being in the limelight. Moreover, Gunther is always there to offer help and deal with complicated situations in the cafe, ensuring everything runs smoothly. He is also infatuated with Rachel but keeps his feelings to himself, just like a typical Nine.

#3. Mike Hannigan

Mike Hannigan - friends enneagram types

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Mike Hannigan’s Enneagram Type is also Type Nine. He embodies all the traits of a healthy Nine as he is supportive and understanding yet full of initiative when it comes to his love interest and eventual wife, Phoebe Buffay.

He shows great emotional maturity and brings much-needed stability to Phoebe’s life, spontaneously becoming a member of her friends’ group. Adaptable and flexible, like a true Nine, Mike demonstrates a deep understanding of Phoebe’s quirks and whims and accepts her for who she really is, which makes him the perfect Friends Enneagram type match for her.

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Key Takeaways

And that’s a wrap! The beloved characters from Friends are a great illustration of how deep and detailed yet flexible and versatile Enneagram test and theory are.

Moreover, both Gunther and Mike Hunnigan are Nines, yet their characters differ in many aspects. The same goes for Chandler Bing and Ross Geller, who are both Sixes yet behave in different ways.

If you are curious to explore more about Enneagram types, you might find it interesting to learn about Enneagram and check whether you agree with how we interpreted Friends Enneagram Types!