13 Enneagram 3 Memes That Will Make ‘The Achiever’ Chuckle

25 March 2024

Type Three, also known as the Achiever, tends to take themselves too seriously and thus miss out on a lot of fun in life. That is why we’ll explore Enneagram 3 memes—to reveal the funny side of their personality type.

Threes, in general, actually have an excellent sense of humor and are great at entertaining other people. However, they don’t like jokes that jeopardize their public image, so be careful before sharing these relatable memes with them.

Now, let’s have fun!

13 Enneagram 3 Memes That Hit Too Close to Home

Though some Enneagram 3 memes may hit too close to home, remember that humor is one of the healthiest defense mechanisms! Moreover, while the primary purpose of memes is to be amusing, they are also an excellent way to provide insight into an Enneatype’s motivations, weaknesses, and flaws.

Threes Need Validation from Literally Everyone

While we all need some kind of validation and approval from important people in our lives, like parents, partners, or friends, Threes needs it from everyone. For this reason, they may flirt even when they have no romantic interest, just for the sake of confirming their carefully built public image of being irresistible.

That’s because they confuse self-worth with self-esteem.

It’s All About Winning for Threes

Credit: Planetradio

While you may think you are just having fun playing board games, beach volleyball, Pictionary, or similar games with your friends, all it takes to turn any of these activities into an Olympic Games competition is just one Achiever.

So, think carefully about how you want to have fun with Type Three. If you’re in the mood for any of the social games, brace yourself and get ready to be defeated.

There Can Only Be One

Having a Type Three in your class or office means that you’ll constantly be in a competition, regardless of whether you want to compete or not. There’s nothing that motivates Threes more than winning, and therefore, there’s no better way to demotivate them than to fail to praise their victory.

Threes Are In Love With Their Public Image

Credit: Dailymoss

A significant component of all Type Three romantic relationships is projecting an image of perfect harmony. They look for partners who can uphold their meticulous standards and support their well-maintained public persona.

This does not imply that they are incapable of experiencing true love. Rather, it simply means that they will seize every chance to flaunt their status as the happiest or most attractive couple.

For Threes, Love is Attention

Credit: Ebaumsworld

If you are in love with an Enneagram Type Three, get ready to shower them with attention in all kinds of ways. Their sense of self-worth directly correlates to the amount of attention they receive from a partner, so when they are not getting enough of it in a relationship, it can lead to feelings of profound insecurity and self-doubt.

Moreover, unhealthy Threes may resort to flirting and making you jealous on purpose just to get you to give them the attention they want.

To better understand this attention-craving side of their personality, just think of a child on a slide screaming to their parents, “Look at me,” as they slide down for the billionth time.

A Three is Always the Most Interesting Person in the Room

If you need someone to teach you how to make everything about you, just look at Enneagram Type Three at any social event. The only real reason why they listen carefully to other people is to be able to come up with a better, more interesting way to get everyone to listen to them.

And, yes, they are often amazing entertainers. Having them at a party is a kind of guarantee you’ll have a good time!

Why Threes Excel at Faking It

Threes’ eternal struggle is how to be authentic while maintaining a perfect public image. They hold a deep belief that who they really are is simply not good enough, so they learn to fake many things very early.

While this is indeed a useful tactic for achieving success in many areas, they would benefit a lot from allowing themselves to be real.

Three’s Mission Impossible

This Enneagram 3 meme depicts Threes’ tendency to rationalize and intellectualize their feelings. To them, feelings are often just obstacles on their way to victory and success.

Moreover, they learn early in life that how they feel isn’t as important as how much they achieve. As a consequence, they have a tough time staying in touch with their feelings.

Every Victory Counts for Threes

Taming a Three’s competitive spirit is a big challenge, both for themselves and the people around them. They need to learn that “the first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile,” as the ancient philosopher Plato once said.

Threes as Shoppers

This Enneagram 3 meme shows how Threes behave as shoppers. They are the ideal consumers because they are impulsive and driven by irrational motives. However, mature, self-aware Threes make great careers as sales and marketing managers due to this trait.

How Threes Handle Emotions

Credit: Aworkstation

This Enneagram 3 meme illustrates Three’s lack of healthy emotional regulation skills. Though they are one of the most resilient Enneagram types, they are also one of the most prone to burnout syndrome as they refuse to take their emotions seriously.

If a Three Loves You, Their Social Media Will Show It

Credit: Jen Rodkey

This is another Enneagram 3 meme that describes how important public perception is for the Achiever. They want to control every aspect of their public image, and this makes them very demanding as romantic partners.

So, if you want to know how much your Three loves you, check their social media posts.

Threes Are More Than Just Adaptable

Like transformers, Threes usually have a ready-made public persona for every opportunity. So, if you sometimes find yourself confused by them behaving as two entirely different persons within the same day, don’t worry; they are often just as confused too.

However, to be fair, we have to mention that there are two Enneagram Three subtypes: Enneagram Three with a Two wing (3w2) and Enneagram Three with a Four wing (3w4).

3w2s will sometimes look more like Enneagram Type Two, whereas 3w4s will have many traits of Enneagram Type Four. These variations may also be the reason why Type Three sometimes behaves atypically.

Moreover, every Enneagram type can have a wing, which means every Enneagram type has two variants.

If you want to learn more about Enneagram subtypes, take a look at our article about Enneagram wings.

Key Takeaways

We hope you had a good laugh going through these Enneagram 3 memes, and if we also made you rethink some of the Threes' shortcomings and qualities, our goal is more than achieved!

Nevertheless, bear in mind that Enneagram 3 memes mainly focus on how Enneagram Type Three is perceived in popular culture. They can never portray all the depth and complexity of the Achiever personality type—they are just funny memes made to amuse you.