Understanding ENTP 8w7 Personality Type: Key Traits

24 May 2023

The ENTP 8w7 type has somehow earned the reputation of being the devil’s advocate, or even the devil himself in some cases. But how much of this actually captures the essence of their personality?

If you want to understand why ENTP 8w7s are often perceived as dangerous types and who they really are beyond the first impression, stay tuned. In this guide, you’ll learn all about their motivations, dreams, and passions and get some helpful tips on how to spot them immediately.

Let’s dive right in!

ENTP 8w7 Overview

Charming and alluring, ENTP 8w7s steal the show wherever they show up. Besides being agile and curious, they are always bursting with ideas, exuding vitality, and spontaneously attracting others. On top of that, their sense of humor earns them a special place at every party.

However, underneath the charismatic, friendly image lies a highly independent and strong-willed character. These people can be incredibly convincing when they believe in something, and they naturally assume leadership roles in their surroundings.

Thanks to their extraverted intuition combined with the influence of the Seven wing, they are also very compassionate and easily see through the motives of the people around them. Highly adaptable and open to change, they easily blend into any environment.

Moreover, these people are extremely curious and are always on a quest to find new adventures. Self-assured and highly competent, they readily take on risks and enjoy highly charged activities, just like the 8w7 type generally does. Yet, they also love taking part in provocative and controversial conversations, where they fiercely tackle delicate issues from every angle and play with logic.

Exactly because they seem to juggle so easily with different arguments, other Enneagram types who are not so intellectual by nature may find them unreliable or inconsistent. However, to tell the truth, they just enjoy a good debate and love to learn from confrontations of different viewpoints. They may also seem too argumentative and even aggressive for the same reason.

What’s interesting about this type is that they are very loyal and dedicated to their personal relationships. They are very protective of the people they are close to and are ready to go above and beyond to preserve their meaningful relationships.

ENTP 8w7 Fears & Desires

ENTP 8w7s are expansive by nature and deeply resist any kind of authority—independence is at the top of their list of priorities. They often seem fearless or even reckless at times, but their deepest fears are actually always there, and avoiding them usually takes a large part of their lives, especially when they are young.

ENTP 8w7 Fears

The free-spirited ENTP 8w7 type is most afraid of:

  • Being powerless. Smart and grounded in reality, they are aware they need some level of power to keep their independence and autonomy.
  • Being vulnerable. Trust issues are one of the biggest reasons why this type has trouble opening up to others. They are afraid others will take advantage of them at the slightest sign of their vulnerability.
  • Being stuck in a routine. They need to live life with all the passion they have; anything less feels like punishment for this vital type.

ENTP 8w7 Desires

ENTP 8w7 has big appetites and big desires, and they go straight after them. They mostly yearn for:

  • Freedom. A sense of freedom and power are closely related to this personality type. They feel that the more freedom they enjoy, the more powerful they are.
  • Independence. Relying on others doesn’t work for them—they need to stand on their own two feet and will do all in their power to ensure their independence.
  • Variety. Deeply curious and adventurous, they grow thanks to the different experiences they go through. That’s why they feel variety is their soul food.

Differences Between ENTP and ENTP 8w7

ENTPs are generally witty, smart, and well-educated. They enjoy dealing with big ideas but often fail to reach their full potential because they get bored easily.

In ENTP 8w7s, the will to achieve something big is more resolute, so these types tend to adopt the discipline needed for success more easily than ENTPs generally. That is especially true for ENTP 8w7 female characters.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between ENTP and ENTP 8w7.

#1. Difference: Focus

ENTPs always strive to stay focused through the whole process of whatever they are working on. Unsurprisingly, in the case of ENTP 8w7, staying focused comes a bit more easily.

This happens because Type Eight enhances their willpower and Type Seven boosts their enthusiasm. This type is also more focused on results than the average ENTP and more efficient in general.

#2. Difference: In Touch with Reality

While generally not impractical people, ENTPs still tend to get preoccupied with their big theories and ideas. This tendency also makes them seem detached.

Thanks to the influence of Enneagram Type 8, ENTP 8w7s are much more reality-oriented and will not waste their time on theories they can’t take advantage of for real. Instead, they translate their big ideas into actionable plans, and they do it more easily than other ENTP subtypes.

#3. Difference: Decisiveness

The world is so full of temptations and opportunities for an ENTP! Therefore, making a definite decision often feels like giving up on so many wonderful options to them. They are rarely 100% invested in what they do because they are always looking out to see if something better comes their way.

However, an ENTP 8w7 weakens this tendency because they are better connected with reality and aware of what it takes to make their big dreams come true. They do not get stuck in the decision-making process as much as other ENTPs but rather take their chances into their own hands.

ENTP 8w7 vs. ENTP 7w8

Though ENTP 8w7s and ENTP 7w8s are easily confused, the differences between them are still very noticeable. Both types will be delighted with all the things that life has to offer and will have their big dreams and ideas, but their approach to life will be profoundly different.

Here’s a brief overview of their key differences:

ENTP 8w7

ENTP 7w8

More realistic and action-oriented

More optimistic and relaxed

More confrontational and aggressive

More fun-loving and thrill-seeking

More organized and structured

More playful and spontaneous

Focused on their biggest goals

Focused on pleasures and joy

Domineering and resolute

Friendly and open-minded

Fiercely independent


Enjoys challenges

Enjoys novelty and changes

More competitive

More cooperative

Follows their will

Follows their intuition

ENTP 8w7 Careers Matches

ENTP 8w7s will be more organized than a typical ENTP character, so assuming managerial positions may come even more easily to them. One thing is sure—they will either be free or in charge. There’s no way they’ll allow themselves to be in a subordinate position, or at least not for long.

As leaders, they are great motivators who always find a way to move others and direct them toward the common goal. Their passion and enthusiasm are contagious, so people around them feel energized and accept work responsibilities with ease.

This type usually quickly distinguishes themselves in a team, either because of their vigor and charisma or because they don’t hesitate to confront any idea they don’t like or don't find useful.

Best ENTP 8w7 Careers

Thanks to their charm and many skills, these people easily make contacts and usually succeed in the careers they pursue. In terms of career choices, their best matches are:

  • Attorneys
  • HR Talent Managers
  • Recruiters
  • Teachers
  • Writers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Creative Directors
  • PR Managers
  • Event Managers
  • TV Hosts

Worst ENTP 8w7 Careers

Being stuck in a repetitive job or in an environment that is too rigid feels unbearable for ENTP 8w7s. They need excitement, intellectual and creative challenges, interaction with others, opportunities to learn and develop, and a lot of flexibility. With that in mind, the possible worst career choices for these people are:

  • Administrator
  • Backend developer
  • Lab Technician
  • Secretary
  • Nurse
  • Auditor
  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper

Unhealthy ENTP 8w7 + Growth Tips

The unhealthy version of the ENTP 8w7 character will have more trust issues and be more controlling and manipulative in order to avoid being used by others. That’s because both ENTPs and Eights are prone to paranoid thinking patterns, so the combination of the two has a particularly hard time opening up to others emotionally.

Under extreme stress, these people may also become scattered and prone to all kinds of vices—from overeating to drug abuse. On top of that, they are typically workaholics, which makes it easy for them to develop burnout syndrome.

Additionally, these individuals usually compensate for emotional and physical exhaustion by giving in to artificial pleasures and shallow amusement to get through the day.

Another challenge for this type is connecting with their feelings. Even though ENTP 8w7s are more open and warmer in their interactions, they still have huge issues with vulnerability.

Because accepting vulnerability is so hard for them, they often lack empathy for others, too. In the unhealthy mode, they are completely cut off from their authentic emotional needs and, therefore, may act out by behaving aggressively and being too confrontational and argumentative.

Key Growth Tips for ENTP 8w7

It is hard for this type to accept the mere idea that they may need help or that they may need to change the way they live. Because of that, they usually learn through experience, which may cost them a lot.

With that in mind, here are some essential growth tips for ENTP 8w7:

  • Connecting with their feelings will allow them to step into a whole new dimension of power and connection with others. By acknowledging their own feelings, they will also learn to respect other people’s emotions.
  • Learning to accept their vulnerability is essential for building meaningful relationships and ensuring support in times of crisis. The shallow pursuit of artificial pleasures can never compensate for the real connection.
  • Learning that setting and sticking to priorities does not mean missing out on life, but the opposite—it means making the most of it.

ENTP 8w7 Famous People

Assertive and action-oriented, ENTP 8w7s often leave a trace in the lives of others. Though not especially interested in fame, it is safe to say they feel comfortable in the limelight. Some of the best-known ENTP 8w7 celebrities are:

  • Courtney Love, American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actress
  • Christopher Columbus, Italian explorer and navigator
  • Eminem (Slim Shady), American musician, singer, and songwriter
  • Sam Hyde, American comedian and entertainer
  • Danny DeVito, American actor, producer, film director, and comedian

Key Takeaways

We’ve reached the end of this ENTP 8w7 personality description. Now you understand the ENTP 8w7 meaning and the way subtle influences can add a completely new dimension to their character.

To wrap up, let us briefly remind you of all the key traits of this personality type:

  • ENTP 8w7 are quick-witted, charming, and very persuasive. They enjoy exciting debates.
  • Independence and freedom are at the top of their priority list.
  • They are very adventurous and always on a quest to discover new and exciting experiences, ideas, and people.