Analyzing the Enneagram 8w7 Personality Type (8 Wing 7)

10 May 2023


It's easy to recognize and fall in love with bold, dominant types such as 8w7s. They are at the center of attention as soon as they appear in the room, and their optimism and love for life are contagious.

But what makes the 8w7 type so charismatic? Are they really as strong as they look? If you are ready to learn more about this exciting personality who knows no obstacles on the way to realizing their big wishes, stay with us.

In this text, we will reveal their main characteristics, the things they are most afraid of, the things that give them strength, and the way they behave in different situations.

Let's dive in!

Enneagram 8w7 (8 Wing 7) Personality Type

Enneagram 8w7 (8 Wing 7) Personality Type

Eights are the most masculine type of the Enneagram—in fact, they are the epitome of raw strength and willpower. Control, ambition, and power are the main themes in their lives. Needless to say, their love lives are usually very exciting, too.

And then we have Sevens—the children of the Enneagram. They are playful, easygoing, and cheerful—hedonism and adventure are what their lives are about.

In the 8w7 Enneagram type combination, all of the Eights’ appetites will be emphasized, and the resulting personality will be more adventurous, creative, and sociable. In other words, this type wants to dominate and enjoy life.

Eights easily become workaholics, but with a Seven wing, pleasure becomes just as important a part of their lives as their work and ambition.

Also, when the assertiveness and willpower of Eights meet with the imagination and versatility of Sevens, they result in a personality that is capable of making all their dreams come true. No wonder they often call 8w7s “the Mavericks”!

What Does Wing Mean?

Two adjacent types, called wings, surround every Enneagram type. When you have the highest score for Type Eight and a high score for Type Seven on your Enneagram test, you are an Eight with a Seven wing. This means you will also have many of Seven’s characteristics.

Sevens see life as a game, whereas Eights want complete control. Therefore, 8w7s will lose a lot of their weariness and express their energy even more freely. Assertive and outspoken, 8w7s are always a fun type to be around because they enjoy a good joke and are not so concerned with trust issues.

Enneagram 8w7 Strengths & Weaknesses

Enneagram 8w7 Strengths & Weaknesses

Incredibly vital, energetic, and attractive, 8w7s seem invincible. They are the epitome of action heroes but still have an Achilles' heel.

8w7 Strengths

8w7s don’t save their energy—love for life and the belief that they can do great things are the main sources of strength for this type. Some of their most distinct advantages include:

  • Natural leadership. Their energy and drive attract people of all kinds and make everyone follow them.
  • Courage to face any problem. These people will confront anyone and fight to remove anything that stands in their way to success.
  • High creativity. The Seven wing adds more freedom to their thoughts, so they often come up with unique ideas.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and a pragmatic mind. In other words, they are logical thinkers, and they think on their feet.
  • Optimism and vigor. After all, no one seems to be as happy to be alive as 8w7s!

8w7 Weaknesses

8w7s may love life a little too much at times—when their hedonistic side takes over, they may exert unhealthy behaviors.

Naturally, so much energy in a single person carries some risk. If you consider both Type Seven’s and Type Eight’s less desirable features, they actually reinforce one another in less desirable ways.

Therefore, the primary weaknesses of this personality type are:

  • Imposing their needs over the needs of others. Their drive is so strong that they may lose patience easily with other, slower types.
  • Having trouble accepting authorities. The idea of having to comply with someone else’s rules to be controlled is unacceptable to them.
    Learn more about this aspect of personality in our Locus of Control Test.
  • Showing excessive self-indulgence. These people are hedonists who find it hard to limit themselves when they like something.
  • Being impatient. Like the famous Queen song says—they want it all, and they want it now.
  • Showing aggressive and overly confrontational behavior. 8w7s may enjoy debate a bit too much—they sometimes even act as though everything is a competition.

Enneagram 8w7 Fears & Desires

Passion led us here

8w7s are aware of their inner strengths but also know they can be their own worst enemies. On the flip side of this ambitious personality may lie a criminal mind that can only be tamed by fame and success.

8w7 Fears

The 8w7 personality type rarely fears anything outside of themselves. They may have trouble with authorities, but that’s exactly because they do not fear them—most of their concerns stem from the fact that they rely only on themselves.

The things they are most afraid of are:

  • Losing power
  • Coming across as helpless or actually being helpless
  • Being tamed or trapped
  • Getting defeated in any sphere of their lives

8w7 Desires

An 8w7 has many desires. This type wants to have it all in life and is ready to work hard to get it. And, logically, they usually get what they want the most this way.

Their deepest desires include:

  • Having control over their destiny
  • Being able to provide for and protect their loved ones
  • Tasting all life pleasures

Enneagram 8w7 vs. 8w9 Comparison

8w7s and 8w9s are very different and not easily mistaken for one another.

The first type represents extroverted, sociable individuals who enjoy a good debate and can’t sit still for a long time. They tend to be egocentric and put their needs first.

Meanwhile, the second type is more introverted, level-headed, and collected. These people are also very strong-willed and energetic, but they choose to invest their energy in protecting the community and fighting for those who are less privileged.

Also, the 8w7 Enneagram type enjoys meeting new people, while an 8w9 prefers the company of a few chosen friends with whom they have a deeper connection. The Nine wing makes Eights more introspective and willing to deal with their vulnerability.

On the other hand, the Seven wing makes them more playful and joyousand even less interested in acknowledging their own vulnerability.

What Motivates 8w7 Personality Types?

No guts, no glory

This energetic personality type enjoys challenges of all kinds. They will eagerly take part in a debate just for the sake of it, and the energy they put into it may seem too much for other types sensitive to conflict. That’s exactly the point—8w7s simply enjoy exploring different angles, even if it creates a heated discussion.

Other great sources of motivation for this vital type are carnal pleasures, food, and all kinds of physical experiences. Their traveler style reflects their dynamic nature, as they seek thrilling and novel experiences wherever they go. One night of passion, one day of skydiving, or a trip to a new destination revives their spirits like nothing else.

Finally, they also enthusiastically dive into new projects and are highly motivated by the results they achieve. They want to conquer life, so each problem they solve and each success they achieve makes them feel a step closer to being in complete control.

What are 8w7 Personality Types Like Under Stress?

The bold and domineering 8w7 is a force of nature and can put up with a lot of pressure from different sources. They can deal with uncertainty and take risks without entering stress mode. But, when they fear losing control over their lives, they may become aggressive, arrogant, and confrontational.

When their first, aggressive reaction turns out to be futile, they withdraw and may direct their anger toward themselves. In that case, they become too self-indulgent and eat, drink, or abuse substances excessively. This is more likely to be the reaction to emotional stress, a breakup, or the loss of a significant person.

When stress is caused by business, 8w7s may also withdraw and start questioning everyone and everything, trying to figure out what went wrong, or becoming obsessed with certain ideas.

Their macho logic does not allow them to ask for help and support. Even though they usually quickly bounce back, they may lose significant amounts of energy just because they want to fight alone.

What are 8w7 Personality Types Like at Work?

When it comes to work, the 8w7 type is rather entrepreneurial and determined to make their mark in the world. They often choose to build a career within a corporate environment, in which case they will climb the corporate ladder incredibly fast. However, they are just as likely to start their own business and use their charisma to attract associates. They won’t stop until they accomplish what they envisioned.

What are 8w7 Personality Types Like at Work?

They are energetic, driven leaders who inspire and motivate people almost instinctively. Their intuition and excellent communication skills also make them invincible negotiators, so they often become highly respected managers.

As team players, they will energize the team but will naturally tend to take the leading role, revealing their inherent leadership inclination. They can’t stand authority for long and will use every opportunity they get to take command. This may make them look intimidating in the eyes of people with lower energy levels.

Also, an 8w7 is a natural-born businessperson who prefers being on top or working independently. They become their own bosses sooner or later in life, either by choosing freelance roles or by starting their own businesses.

Enneagram 8w7 Best & Worst Career Choices

This type can accomplish anything they put their minds to. Their entrepreneurial skills, combined with passion and creativity, make them amazing leaders, but they can also be great entertainers and artists.

8w7 Best Career Choices

8w7s want to make something big, build their empire, and leave a legacy for their loved ones. But they also want to have fun and enjoy life while they work their way to success. Having this in mind, we can say that some of the best career choices for them include:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Sales Director
  • CEO
  • Marketing Director
  • Pilot
  • Plastic Surgeon
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Sportsman

8w7 Worst Career Choices

Laboratory vials containing samples

This type will always resist and avoid authorities as much as they can. Any job that isn't challenging enough, stifles their spirit, or is based on too many rules and procedures triggers the wrath of 8w7s. For this reason, the least favorable career choices for them are:

  • Personal Assistant
  • Translator/Interpreter
  • Secretary
  • Lab Technician
  • Office Manager

Enneagram 8w7 Famous People

The Eight Wing Seven combination often attracts fame. Even though they are not motivated to become famous, they still aim for success, and fame is usually just something that happens to them.

Some of the most famous 8w7 celebrities are:

  • Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, experienced lots of ups and downs in his career due to his untamable temper. He is the perfect example of the entrepreneurial talent of the 8w7 type.
  • Gordon Ramsey, a famous multi-Michelin star chef, restaurant chain owner, and adventurist, who literally travels the world exploring new tastes. He seems to live a very pronounced influence of the Seven wing.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the most successful football players in the world who is also charismatic and energetic on the field and does not know what defeat is.
  • Ernest Hemingway, a Nobel Prize winner and a writer who lived an adventurous and unusual life, never complied with society's norms.
  • Christofor Columbo was a famous explorer who discovered the American continent and fulfilled every 8w7’s dream to make an impact on the world.

Key Takeaways

Now that you know so much about the 8w7 Enneagram personality type, it’s time to wrap up.

Here are a few key points to take away before you go:

  • 8w7s are dazzling personalities with incredible self-confidence and strong, irresistible charisma. They are natural leaders who can move the masses just by being who they are.
  • The Seven wing underlines their already burning need for freedom and autonomy, so social conventions can never tame this type.
  • Straightforward and direct in communication, they may seem intimidating to more sensitive types.
  • 8w7 have an insatiable appetite for life. They are prone to all kinds of vices, though they rarely lose control completely.