32 Enneagram Type 3 Celebrities: Famous “Achievers” Unveiled

24 January 2024

Enneagram type 3 celebrities

Type 3, also known as the Achiever, strives to be the best in everything they do, and saying they enjoy being in the limelight would be an understatement. Being recognized, praised, and admired is what inspires them the most, so it is no wonder there are so many Enneagram Type 3 celebrities in all fields.

In this article, we’ll present some of the most famous Enneagram Type 3 celebrities who left their mark on the world.

General Overview of Enneagram Type 3

Threes are energetic, charismatic, natural leaders with a relentless drive to achieve exquisite success. They are the homecoming kings and queens, the high school sports stars, and the best students in class to whom everyone looks up.

The Achievers place a high value on social validation, as they believe their worth is tied to their level of success. So, their social intelligence is usually highly developed, and they are very attractive, charming individuals who easily win people over for their goals.

They are also very practical, reality-oriented problem solvers who excel in all kinds of careers that require quick thinking and strong logic.

Because they are so dedicated to succeeding, they often become workaholics and have an exceptionally strong work ethic. Failure is their worst enemy because they feel they are deserving of love and respect only when they are successful.

Enneagram Type 3 Famous Actors & Actresses

It is no surprise that there are numerous talented actors who belong to the Enneagram 3 personality type, considering how comfortable they feel on stage. It is also reasonable to expect that Type 3 actors have a strong Type 2 wing, as 3w2s are more in contact with their emotions, which is crucial for success in acting.

Now, let’s name some of the most famous Type 3 actors and actresses:

Enneagram Type 3 Famous Actors & Actresses

Credit: PA Media

#1. Helen Mirren: English actress, the first female performer to win an Oscar, a Laurence Olivier Award, and a Tony Award, known for her charisma and boldness in personal and professional life.

#2. Will Smith: American actor, producer, and rapper, known for his captivating performances and personal charm typical of Enneagram Type 3. He has also won many awards for his work.

#3. George Clooney: American actor, director, and producer whose style, charisma, good looks, and self-confidence perfectly align with Type Three’s core traits. He often portrays seductive, powerful characters.

#4. Angelina Jolie: American actress whose ambitions typical of Type Three led her to become a director and political activist. She is recognized for her mesmerizing portrayals and has often topped the world's lists of the most beautiful people.

#5. Reese Witherspoon: American actress, producer, and entrepreneur who has made a name for herself with her vibrant personality, optimistic public persona, and remarkable accomplishments across all of her endeavors. She often embodies the kind of raunchy, assertive characters who correspond to Type Three traits. Read more about Reese Witherspoon's Enneagram type.

#6. Gillian Anderson: American actress and activist admired for her incredible versatility in performances, which reflects the adaptability typical of Type 3.

Enneagram Type 3 Famous Musicians

Type 3 musicians put on a great show when they are performing, and they enjoy live performances when they have direct contact with their audience. Enneagram 3w4s may be less flashy in their appearance as they are more focused on being unique, while Enneagram 3w2s may be more prone to popular genres of music.

So, here are some of the most notable Type 3 musicians:

Enneagram Type 3 Celebrities in the Music Industry

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#1. Taylor Swift: American singer and songwriter known for her vibrant personality and artistic versatility. Her music ranges from country to pop seamlessly. Such adaptability, paired with careful social image management, embodies key Type Three traits.

#2. Lady Gaga: American singer who quickly earned the reputation of a pop icon due to her theatrical performances and ever-changing personal style. She is also known for her strong artistic streak (which speaks in favor of her being 3w4) and collaboration with Marina Abramovic, the famous performance artist.

#3. Beyoncé: American singer and performer who has won numerous awards for her music and is known for her charisma and entrepreneurial skills. Her ambition also led her to star in several movies, and she is considered one of the best vocalists of all time.

#4. Justin Timberlake: American singer and actor known as a hitmaker with a dynamic stage presence. He also ventured into business and entrepreneurship, following his drive for success and recognition beyond a career in music, just like a typical Type Three.

#5. Franz Liszt: Hungarian composer and virtuoso pianist recognized for his innovative compositions, captivating performances, and social influence.

Enneagram Type 3 Famous Athletes

Threes usually have a lot of stamina and enviable physical abilities. Plus, they are very competitive and dynamic, which are highly desirable traits in sports. Since they are extraverted, they are very likely to go for team sports rather than individual sports.

Additionally, 3w4s may be prone to sports that combine art and physical prowess, like ballet, figure skating, and similar, thanks to the influence of the artistic Fours.

Let’s take a look at some of the most recognized Type 3 athletes:

Enneagram Type 3 Famous Athletes

Credit: Getty Images

#1. Cristiano Ronaldo: Multi-awarded Portuguese football player who perfectly embodies typical Type Three traits. He is considered one of the greatest players of all time, known for his amazing goal-scoring skills and charismatic personality on and off the field.

#2. Novak Djokovic: Serbian tennis player who holds multiple Grand Slam titles and is known for his bold playing style, mental resilience, and relentless drive for success. He is a perfect example of a high-functioning Enneagram Type 3.

#3. Michael Schumacher: German Formula One racing driver whose skills and talent earned him the status of a sports icon. He holds multiple Formula One World Championships and several records, and he is also known for his competitive character and commitment to excellence.

#4. Michael Jordan: American basketball player considered one of the best in history, known for his bold spirit, competitiveness, and relentless drive to win, all typical of Type Three.

#5. Serena Williams: American tennis player who holds many Grand Slam titles and Olympic gold medals and is known for her resilience and dedication to excellence. She has also advocated for gender equality in sports.

#6. Muhammad Ali: American professional boxer, one of the greatest in history. Apart from his talent and physical prowess, he is also known for his charm, wit, and social activism.

Enneagram Type 3 Political & World Leaders

As Threes are natural leaders, they often strive for a career in politics. Here are some of the most well-known Enneagram 3 political and world leaders:

Enneagram Type 3 Political & World Leaders

Credit: Tools Hero

#1. Tony Robbins: American author, entrepreneur, and life coach, known as an exceptional motivational speaker with a charismatic presence.

#2. George Washington: The first President of the United States and a Founding Father, known for his remarkable leadership skills and strong drive for achievement.

#3. Jimmy Carter: 39th President of the United States and a laureate of the Nobel Prize for Peace. He is known for his humanitarian work and drive for excellence.

#4. Deepak Chopra: Indian-American author, public speaker, and alternative medicine advocate. He is known for his teachings on wellness and spirituality.

#5. Meghan Markle: Former American actress now known as Duchess of Sussex due to her marriage to Prince Harry. Her biography is full of typical Type Three moments, from homecoming queen to popular actress to becoming a member of the royal family.

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Enneagram Type 3 Other Historical Figures

Type Threes often excel in many different areas, so it is not easy to list them under just one category. So, we’ve selected the Threes who have achieved remarkable success and can fit multiple criteria with their talents and achievements.

Enneagram Type 3 Other Historical Figures

Credit: Getty Images

#1. Oprah Winfrey: American television host and philanthropist best known for her groundbreaking talk show, “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and impressive humanitarian efforts.

#2. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Austrian-American actor whose drive for achievement led him to become a producer, businessman, bodybuilder, and politician. He served as Governor of California and is known for his versatility and charm.

#3. Jennifer Lopez: American actress and dancer whose immense ambition and drive for excellence propelled her to start a career as a singer and businesswoman. She is known for her impeccable work ethic and positive public image.

#4. Andy Warhol: American artist, director, and producer who is considered a leading figure in the pop art movement. His strong artistic streak indicates he probably had a prominent Type Four wing.

#5. David Copperfield: American magician, illusionist, and performer known as one of the most accomplished magicians and showmen in history.

Enneagram Type 3 Writers and Philosophers

The ambitious and competent Threes have also left their mark in world literature and philosophy. The following individuals rank among the most significant Type Three thinkers of all time:

Enneagram Type 3 Writers and Philosophers

Credit: Public Domains

#1. F. Scott Fitzgerald: American novelist best known for his novel “The Great Gatsby,” which reflects many of the typical Type Three dilemmas.

#2. Niccolò Machiavelli: Italian Renaissance political philosopher and diplomat, most famous for his work ”The Prince,” in which he analyzed strategies for gaining and keeping power.

#3. Marcus Tullius Cicero: Roman statesman, orator, and philosopher who made important contributions to Roman political and legal philosophy.

#4. Truman Capote: American novelist, screenwriter, actor, and playwright. His novella “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was made into an iconic movie whose popularity continues across generations.

Key Takeaways

It is no secret that Enneagram Type 3 famous people tend to seek fame and fortune in a variety of arenas, and they will stop at nothing to achieve success.

The Enneagram personality test teaches us that their insatiable need for social validation can lead them down some dark paths. This also explains why some Enneagram Type 3 celebrities are prone to public scandals and fill the pages of the yellow press.

But every Enneagram type has its dark side, and Threes are no exception. Ultimately, no matter if they achieve fame or not, Achievers will undeniably remain one of the most magnetic Enneagram types.

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