INTJ 8w7 Personality Type and Its Intense Nature

30 May 2023

What do you get when you sprinkle an INTJ with childlike enthusiasm and curiosity? Well, nothing less than an INTJ 8w7— an intense personality with a big appetite in every sense.

Will an Enneagram 8w7 make an INTJ less professional or maybe even more ambitious? How do the different elements that make up this personality come together, and what can we expect from this individual in general? These are just a few of the many topics that are covered in greater detail in this guide.

So, if you are curious about cracking the code of the INTJ 8w7 meaning and personality type, stay with us. We can’t promise it will be easy, but it will surely be fun!

INTJ 8w7 Overview

INTJ 8w7s have charismatic and strong personalities, and they are rather ambitious and goal-oriented. The Seven wing adds its unique charm and warmth to these driven personalities, making them a bit more approachable and friendly. Thanks to this “ingredient”, INTJ 8w7s are also fiercely independent and often very competitive.

INTJs’ analytical mind and Eights’ power hunger combine in these characters, making them exceptionally competent leaders who strategize, plan, and keep their followers motivated all the way. They are highly controlling, domineering individuals who don’t have a lot of understanding for people who don’t share their dedication and diligence.

Highly introverted, these people find it hard to trust others, so they test them until they are sure they can rely on them. They stick to their closest circle and are very protective of their friends and family, and loyalty is high on their list of values.

Since they are very sensitive and very strong at the same time, they can sometimes act in a contradictory manner, leaving others confused. However, they never feel the need to explain themselves, which is why people often perceive them as inflexible, bossy, and domineering.

Additionally, their willpower is admirable. When they set their mind to something, you can consider it done. They also work toward their goals with incredible focus and persistence, so success is inevitable in their lives.

The Seven wing makes them more enthusiastic, inspired, and creative, but also more capable of enjoying life. They want to learn, develop, and succeed, but they also want to feel the flavor of life. On the other hand, they tend to be self-absorbed and, in most cases, do not develop genuine empathy until much later in their lives.

INTJ 8w7 Fears & Desires

Unlike most INTJs, INTJ 8w7s are not so driven by their fears but are motivated by their desires. They move through the world with silent determination and self-confidence. Generally, issues of control, autonomy, and power are at the very essence of both their fears and desires.

INTJ 8w7 Fears

INTJ 8w7s are brave and readily confront any challenge. However, when it comes to dealing with their feelings, they are not so open.

Their core fears include:

  • Being taken advantage of. They have an exceptionally hard time trusting others and a chronic fear of betrayal, so they never let their guard down.
  • Losing control. Without control, they feel utterly lost and left at the mercy of others, who, in their opinion, can’t be trusted.
  • Depending on others. For them, asking for help and support or being unable to do something on their own feels deeply humiliating.

INTJ 8w7 Desires

INTJ 8w7s have neat plans and strategies for everything, so when they want something, they don’t beat around the bush but just go for it. Their core desires include:

  • Being masters of their lives. Achieving independence, autonomy, and control over their destiny is their ultimate goal and the only way for them to feel safe.
  • Having power. They are aware that access to the right resources and their leadership abilities can ensure them a position of power and authority, so they work hard to ensure their status.
  • Becoming expertsin their respective fields. Knowledge and expertise play a large role in how powerful they feel, so they generously invest their time and resources in professional and personal development.

Differences Between INTJ and INTJ 8w7

The essential difference between INTJs and INTJ 8w7s is reflected in their self-confidence. In other words,Enneagram 8w7s are one of the most confident personality types, so INTJ 8w7s are significantly less self-critical and anxious than typical INTJs. Let’s see what other significant differences there are between INTJs and INTJ 8w7.

#1. Difference: Extroversion

Compared to a typical INTJ, an INTJ 8w7 is more extroverted, has better-developed interpersonal skills, and can occasionally even have fun socializing! They will also often display a sharp sense of humor, which is not common for typical INTJs, who tend to stay serious at all times and have trouble relaxing.

#2. Difference: Leadership abilities

INTJs are experts and independent associates who find handling others exhausting. Meanwhile, INTJ 8w7s often attract others naturally due to their charisma and strength of character. They are also slightly more understanding of other people’s perspectives and feelings, so people connect with them a bit easier—at least in a professional setting.

#3. Difference: Charm

The Seven wing adds some spice to the nerdy INTJ, so INTJ 8w7s tend to be friendlier, warmer, and more approachable in general. They show more enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion, and others are often drawn by their upbeat energy. However, they will still be very self-centered, but in a less bothersome manner.

#4. Difference: Compulsive tendencies

INTJs generally tend to be obsessive about the things that interest them, and 8w7s have big appetites in every sense. Since obsession and compulsion are two sides of the same coin, an INTJ 8w7 will have a higher risk of developing obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

#5. Difference: Taste for pleasures

While 8w7s have a strong hedonistic streak, INTJs don’t know a lot about enjoying life. So, an INTJ 8w7 will want a lot more from life than recognition, status, and power, and they will also seek to experience pleasure.

INTJ 8w7 vs. INTJ 5w4

The main difference between INTJ 8w7s and INTJ 5w4s is reflected in the level of their introversion. Since 8w7s are very extroverted types, INTJ 8w7s will not be as introverted as a typical INTJ. Meanwhile, 5w4s are among the most introverted Enneagram types, so an INTJ 5w4 will be a full-fledged introvert.

Let’s have a look at all the biggest differences between these two:

INTJ 8w7

INTJ 5w4

Hungry for power

Hungry for knowledge

Entrepreneurial spirit

Inquisitive spirit

Action-oriented and energetic

Quiet and withdrawn

Enjoys challenges

Prefers stability

Highly competitive

Not interested in comparing themselves to anyone

Has a hedonistic streak

Has an artistic streak

Cares about image and status

Cares about authenticity

Leader and manager

Scientist and specialist

INTJ 8w7 Careers Matches

INTJ 8w7s often take on leadership roles and guide others with great competence. They have a strong need for control, so they don’t leave any detail unattended. At the same time, these people are capable of seeing the big picture and never losing sight of their ultimate goal.

As team players, they will be very competitive and show great intolerance toward others who may not be as dedicated to their work as they are.

Since they have a very entrepreneurial spirit, they will have no trouble starting their own company and working independently. Moreover, that’s often one of their goals in life.

Best INTJ 8w7 Careers

Hardworking, driven, smart, and creative, INTJ 8w7s are very successful in the business world and enjoy professional challenges. While these individuals can be successful in anything that piques their interest, some of the best careers for them include:

  • Financial Manager
  • Lawyer
  • Entrepreneur
  • HR Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Digital Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Operations Manager

Worst INTJ 8w7 Careers

Jobs that offer no room for growth and that are not challenging or intellectually stimulating can never keep an INTJ 8w7 motivated. Therefore, some of the worst INTJ 8w7 careers would be:

  • Secretary
  • Bartender
  • Waiter
  • Clerk
  • Paralegal

Unhealthy INTJ 8w7 + Growth Tips

In an unhealthy mode, INTJ 8w7s may become vain and cruel toward others, convinced of their own superiority. Even at their best, they do not show a lot of empathy, so an unhealthy INTJ 8w7 is often completely insensitive and unsociable. What’s especially problematic is that they have no genuine respect for any rules or authorities, so they can be very troublesome.

Since they have trust issues, they can come up with a variety of paranoid scenarios that then justify their rudeness toward others. They are quick to take offense yet have no need to examine their own communication style, so they can stay trapped in repetitive, destructive patterns for too long.

Luckily, they are usually interested in self-development, so they can change over time. For them to grow, it is essential to:

  • Accept vulnerability and not fight against it. When they understand that emotions are the source of our greatest power, they will be more willing to deal with them and not just focus on keeping their untouchable and powerful image.
  • Learn to control their anger. They are entitled to anger outbursts, which others have to put up with or leave. Accepting that no person is less or more worthy than any other, so no one has the right to use others for venting their negative feelings, is a hard but necessary lesson for them.
  • Practice self-compassion. They cut off their feelings, which makes it impossible to recognize how others feel. Therefore, they are as insensitive to others as they are to themselves. Practicing self-compassion can help them develop empathy too.

INTJ 8w7 Famous People

These people dream big and dare to do what others can't, so it is no wonder we find famous INTJ 8w7s in all areas of life. Here’s a list of the most famous INTJ 8w7 celebrities, some of whom you surely already know:

  • Phil Knight, American businessman, and co-founder/chairman emeritus of Nike
  • Oriana Fallaci, Italian journalist and author
  • John H. Cochrane, American economist
  • Clara Zetkin, German activist, Marxist theorist, communist activist, and advocate for women’s rights.
  • David Morrisey, English actor and filmmaker
  • Rupert Murdoch, American billionaire businessman and media proprietor
  • Endre Ady, Hungarian poet and journalist

Key Takeaways

INTJ 8w7s make up a very small percentage of all INTJs—in most cases, INTJs identify with Enneagram Type Five and its subtypes. For that reason, it may be particularly easy to confuse INTJ 8w7s with ENTJs and ENTPs.

To make sure you’ve got the essence of this personality type, let’s remind you of their key traits:

  • Intense,hardworking, and power-driven, INTJ 8w7s don’t stop until they reach their big goals.
  • They are very protective and loyal when it comes to their closest friends and family, but other than that, they are not into socializing.
  • INTJ 8w7s have big appetites and enjoy challenges, and they are also very competitive.
  • These people dream of being powerful and independent and fear losing control.