The Complete Analysis of ENTJ 8w7 Personality Type

25 May 2023

ENTJ 8w7s are the individuals other people either love or hate. There’s nothing mild about their personality, which is why they are commonly misinterpreted as insensitive.

Are they really as strong as they seem? Do they even have any weak points? Are they capable of true empathy? These are just some of the most intriguing questions you’ll find answersto in this guide.

So, if you are interested in knowing what kind of strength fuels the ENTJ 8w7s’ passions, what they are afraid of, and what they long for the most, just keep reading!

ENTJ 8w7 Overview

ENTJs are charismatic, driven, and often domineering. They have a strong sense of purpose in life and know exactly what they want from an early age. Even though they often seem very simple and insensitive, they actually have a rather rich emotional side to them. The thing is, they just know really well how to control their emotions.

The ENTJ personality naturally corresponds to the Enneagram Type Eight description. What adds some nuance in this case is the Seven wing. Thanks to it, the ENTJ 8w7 personality is less convinced they are always right and are more open to learning new things. They are also more interested in enjoying life than the average ENTJ and have a strong hedonistic streak.

These upbeat people are always on the go, curious, and thirsty for all that life has to offer. They love meeting new people, traveling, discovering new things, and expanding their horizons. Unlike other people who tend to become calmer as they age, ENTJ 8w7s usually keep their spark and zest for life and often look and seem way younger than they are.

Realistic and goal-oriented, with significant physical appetites and endless drive, these individuals are usually perceived as natural leaders. Other, more sensitive personality types are often intimidated by their strength and tend to perceive them as inconsiderate and brash.

Indeed, when they are young, they are often very self-centered and preoccupied with power. As they get older and have more success in their career and life in general, they become more open to other people and show more empathy.

ENTJ 8w7 Fears & Desires

An ENTJ 8w7 dares to dream big and is ready to work hard. When they want something, they are not torn by self-doubt but focus entirely on achieving their goals.

Moreover, these people are exquisitely self-assured and deeply feel they are capable of great things. Still, their fearless attitude doesn’t mean they aren’t afraid of anything.

ENTJ 8w7 Fears

ENTJ 8w7s are generally headstrong and brave, and even though they have deep fears like every other type, they usually handle them efficiently.

Their core fears are:

  • Depending on others. The reason why they rely on themselves so much is that they have a hard time trusting others. Therefore, being in a position in which they have no choice but to depend on others feels terrifying for them because, in their view, others are so unreliable.
  • Being used and manipulated. This type’s early experiences often include some kind of betrayal from significant others. Therefore, they have trouble trusting others and are always cautious to prevent being taken advantage of.
  • Being controlled by others. Strong-willed and determined, they feel deeply deprived when their freedom and autonomy are limited.

ENTJ 8w7 Desires

Power is a huge theme in the life of an ENTJ 8w7. All their deepest desires are somehow connected to their strong need to dominate life, including:

  • Being in a position of power. Because of this, they strive to accumulate tools of power, which usually include status, money, and knowledge.
  • Being free and autonomous. They deeply resist any limitation to their wishes and needs and have a hard time following rules unless they make them.
  • Learning and developing. Curious and ambitious, they are always interested in becoming better at whatever their interests are.

Differences Between ENTJ and ENTJ 8w7

The main difference between the ENTJ type in general and the ENTJ 8w7 personality is their openness to learning new things. What really makes a noticeable difference is mostly the result of the Seven wing influence. So, here are the most prominent differences between these types:

#1. Difference: Enhanced Creativity

ENTJs are generally assertive and active people who have excellent problem-solving skills. Still, ENTJ 8w7s are typically much more creative in their approach to problems and life in general. Their active minds are constantly buzzing with new ideas, and they enjoy creative challenges.

Because of their strong orientation toward reality, they will focus on ideas that are feasible but will always stay open to experimenting with novel ways of doing things.

#2. Difference: Adventurous Spirit

ENTJs love excitement, but success is their top priority. They rarely do things just for fun unless they are an ENTJ 8w7.

ENTJ 8w7s are in love with life and are always interested in adventures of all kinds. They are the type that is always ready to pack their bags for a last-minute trip to exotic destinations or stay at a party despite having to wake up early for work. Working hard is never enough for them—they want to play even harder.

#3. Difference: Charm and Personal Warmth

Thanks to the fact they know how to enjoy life, ENTJ 8w7s are often even more attractive. They exude a special, almost magnetic vitality that others find alluring.

Their interpersonal skills are also slightly better developed, so they seem less intimidating and connect with others more easily. On top of that, they often have a great sense of humor.

#4. Difference: Generosity

ENTJs are not emotionally cold people, but they often consider emotional expression a waste of time since they are strongly focused on paving their way to success. ENTJ 8w7s, however, show slightly more warmth in their interpersonal relationships, and they also find it easier to relax and have fun than a typical ENTJ.

#5. Difference: Free Spirited Nature

ENTJs like to follow clear rules and structure because they feel those allow them to have more control over themselves and their environment. ENTJ 8w7s are slightly more concerned with their autonomy than with control over others. They want to be free to explore the world and their limits within it. Moreover, an ENTJ is more of a CEO, while an ENTJ 8w7 is more of an entrepreneur.

ENTJ 8w7 vs. ENTJ 8w9

ENTJ 8w7s and ENTJ 8w9s will both have incredible strength of character and willpower, but their motivations will be entirely different. The differences betweenENTJ 8w7 vs. 8w9 will be noticeable on an everyday level as well as globally in their approach to life.

With that in mind, here is a brief overview of what separates these two types:

ENTJ 8w7

ENTJ 8w9

More enthusiastic and spontaneous

More calm and thoughtful

Practical and reality-oriented

Practical, but with high ideals

Confrontational and prone to anger

Controls their anger and thinks before confronting someone

Blunt and straightforward

Honest, but not in a blunt manner

More likely to run their own company

More likely to work in a system

Displays a childlike curiosity

Displays serious concern for others in general

Highly charged and always active

Needs their alone time

Focuses on short-term goals

Focuses on long-term goals

ENTJ 8w7 Careers Matches

All ENTJs are natural leaders, but some are more interested in starting their own businesses, while others like the structure of big systems and corporations. The ENTJ 8w7 type will be more motivated by independence, self-sufficiency, and establishing their own rules and standards. Therefore, they will prefer to work independently or run their own businesses.

When they work in a team, they quickly establish themselves as leaders. If they feel they have rivals, they will become very competitive. However, in most cases, their enthusiasm and drive serve as motivation for others.

As bosses, these people will often seem too demanding, as they simply cannot understand why someone would not want to do their best. They are great leaders, though, because they always have a precise vision and a strong drive.

Best ENTJ 8w7 Careers

Persistent, inspired, and highly charged, ENTJ 8w7s enjoy professional challenges. They thrive in fast-paced environments and are often capable of overcoming even the biggest obstacles thanks to their strong will. Some of the best career choices for them include:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing Manager
  • Lawyer
  • HR Manager
  • Politician
  • Influencer
  • Entertainer

Worst ENTJ 8w7 Careers

It typically takes time for this type to develop empathy, so they are not inclined to helping professions. Because they aspire to positions of power, they will be frustrated whenever they are forced to play second fiddle.

With this in mind, we can conclude that their worst career options include:

  • Clerk
  • Paralegal
  • Psychotherapist
  • Social Worker
  • Secretary
  • Business Assistant

Unhealthy ENTJ 8w7 + Growth Tips

In times of extreme stress, ENTJ 8w7s may become too aggressive, controlling, and violent. When their sense of power and authority is jeopardized, they may feel entitled, like they have the right to do anything and confront anyone to protect their interests.

Since they are workaholics, they are prone to burnout syndrome. In situations where they exceed their own limitations at work, they will try to compensate for their exhaustion with excessive partying, substance abuse, or other forms of self-destructive behaviors.

When they are drained, they may also become scattered, reckless, impulsive, and moody. It is essential they recognize when it is time to stop and rest to prevent entering the stress mode, as they may act very self-destructive.

Key growth tips for ENTJ 8w7s include the following:

  • Becoming aware of their limitations and accepting the vulnerability that comes with it is essential for this type to grow as a person.
  • Developing empathy will help this type become even more successful in all areas of life. Plus, it will also help them feel more in control of their lives, which is their top priority.
  • Learning to trust others and accepting that needing help and support is not a sign of weakness will open doors to deeper connections with others.
  • Allowing themselves to be vulnerable helps these people unlock even greater potential and creativity that rest deep within their souls.

ENTJ 8w7 Famous People

Capable of great achievements, ENTJ 8w7s often played important roles throughout history. Here are a few well-known ENTJ 8w7 celebrities:

  • Jim Carrey, American actor and comedian
  • Charlize Theron, American actress
  • Gordon Ramsey, British chef and a famous TV personality
  • Steve Jobs, IT entrepreneur, leader, and innovator
  • Donald Trump, American politician, businessman, and the 45th president of the USA

Key Takeaways

Hopefully, you can now understand the ENTJ 8w7 meaning on a much deeper level. Before you continue exploring other personality type combinations, let’s point out the key traits of this exciting personality:

  • ENTJ 8w7s are spontaneous, active, and ambitious.
  • As they mature and develop, they learn to empathize and connect with others better.
  • They are always learning and developing.
  • These people display alluring vitality and charm.