Enneagram 8 Memes: Challenging You Not to Laugh

28 February 2024

Enneagram 8 memes

Enneagram Type Eight, also known as the Challenger, is a force of nature recognized for its willpower, ambition, and fierce independence. As one of the most self-confident Enneagram types, Eights shouldn’t feel offended by Enneagram 8 memes that point to the funny side of their character.

However, going after Eight’s weak spots is like playing with fire, and some Enneagram 8 memes might be just as provocative.

So, think twice before sharing these funny memes with an Eight!

12 Funny Enneagram 8 Memes

These funny Enneagram 8 memes will allow you to see the Challenger in a new light. Eights are great at hiding their weaknesses, and only people very close to them know that underneath their bold facade is a generous, tender heart.

And, after seeing the Enneagram 8 memes we have in store, you’ll be one of the people who understand that, too!

Eights Struggle to Show Love

Enneagram 8 memes - Eights Struggle to Show Love

Passion, enthusiasm, and excitement all feel natural for Eights, and they express them without any inhibitions. However, it would be easier for them to run for the next president and win than to share their soft side with the world.

That’s because Eights don’t easily trust other people and often believe that if they open up emotionally and show how caring, loving, and kind they are, they might get manipulated in some way.

Nobody Is the Boss of an Eight

Nobody Is the Boss of an Eight

This Enneagram 8 meme targets some of the most recognizable traits of the Challenger—rebellious spirit and sense of autonomy. Even as kids, Eights show great willpower and strong resistance to any kind of authority or rules imposed on them.

Needless to say, being a parent of an Eight is a pretty challenging experience! Bold yet smart and without being afraid of making mistakes, Eights will never just go with the flow.

Eights Are Always In Control of the Situation

Enneagram 8 memes - Eights Are Always In Control of the Situation

People are often fascinated with the Eight’s ability to remain composed and self-assured in the face of danger. The Eight will stand firm for their principles and fight fearlessly against any challenge, regardless of the odds of victory.

The Challenger’s magnetic and commanding presence fools their adversaries into doubting their motives and the gravity of the situation. This is how Eights manage to transform even the most dire of circumstances into an advantage.

Eights and the Gentle Art of Making Enemies

Eights and the Gentle Art of Making Enemies

One of the biggest challenges every Eight faces in their life is to walk away from an argument. That’s because they aren’t the least afraid of conflicts, and to them, walking away feels like letting the other person win.

On top of that, Eights love a good debate and are the most frustrating opponents because they will not back down until they prove you wrong.

Furthermore, not only do they confront other people boldly, but they often don’t even notice that the conflict is escalating. Conflicts, to them, are simply a good way to clear the air, not something to worry about!

How Eights Show They Care

Enneagram 8 memes - How Eights Show They Care

This Enneagram 8 meme perfectly illustrates how Eights use their anger to protect their vulnerabilities. This mechanism is particularly characteristic of unhealthy Enneagram Eights, while mature, healthy Eights find more functional ways to show their tender emotions.

That’s because unhealthy Eights perceive tenderness, affection, and care as weakness, and being seen as weak is a luxury they simply can’t afford.

How It Feels to Be Close to an Eight

How It Feels to Be Close to an Eight

This Enneagram 8 meme describes how challenging it can be to be friends with an Eight. Quick-witted, sharp, and eloquent Eights will not hesitate to question your words, intentions, and actions.

Being close to them can also feel like walking on a minefield because they are highly defensive, and you never know what could trigger another heated argument with them.

Eights Really Don’t Care for Social Validation

Enneagram 8 memes - Eights Really Don’t Care for Social Validation

Eights know who they are and what they want from life, and they don’t bother to think about what other people think or talk behind their backs. Winning other people’s approval is the last thing they care about; they are not here to please anyone but themselves.

While this Enneagram 8 meme is funny, it actually points to one of the best traits of Enneagram 8—honesty. Eights are honest with themselves and others, and they understand that it is impossible to be loved by everyone. After all, they value respect more than love from others.

Eights Justifying Their Boldness

Eights Justifying Their Boldness

This Enneagram 8 meme highlights Eight's chronic conflict with social norms. They are aware of the kind of behavior that is socially approved and desirable but couldn’t care less about being socially approved. They are unapologetic in their attitude and don’t really see the need to change anything in their approach to other people.

What they often fail to understand is that what offends other people isn’t their rude words but their lack of empathy.

How It Feels to Date an Eight

Enneagram 8 memes - How It Feels to Date an Eight

This is another Enneagram 8 meme that highlights Eight's directness and honesty. However, it also reflects their lack of tact and sense for more subtle communication. For this reason, people who are very polite, kind, and well-mannered (like Type One or Nine, for example) may be shocked by their complete ignorance of social etiquette.

The silver lining, though, is that an Eight will tell you exactly what they think about you very openly, and you will be the first to know when they like you.

When an Eight Gets Defensive

When an Eight Gets Defensive

Eights take orders from no one, and when they get into a defensive mood, they are prone to interpreting everything as an order. To an Eight, submission is a complete and ultimate defeat, and if they are not the ones calling the shots, they get into a paranoid mood where everything and everyone is a threat to their autonomy.

So, yes, a simple ‘have a good time’ can be interpreted as an instruction or order by an angry Eight. That’s because their biggest fear in life is being controlled or manipulated.

When an Eight is Wrong About Something

Enneagram 8 memes - When an Eight is Wrong About Something

This Enneagram 8 meme shows how Eights behave when they realize they were wrong about something. Admitting they were wrong may feel like giving someone else the upper hand or acknowledging that someone else was right, both of which are unacceptable for Eights.

So, they would rather leave, slamming the door behind them, than sit and risk being perceived as weak—that’s how they interpret admitting they were wrong.

When Two Eights Meet

When Two Eights Meet

When two Eights meet, they might get irritated by each other at first, as they are very competitive. However, they soon recognize a kindred spirit in one another and, therefore, feel understood, validated, and empowered to be their authentic selves without fearing judgment or constraint.

Moreover, Eights thrive on healthy competition and challenge and love having someone who enjoys spirited debates as much as they do. Rather than feeling threatened by the presence of another strong personality, Eights relish the opportunity to test their mettle and prove their worth.

Key Takeaways

Eights’ intense, bold, and controversial nature is very inspiring for the meme creators. However, no matter how creative and relatable memes about the Challenger can be, they can never capture the complete essence of Eight’s strong character.

So, what we didn’t mention in this article is how fiercely the Eights stand up for justice, how boldly they fight for the underdog, and how persistently they protect those who need protection.

Therefore, you may laugh at Eight’s inability to admit they were wrong, but you’d want an Eight on your side when faced with injustice or any kind of difficulty in life.