Enneagram 5 Memes: Intellectual Jokes Everyone Gets

1 April 2024

Making Enneagram Type Five laugh is a challenge of its own, not because they won’t laugh but because their faces hardly reveal whether they are amused or bored. In a way, Fives laugh on the inside. Nevertheless, we’re sure these quirky Enneagram 5 memes will tickle Five’s curious minds and make you chuckle.

From intellectual to bizarre, the funny memes we selected show the many faces of the "Investigator” personality type. And while many of their faces look completely the same on the outside, they still reveal different aspects of the Five's complex personalities.

So, let’s have fun!

15 Funny Enneagram 5 Memes

Enneagram 5 memes can be both amusing and educational, revealing how Five’s quirks play out in real life.

Fives Trying to Look Friendly

If you’ve ever known a Five, you know you can ask many things from them, but asking them just to smile, look friendly, and be approachable simply doesn’t work. Fives are deeply unbothered by social expectations and honestly don’t see the need to appear different than they really are.

This may make them seem odd, but they couldn't care less because they do not value superficial relationships.

Fives Are Not Your Little Ray of Sunshine

Fives are rarely kids you can approach, tickle, cuddle, and amuse. Even as babies, they often look as though you need special permission to touch them.

They like to keep their distance and investigate who you are and what you want from them before they decide to allow you to interact with them in any way. And this doesn’t stop when they grow up.

The Richness of Five’s Inner World

This Enneagram 5 meme illustrates the subtle yet significant difference between two Enneagram 5 subtypes, Five with a Four wing (5w4) and Five with a Six wing (5w6).

Since we are not covering the concept of Enneagram wings in this article, you can read more about it here. However, just to give you a hint of how wings work, let’s say that 5w4s have artistic tendencies, while 5w6s are more oriented to reality and science. The funny thing is that both are equally nerdy in their own ways.

Here’s one more relatable meme if you ever wondered what a Five would look like with both wings active. It resembles the gathering of a wacky artist and a conspiracy theorist!

When Five Is the Coolest Person In the Room

Though Five may not be cool in a traditional way, it is amazing how unbothered, composed, and detached they can be in the face of the most challenging situations. While this trait occasionally makes them socially awkward, it also makes them excel as scientists and doctors, as they are capable of remaining objective despite external pressure.

Five’s Goofy Sense of Humor

Fives are often literal thinkers who enjoy pointing out the obvious, making linguistic puns, and calling attention to the world's absurdities. Even though their humor may not be universally funny or relatable, they do have their good moments. Realistic and sharp-minded, their humor invites people to look at things from different perspectives.

Fives are Extremely Self-Sufficient

This Enneagram 5 meme illustrates how Fives often give off an impression of mystery because they are very reserved and rarely talk about how they spend their time. People from the Five’s circles do not know much about the Fives besides the fact that they are rarely seen at social gatherings.

For this reason, it often comes as a total surprise to these individuals when they learn that Fives actually enjoy their alone time doing nothing more than thinking.

Getting Close to a Five Is a Mission Impossible

No one can keep their distance from other people like Fives can. You could share an office with them and work on numerous projects together and still have no clue whether they have a partner, family, a pet, or anything related to their private life.

Nevertheless, if you’re willing to discuss peculiar intellectual topics for hours, you have a decent shot of becoming their friend.

Fives Are True Introverts

This Enneagram 5 meme illustrates how important peace and quiet are to Fives. They dread the idea of having to talk on the phone and are much easier to reach by text. Too much social interaction and constant contact with other people feel exhausting to them.

So, if your Type Five friend or partner ignores your phone calls, don’t worry; they are just taking some time off from people, and they’ll get back to you when they feel ready.

Fives Offering Comfort

This Enneagram 5 meme depicts one more aspect of Five's need for distance. Not only do they like to keep firm boundaries in a psychological sense, but they also prefer to keep physical distance and avoid physical touch whenever possible. Even when they honestly empathize with you, they will do their best to comfort you without having to offer physical affection.

So, if you want to scare off Type Five, simply give them a big, warm hug for no reason!

Fives Have a Unique Flirting Style

It is a real challenge to tell whether a Five is flirting with you or trying to insult you. Their approach to flirting is very creative, yet it comes with plenty of risk, too. However, the fact is that Fives rarely try to insult you, regardless of whether they are flirting or not.

The upside of their quirky flirting style is that if a Five likes you, you’re going to learn a lot of curious facts about the world!

How Fives Imagine Ideal Relationship

This Enneagram 5 meme illustrates how Fives need someone who can respect their need for space in a relationship and who won’t jeopardize their autonomy. Other than that, they are actually very romantic, loyal, and thoughtful partners who have zero tolerance for possessiveness, neediness, and jealousy in a relationship.

How Fives Behave at Social Events

This Enneagram 5 meme is a perfect illustration of the Fives’ attitude toward social gatherings. In cases where they aren’t able to escape, they will at least find a way to leave as soon as it’s socially acceptable.

When a Five Has a Story To Tell

Fives hate small talk, but that’s just because they like long talk. So, if they need to explain something to you or if you hit a topic they are interested in, get ready for an elaborate lecture. While this trait doesn’t make them the most popular person at a party, it often makes them great professors.

When a Five Chooses a Wrong Career

This Enneagram 5 meme is a great illustration of what happens to Fives when they choose a career path that doesn’t match their personality. When their job is based on being kind and interacting with people, they are very likely to become sarcastic at some point.

For this reason, Fives thrive in careers that require solitary work.

Key Takeaways

And that’s a wrap! We hope we inspired you to laugh and look at Five’s typical traits from a new perspective.

If it seems like we’ve been too critical of Five’s introverted nature, as many of the memes are based on this trait, bear in mind that memes can never capture all the complexity of any Enneagram type.

Memes just aim to be amusing by illustrating the way a type is seen in the eyes of popular culture, and they usually focus on and exaggerate what makes a type stand out from the other types. After all, Enneagram Type Five is just as amazing as all the other Enneatypes!