15+ Enneagram 2 Fictional Characters: The Helper in Action

1 April 2024

In literature, film, and TV, Enneagram Type 2 fictional characters typically embody empathy, selflessness, and emotional intelligence. From portraying archetypical mothers to modern-day superheroes, Enneagram 2 fictional characters are very versatile and diverse.

In this article, we will shine a spotlight on the most inspiring Enneagram 2 fictional characters, delve into their complexities, and explore what makes them unique and why they captivate audiences.

Let’s dive in!

Enneagram Type 2 Overview

Enneagram Type Two, also known as the Helper, is defined by their need to connect with other people and form meaningful relationships. Compassionate, altruistic, and generous,

Twos never refuse to help other people and go out of their way to support their loved ones.

In addition, they radiate warmth, and people are naturally drawn to them as they have a certain soothing quality, making everyone around them feel safe and accepted.

Moreover, Twos are deeply attuned to other people’s needs and easily read their intentions and emotions. This ability makes them irreplaceable as friends, partners, and even coworkers, as they always seem to know what to say and do to make any situation better.

While they are mainly focused on relationships in their lives, Twos are also very hardworking and responsible. For this reason, they often assume leadership roles, as people know they can rely on them.

In addition, according to the Enneagram test and theory, there are two Enneagram 2 personality type subtypes.

Depending on their subtype, Twos can also display some traits of their neighboring types, Type One and Type Three. These subtypes are called Two with a One wing (2w1) and Two with a Three wing (2w3).

Since we’re not covering the concept of Enneagram wings in this article, feel free to explore it in more detail here.

Enneagram Type 2 Fictional Movie Characters

Enneagram 2 fictional characters in movies allow us to see both the best and worst sides of the complex Enneagram 2 character. Let’s see how they are portrayed in movies.

#1. Annie Wilkes (Misery)

Photo credit: Columbia Pictures

Annie Wilkes is a great example of a toxic, unhealthy Enneagram Type Two at its extreme. She is so in love with the protagonist Paul Sheldon and his work, yet her love turns into obsession, and she shows immense possessiveness toward him.

Moreover, she also shows how manipulative Twos can be when they feel betrayed, as she tries to control every aspect of Paul’s personality. Though she is essentially driven by the need for a deep connection with Paul, Annie transforms from savior to prosecutor as she chooses the most toxic ways possible to bond with him.

#2. Leia Organa (Star Wars Trilogy)

Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Leia Organa is one of the central characters in the Star Wars trilogy, and she represents the best qualities of Enneagram Type Two. She is caring and compassionate, and demonstrates a strong sense of protection toward Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.

Moreover, she is particularly sensitive to those in need, and her calm, supportive, and deeply understanding presence has a certain motherly quality. Though she is more of a lover than a fighter, she never fails to stand up for justice.

#3. Hana (The English Patient)

Photo Credit: Tiger Moth Productions

Hana is a devoted nurse who consistently puts the well-being of her patients above her own needs, thus representing the selfless nature of Enneagram Type Two.

She is particularly concerned for the well-being of an English patient with whom she slowly builds a deep emotional bond, reflecting Twos’ need to form interpersonal relationships.

She provides the English patient with way more than expected from a nurse. Besides taking care of his physical health, she shows incredible patience, compassion, and understanding for him and his emotions.

#4. Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)

Photo Credit: Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik

Peeta is quiet yet strong and shows incredible selflessness and generosity throughout the movie, just like a typical Two. He loves and supports the leading protagonist, Katniss Everdeen (who matches the description of Type 8), and is willing to sacrifice his own well-being for her.

As Peeta consistently puts Katniss’s needs above his own and demonstrates deep loyalty and devotion to her, he manages to win her trust and affection. This is a typical Type Two fantasy, as Twos always hope that they will win the love of other people by fulfilling their needs.

Enneagram Type 2 Fictional Book Characters

Let’s see how Enneagram Type 2 fictional characters are portrayed in literature!

#1. Molly Weasley (“Harry Potter” book series by J.K. Rowling)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

A mother of the big and lively Weasley family, Molly Weasley takes Harry Potter in as their own. She is warm, generous, and deeply caring, embodying all the key positive characteristics of the Enneagram Type Two personality type.

Moreover, she puts her loved ones first, sacrificing her time, energy, and resources to ensure the well-being of her loved ones. She also shows great hospitality, serving as a safe haven for Harry Potter and his friends, welcoming them with open arms.

#2. Marmee March (“Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott)

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

Marmee March from “Little Women” is probably one of the purest examples of the mother archetype, embodying the essence of Enneagram Type Two nature. She is wholeheartedly devoted to the well-being of her daughters and shows great warmth and intuition in her relationships with them.

Despite the many hardships her family experiences, Marmee shows immense emotional stamina, remaining a pillar of strength and resilience for her loved ones. Empowered by the love she feels for her daughters, she faces challenges with courage and determination.

#3. Charlotte Lucas (“Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin)

Photo Credit: Universal Studios

Charlotte Lucas from “Pride and Prejudice” is a great example of how precious Enneagram Type Two is as a friend. She is fiercely loyal and devoted to her best friend, Elizabeth Bennet, whom she provides with emotional support, encouragement, and practical advice.

She prioritizes the well-being and stability of her family over her romantic needs and accepts marrying for practical reasons rather than love, putting her family's interests first. While suffering inside, she displays a stoic demeanor and makes peace with the destiny that was chosen for her.

Enneagram Type 2 Fictional TV Show Characters

Enneagram Type 2 fictional characters in TV shows display the versatility of the Two’s delicate nature.

#1. Charlotte York (“Sex and The City”)

Photo Credit: Darren Star Productions/HBO Entertainment

Charlotte York is a modern, emancipated, big-city girl who is yet very traditional in her views of love and romance. She prioritizes emotional connection in relationships, and family is her top value in life. Moreover, she is also a loyal, warm friend who gives her best to meet the needs of her girlfriends.

Despite having the possibility to live an extravagant and exciting life, Charlotte always puts her family first, enjoying the small pleasures of everyday family life with her husband and children.

#2. Penelope Featherington (“Bridgerton”)

Photo Credit: Shondaland CVD Productions

Penelope is shy yet extroverted and deeply involved in the life of her community. She enjoys bringing people together and is especially loyal to her best friend, Eloise Bridgerton. Kind, mellow, and compassionate, Penelope is always ready to lend a listening ear.

However, she tends to silently meddle and subtly manipulate other people whenever she believes they deserve it. This is typical of an unhealthy Enneagram 2 who resorts to manipulation as a consequence of feeling unappreciated and left out.

#3. Sookie St. James (“Gilmore Girls”)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Sookie St. James is a warm, generous, and nurturing character who cares deeply for her loved ones. She makes everyone around her feel welcome, accepted, and valued, radiating warmth and empathy.

Moreover, she is so attuned to people's needs that they don’t even have to ask her for favors; she already knows what to do, say, or act to make them feel better. Nurturing and caring, Sookie embodies all the motherly qualities of Type Two.

Other Enneagram Type 2 Fictional Characters

Let’s examine some fictional characters who embody Enneagram 2 traits but don’t belong to any of the above categories.

#1. Julieta (Encanto)

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Julieta is the matriarch of the Encanto family and the only one who completely accepts Mirable for who she is without any special gifts. She provides unconditional love, support, and guidance to her family, always putting the well-being of others first.

Moreover, she is the one who gathers the family and takes on the responsibility of maintaining harmony and unity within the Madrigal home.

#2. Demeter (Greek mythology)

Photo credit: www.greekgodsandgoddesses.net

Demeter is the Greek goddess of agriculture who embodies the maternal principle and symbolizes fertility. She is fiercely protective of her daughter Persephone and willing to bear great sacrifices to save her from Hades, the God of the underworld.

Demeter is capable of feeling ravishing rage, deep sadness, and pure joy, and just like an unhealthy Enneagram Two, she can be very resentful and vindictive when others fail her trust.

#3. Fluttershy (My Little Pony)

Photo credit: Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions

Soft-spoken and kind, Fluttershy is known for her compassion and love of animals and nature. However, despite her fragile demeanor, she often demonstrates great courage and determination when her values are threatened. Moreover, she always stands up for the ones she loves.

Just like a typical Two, Fluttershy grows through relationships in her life, overcoming her insecurities and learning to stand up for what she believes in.

Key Takeaways

Regardless of whether they are represented as motherly figures, loyal friends, or devoted lovers, all Enneagram 2 fictional characters have certain traits in common—empathy, altruism, and a deep understanding of human emotions.

We hope these Enneagram 2 fictional characters inspired you to see Type 2 from a different perspective and understand their nature on a deeper level.