10 Enneagram 2 Memes: Exploring The Giver’s Humorous Side

28 February 2024

Enneagram Type Two, also known as the Helper, is recognized for its selflessness, compassion, and emotional depth. Nothing brings them more joy than helping and supporting other people. However, Enneagram 2 memes will show you that they are not completely angelic in their altruism.

So, if you’re in the mood for some fun, grab your tissues (for the tears of laughter) and get ready for a shower of affectionate, relatable memes and heartwarming anecdotes about Helpers!

10 Hilarious Enneagram 2 Memes

These hilarious Enneagram 2 memes will both amuse and educate you about the dark side of Enneagram Type Two.

Let’s take a look at the Helper’s character from a new perspective!

What Every Two Wants in Life

While they are indeed some of the most generous people you’ll ever meet, the ultimate reason why Twos are so helpful is that they want to earn the love of everyone around them. There’s nothing that makes Type Two feel so happy and fulfilled as being loved and appreciated.

Although they experience immense joy and pride when they win the love of others, they never let themselves become conceited and instead grow even more loving, caring, and affectionate as a result.

Therefore, if you have a Type Two friend or partner, you should never be shy about showing them how much they mean to you!

Twos Are Sensitive

Enneagram Type Two wears their heart on their sleeve, and everything can bring them to tears, from a romantic comedy to seeing a wounded bird in the park. And, no matter how hard they try, they can’t always stop themselves from crying.

Sometimes, they may even shed a tear or two just by witnessing the joy on the faces of those they care about. But when they manage not to cry despite everyone's expectations, they feel like everyone should congratulate them on that!

The Dark Side of Twos

Twos under stress often take over some traits of unhealthy Enneagram Type Eights, which means they might become vengeful, passive-aggressive, and resentful. This usually happens when their help and support aren't recognized and when they feel disrespected.

This Enneagram 2 meme shows the dark side of the Helper. Everyone around Two is astounded to learn that Twos are capable of such strong reactions when Two suddenly starts displaying the intensity of their rage and disappointment.

That’s because the mellow, kind, and warm facade of Twos hides an immense emotional intensity within.

Twos Want to Befriend Everyone

This Enneagram 2 meme describes how friendships are holy for the Helper. They are ready to go above and beyond to win their friends’ trust and affection. Telling a Helper that they don’t need to do anything special for someone to be loved sounds like a fraud to them.

Despite the fact that what they crave is to be unconditionally loved and accepted, Twos find it hard to believe that anyone would love them for just who they are. That’s because, deep down, they are afraid that they are unlovable and that setting boundaries or expressing their needs could only drive others away.

Twos and the Savior Complex

You will not even have to ask Twos for help; they will gladly give it to you and make you believe you need it, regardless of what you say. The more they love you, the more they will try to save you! You’ll be amazed by their creativity when it comes to finding problems that they can help you with—that’s how their savior complex works.

So, just put on your smile and don’t even bother refusing their helping hand; you’ll just offend them. And brace yourself for some serious trust issues on their part if you attempt to explain that your love for them is unconditional, regardless of whether they do you favors or not!

Twos Are Your Best Friend and Your Worst Enemy

This Enneagram 2 meme is all about Twos being champions of people-pleasing. There’s no one who can read other people’s needs so well. But if you do not praise them for the many ways they brighten your life, they will turn snarky and demonic and play on your worst fears.

That is because, in the same way that they have no trouble reading the needs of others, they are also very good at reading people's weaknesses. Moreover, they will use their insights to their advantage with you.

Twos Are Possessive of the Ones They Love

This Enneagram 2 meme shows how when Two loves you, they love you to the moon and back, and they expect the same level of devotion from you! This isn’t something they expect only in romantic relationships; it’s applicable to all close connections in their lives.

So, whether you chat with other people at a party to which you came together, have too much fun with a person you just met, or go shopping with another friend without inviting them, your Two will feel rejected.

Furthermore, if you are in a romantic relationship with a Two, you should make it a point to involve them in every aspect of your life. This will not only ensure that your Helper is happy, but it will also ensure that they keep making you happy.

Twos Struggle Saying ‘No’

This Enneagram 2 meme describes how Twos perceive other people’s needs as way more important than their own. No matter how bad they feel personally or how stressful their lives may be, Twos will always readily set their needs aside and focus on providing you with what you need.

It’s not just that they love to help; they genuinely believe their needs are not as important as those of people around them.

If they are forced to say ‘no’ to a friend for some reason, they will feel incredibly guilty. Fascinatingly, Twos think they need other people to survive, but in fact, they tend to take care of themselves without asking for much, except maybe a simple "thank you" from those around them.

Twos Never Ask for Help

The curious thing about Enneagram Type Two is that while they go out of their way to help other people, they never ask for help themselves. Asking for help makes Enneagram Type Two feel ashamed because they were never taught that their needs are just as important as the needs of other people.

Moreover, asking for help instead of giving it triggers Twos’ deep fear of abandonment, as they believe that unless they can be useful to others, they can’t earn their love and respect.

Twos Are Never Their Own Best Friends

This Enneagram 2 meme perfectly illustrates how easy it is for Twos to support and advise their friends. While they eagerly and fiercely encourage other people to stand up for themselves and claim their rights, they would rather take the wrong order in the coffee shop than disappoint the waiter.

Yes, being a Type Two means putting up with many things, some of them less tolerable and some more tolerable. As long as they have someone who loves them, Twos will remain the champions of sucking it up and persevering in the name of love.

Key Takeaways

While these funny memes point out Twos’ biggest flaws, they also highlight their many virtues. Actually, they show how any virtue taken to extremes becomes a flaw.

After all, Enneagram 2 memes are just humorous illustrations of how Twos’ flaws can be funny in everyday situations, but they can’t fully reveal all the richness and complexity of Twos’ character.

If nothing else, we hope this article made you laugh and gave you a better understanding of the Enneagram 2 personality type.