Enneagram 1 Female: Strengths, Weaknesses, & Growth Tips

28 June 2024

enneagram 1 female

Enneagram 1 female, while having all the defining traits of Type 1, can be very different from Enneagram 1 male. Moreover, according to Enneagram theory, each type’s behavior can vary for different reasons, and one of those reasons is gender.

In this article, we’ll examine how gender roles modify the behavior of Enneagram 1 females, the challenges they face, and the strengths they develop.

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What is an Enneagram 1 Female Like?

enneagram 1 female

Enneagram 1 females aren’t feminine in a traditional sense. They aren’t the type to easily accept gender stereotypes. Moreover, they will likely perceive them as unfair and fight against them. They stand up for themselves graciously, always trying their best to embody the principles of justice and fairness.

Furthermore, Enneagram 1 females take life seriously and strive to earn the respect of other people through persistent effort to always do the right thing. They are very interested in education, have refined intellects, and are usually among the best students.

That’s because they often believe education is an important step toward independence, which they value greatly. Type One women aren’t interested in depending on any man in their lives; they aim to be self-sufficient.

As a result, they invest a lot of effort into self-development and self-improvement to build competence that will ensure their independent position.

In addition, the Enneagram test and theory recognize two Enneagram One subtypes, which can have some traits of the two neighboring types surrounding One on the Enneagram diagram. These are called Enneagram wings, and they can modify an Enneagram 1 female’s behavior.

For example, an Enneagram 1 female with a Nine wing (1w9) will be more introverted, detached, and committed to the community, whereas an Enneagram 1 female with a Two wing (1w2) will be more oriented toward interpersonal relationships.

4 Strengths of Enneagram 1 Females

4 Strengths of Enneagram 1 Females

The strengths of Enneagram 1 females stem from their devotion to virtue.

Here are some of their most prominent ones:

#1. Conscience

Enneagram 1 females are diligent, committed, and responsible; no matter what they do, they will do it the best they can. They don’t need any external authority to tell them how or when something should be done; if they believe something needs to be done, they will simply do it, regardless of whether they like the job or not.

Their conscientious approach is also evident in their relationships. Type One women are loyal, honest, and devoted friends on whom you can always rely. Though they always aim to be kind and respectful, they won’t hesitate to tell the truth, regardless of how painful it may be.

#2. Attention to Detail

Type One women pay close attention to detail, and that is evident in the way they communicate, work, dress, and behave in general. For example, regardless of their fashion style, Type One women are always tastefully and neatly dressed in matching colors.

Furthermore, when they communicate, they are precise and very thorough in giving explanations and reports.

In general, their meticulous attention to detail reflects their need to do everything correctly and to the highest standard.

#3. Determination

Enneagram 1 women are delicate and refined and may give off the impression of fragility. However, they are relentlessly determined to accomplish their goals and standards.

They are highly disciplined and ready to work hard to achieve what they believe in. Moreover, their self-sacrificing devotion is what often leads them to assume leadership positions.

#4. Strong Sense of Justice

Type One females are deeply sensitive to injustice and suffer when they witness it while not having the power to do anything about it. For this reason, they work hard to assume positions that would give them some level of agency to protect the morals of the community and stand up for justice.

5 Weaknesses of Enneagram 1 Females

A worried female

The weaknesses of the Enneagram 1 females stem from their lack of self-empathy.

Here are some crucial weak points they struggle with:

#1. Criticism and Self-criticism

Enneagram 1 females set exceptionally high standards for themselves and feel completely overwhelmed when they fail to adhere to them or make some kind of mistake. They are cruel and unfair to themselves and often find it hard to recover after a failure, as they typically blame themselves for everything.

Moreover, while they may not be openly critical toward other people, their friends, and coworkers may feel judged around them because Ones may project high expectations on them as well. In some cases, especially when they are under a lot of stress, they may begin to criticize other people openly, too.

#2. Chronic Dissatisfaction

Since they pressure themselves to adhere to standards that are often too idealistic or unrealistic in some way, Enneagram 1 females are prone to feeling chronically dissatisfied. They push themselves to work hard and give their best to do everything perfectly. Yet, as perfection is utterly unattainable, they end up feeling disappointed in themselves.

What also contributes to their sense of chronic dissatisfaction is the modern cultural stereotype about women. Nowadays, women are expected to be flawless in every way—as mothers, businesswomen, friends, and partners. On top of that, they are expected to always look their best.

#3. Lack of Spontaneity

Enneagram 1 females may be obsessed with responsibility, order, and duties. Moreover, their self-sacrificing nature may lead them to neglect their personal lives to the extent of their professional responsibilities. As a result, they may lose contact with the simple joys of life, lacking spontaneity and fun in their lives.

#4. Emotional Distance

Ones are generally sensitive, and Enneagram 1 females are often more sensitive than Enneagram 1 males. As a result, they may be more prone to self-isolating and depriving themselves of support when they need it the most.

#5. Guilt Complex

Type One women are particularly prone to taking the blame on themselves for anything that goes wrong, even when they have absolutely nothing to do with it. That’s because they feel responsible for everything and, as a result, often struggle with intense guilt and shame for even the slightest mistakes they make.

4 Tips on How Enneagram 1 Female Can Grow

An enneagram 1 female leaning against a wall

For Enneagram 1 females to grow, it is essential to allow themselves to feel all their feelings without feeling guilty for having negative emotions like anger, sorrow, or resentment. Ones, especially Type One women, are conditioned to repress their anger.

Here are a few essential strategies for them to help them overcome their common weaknesses:

#1. Practice Self-Compassion

The first step for Enneagram 1 females to overcome their weaknesses and become mature is to learn to be more compassionate toward themselves. Instead of obsessing over their mistakes, Type One women should focus on understanding themselves and their feelings.

They need to recognize that their inner critic isn’t fair, gracious, or even authentic; their self-criticism is just the result of the internalization of the critical adults they grew up with. So, ignoring their inner critic and practicing self-compassion is the best way for female Ones to evolve.

#2. Make More Room for Joy

Enneagram 1 females need more joy in life. The more joy they allow themselves, the more strength they will have to persevere in all their duties. It is important for them to understand that having fun isn’t the same as lazing around and that they are not ‘bad’ or ‘corrupt’ or less virtuous because they allow themselves some pleasure in life.

#3. Adopt Healthy Anger Management Strategies

Since women are generally conditioned not to show anger to comply with cultural stereotypes about femininity, and Enneagram Type One is already prone to repressing anger, Type One females may have an especially hard time dealing with their anger.

On the one hand, the problem is that Ones perceive anger as a ‘bad’ emotion and, therefore, feel guilty when they get angry. And on the other hand, they feel it is their moral duty to banish anger, so they bottle it up.

Therefore, it is crucial for both their mental and physical health to learn about healthy anger management strategies and stop swallowing their anger.

#4. Feel All Feelings

Enneagram 1 females need to learn that there are no positive or negative feelings and that all feelings are positive in the sense that they inform us about our needs and boundaries. By allowing themselves to feel all, not just socially acceptable feelings, Type One females will introduce more joy and spontaneity into their lives.

Enneagram 1 Female in Relationships

A couple with a mountaintop view

Enneagram Type 1 women in relationships seek stability, commitment, and honesty. Type One women usually know very early what kind of partner they need, and they patiently wait until they meet such a person. So, while they resist stereotypical female roles in general, their view of love and relationships is still very traditional.

Moreover, they are not the type to play around, seduce, or flirt. Honest, direct, and serious, they seek someone who shares their values but will not limit their independence.

Enneagram 1 Female Compatibility

Enneagram 1 females can build successful relationships with any other Enneagram type, depending on their level of maturity. However, there are some combinations that seem to function more smoothly, such as:

  • Enneagram 1 and Enneagram 2: Both Ones and Twos are highly responsible and committed partners who value stability. The warmth and emotional openness of Type Two make One feel at ease around them, helping them to silence their inner critic and find more joy in life.
  • Enneagram 1 and Enneagram 3: Ones and Threes share the same drive, though they have entirely different motivations. Threes admire Ones for their commitment to high standards, while Ones are inspired by Threes' passion for life.
  • Enneagram 1 and Enneagram 5: Ones and Fives share many values, and both are perfectionists who are usually extremely good at what they do. Five will have no problem respecting One’s need for independence while One enjoys the intellectual stimulation they get from Five.

How to Interact With Enneagram 1 Female

Interacting with Enneagram 1 females should be based on genuine respect. They appreciate honesty and a direct approach but won’t tolerate aggressiveness, rudeness, or any kind of disrespect.

Type One women are practical and efficient, and their communication style is concise, precise, and straightforward. Therefore, they prefer people who don’t beat around the bush but state their needs, attitudes, and opinions directly and openly.

How to Build Stronger Relationships as Enneagram 1 Female

Building stronger relationships with Type 1 women requires tact, compassion, and emotional intelligence. It is crucial to avoid criticizing them, as they are deeply vulnerable to criticism and may start feeling rejected because of it.

Furthermore, Type One women despise playing games and prefer partners who are honest. Therefore, fostering open communication and avoiding criticism will enhance the building of a stronger bond with Enneagram 1 females.

Best Career Choices for Enneagram 1 Female

An enneagram 1 female working on a laptop

The best career choices for Enneagram 1 females are those that allow them to use their intellect, contribute to the community, and defend their strong sense of morals and justice.

Here are some of the best career choices:

  • Social Worker
  • School Counselor
  • Environmental Activist
  • Human Rights Activist
  • Non-Profit Director
  • Project Manager
  • Teacher
  • Author
  • Editor
  • Technical Writer
  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Advisor
  • Pediatrician

Enneagram 1 Female Working Style

Enneagram 1 females are extremely dedicated, responsible, and committed at work, regardless of their position. However, since they have leadership skills, they usually assume crucial positions in the community and organizations they work for. Their work ethic is impeccable, and they set very high standards for themselves.

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Key Takeaways

So, Enneagram 1 females are inspiring and strong women who stand firmly on their feet and work hard to make the world a better place. Exploring some Enneagram 1 examples through Enneagram 1 celebrities and Enneagram 1 fictional characters can also provide useful insights into the nature and subtle differences between Type One men and women.

The bottom line is that if we had to name one key difference between Enneagram 1 females and Enneagram 1 males, that would be the level of emotional sensitivity. Type One ladies are more merciful and less critical toward other people than their male counterparts.