ENFJ 2w3 Personality Type: Fears, Desires & More

27 May 2023

ENFJ 2w3s embody a strong feminine principle enhanced with initiative and willpower that come from the Three wing. They are often very popular in their surroundings and loved by many different people.

What do others see in them that makes them so popular? Or is it more about what ENFJ 2w3s see in others? One thing is for sure—this type teaches the importance of empathy and the power of caring.

Stay with us if you want to know what motivates this captivating personality, where they get the power to comprehend everyone, what worries them, and what they dream about. In this article, we’ll reveal the true ENFJ 2w3 meaning and explain their key traits in detail.

ENFJ 2w3 Overview

Generous, open-hearted, and people-oriented, ENFJ 2w3s often assume parental roles in their friend groups and responsible positions in the professional context. Their intuition is highly developed, especially in the area of interpersonal relationships, so they read other people’s feelings on the go without any particular effort.

The warmth and openness they display also make them very attractive to others, who usually feel welcome in their presence. These people are genuinely capable of seeing the best in other people, which makes them great motivators and mentors. It is in their nature to make sure everyone around them feels fine—that’s how they’re wired. If they notice someone doesn't feel good, they will react promptly.

These individuals also have a deep need for security, so they invest a lot of energy in maintaining order in their lives, as this gives them a sense of control. They are very organized and capable of supervising others, which is why they are often chosen to take care of others in both personal and professional contexts.

It is rare for a person to have such emotional depth and yet be so self-confident at the same time. This combination of confidence and compassion is what makes this type truly unique. They are also decisive, responsible, and hardworking people who always give their best regardless of what they do or whether they like the job or not.

Despite putting other people’s needs first so often and being so willing to help, ENFJ 2w3s are still very goal-oriented and usually very successful. They show great strength in the face of obstacles, as well as a great sense of humor. Therefore, it’s no wonder they are a friend you can always rely on.

ENFJ 2w3 Fears & Desires

Self-assured and stable, ENFJ 2w3s are not easily shaken by their fears—they are very resilient and approach any problem they have with calm resolution.

When it comes to their desires, they are very persistent and capable of working diligently towards their long-term goals. Generally optimistic, they often show great maturity in handling their fears and desires.

ENFJ 2w3 Fears

The reason why these individuals are so attuned to others is that they feel they need others deeply. It is safe to say that their deepest fears are interpersonal in nature, and they include:

  • Being seen as dispensable. They believe that they can only be loved if they are indispensable, so feeling like they can be replaced makes them feel worthless.
  • Being left alone. Despite having such a strong presence and impressive personality, they tend to feel weak and empty when they are alone.
  • Being seen as a failure. They don’t care that much about their personal success but rather about how they are seen in the eyes of others.

ENFJ 2w3 Desires

ENFJ 2w3s are capable of longing for something for a long period of time without losing hope. They work towards their goals slowly and persistently. Their deepest desires are:

  • Being useful to others. They are so good at reading others and feel obliged to provide support and help to everyone who needs it.
  • Being loved and accepted regardless of what they do for others. Though they are ready to go to great lengths to help others, they actually need to feel unconditionally loved.
  • Being respected for their contribution. Since they are so generous with their resources, others may take them for granted. Therefore, these individuals crave respect and recognition for everything they do, though they would rarely admit it.

Differences Between ENFJ and ENFJ 2w3

The leading difference between ENFJs and ENFJ 2w3s is reflected in the depth of their feelings. The Enneagram 2w3 adds a completely new quality to the ENFJs’ emotional nature, making them more mature and merciful. Let’s take a closer and more detailed look at all the differences between the two.

#1. Difference: Conflict management skills

ENFJ 2w3s often develop a very diplomatic disposition. They are genuinely nice and have a deep, innate understanding of the needs of others, which often helps them manage or even avoid potential conflicts with grace.

This type also has the fascinating ability to tiptoe around others without losing sight of their goal. Regular ENFJs, on the other hand, tend to be quite biased and opinionated and don’t even care to avoid conflicts.

#2. Difference: Ambition

ENFJs are fairly ambitious types. Yet, the ENFJ 2w3 type takes this ambition to a whole other level. Because of their highly developed people skills, they effortlessly gather people around them and lead them toward a greater goal. As they mature, they become even more skilled at getting others to help them achieve their goal.

#3. Difference: Refined people skills

ENFJs are known for being communicative and great with people, but ENFJ 2w3s have even sharper people skills because they are even better attuned to other people’s feelings. They read people on the go, often making them feel like they have finally found someone who truly understands them. This also allows them to manipulate others when they find it necessary.

#4. Difference: Image awareness

ENFJ 2w3s have a strong presence, and though they do not crave to be in the limelight, they seem to handle the attention they get pretty well. More than a typical ENFJ, they are aware of the impact a public image can have, so they also subtly take care never to cross the lines of decent behavior.

#5. Difference: Creativity

While ENFJs easily get carried away by their emotions, ENFJ 2w3s have an excellent balance between emotions and intuition, and this balance greatly influences their creative abilities. They are grounded, realistic, and attuned to others while not losing contact with their own needs. For that reason, they often come up with very pragmatic and compromising solutions to everyday problems, while ENFJs often insist their way is the only way of doing something.

ENFJ 2w3 vs. ENFJ 3w2

The key difference between ENFJ 2w3s and ENFJ 3w2s will be most obvious in how they value success. Obviously, these two types are made of exactly the same components but in different proportions. Let’s see a brief breakdown of all their key differences.

ENFJ 2w3

ENFJ 3w2

Puts other people’s needs first

Puts their own needs first

Helps others feel needed

Helps others be successful



Loves the company of others

Loves being in the spotlight

More romantic and sensitive

More pragmatic and realistic

Stable and persistent

Active and assertive

Caring and empathetic

Empathetic and protective

ENFJ 2w3 Careers Matches

ENFJ 2w3s are very popular, and others often follow them naturally because they feel safe, protected, and accepted under their leadership. They are excellent at managing others and inspiring them to use and develop their talents.

Nevertheless, they will feel just as good as part of the team. As long as they are surrounded by people, they’ll always find inspiration to give their best.

Working independently may not be the best solution for this compassionate, extraverted type, despite the fact that they are highly organized and structured. They need contact with others on a daily basis to keep them motivated.

Best ENFJ 2w3 Careers

INFJ 2w3s’ skills are, without a doubt, their greatest asset. However, their diligence, attention to detail, sense of responsibility, and willingness to do the tasks that others avoid often make them indispensable. Therefore, the best ENFJ 2w3 careers are:

  • Psychotherapist
  • Ambassador
  • Diplomat
  • Counselor
  • Attorney
  • Teacher
  • Writer
  • Financial Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Talent Manager
  • Communications Manager

Worst ENFJ 2w3 Careers

Lack of interaction with others is the thing that bothers these individuals the most. They are very responsible and able to get the best out of others with ease, so they may feel like they are wasting their time in positions that are not creative and don’t enable them to inspire others. With that in mind, we conclude that the worst ENFJ 2w3 careers are:

  • Programmer
  • Backend Developer
  • Electrician
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Lab Technician

Unhealthy ENFJ 2w3 + Growth Tips

In an unhealthy mode, ENFJ 2w3s may have trouble establishing healthy boundaries and lose themselves while trying to please everyone. They put so much emphasis on meeting the needs of others that they compulsively neglect their own needs and gradually lose self-respect.

Their empathy turns against them, and they struggle to define their values and goals while feeling obliged to help and support others in their aspirations. Because of their inability to say ‘no’ when necessary, they may have trouble completing projects at work, as they try to do too many things at the same time.

Under extreme stress, unhealthy ENFJ 2w3s may become needy and accuse others of never caring about them, believing no one really loves them.

For these individuals to grow, it is essential that they:

  • Question their intuition from time to time. Though they are great at reading others, sometimes they jump to conclusions too quickly and fail to notice significant things about others. This leads them to offer help even when it is not really needed.
  • Learn that they can be loved without doing anything special for others. Helping and supporting others is not a way to earn love and acceptance.
  • Raise awareness of their own talents and skills, which will help them boost their self-worth and feel less obliged to be of service to others.
  • Learn to ask for and accept help, which can be a life-changing experience for these individuals, who are used to giving their resources generously and unconditionally.

ENFJ 2w3 Famous People

Many famous people belong to this personality type. Some of the most popular ENFJ 2w3 celebrities are:

  • Harry Styles, English singer, songwriter, and actor
  • Gal Gadot, Israeli actress and model
  • Hugh Jackman, Australian actor
  • Jessica Chastain, American actress
  • Seal, British singer and musician
  • Bono, Irish singer, songwriter, activist, and philanthropist
  • Willem Dafoe, American actor

Key Takeaways

Hopefully, you now have a complete understanding of the ENFJ 2w3 meaning and are able to recognize them when you meet them. After all, they are surely the kind of person you would want to have in your life.

We know it is impossible to hold all these facts in your head at once, so here’s a breakdown of ENFJ 2w3 key traits to remind you of what’s really important to understand about them:

  • ENFJ 2w3s are generous, warm, and affectionate people who are always willing to help and understand others. However, they never lose sight of their goals.
  • Hard-working, organized, and responsible, they are great leaders and managers, able to inspire others to give their best. People love them because they feel safe and accepted around them.
  • As natural caregivers, they need to learn that sometimes they too need help and support from others.
  • They have excellent conflict management skills and are generally great communicators.