How to Recognize an INFP 4w3 Personality Type

26 May 2023

INFP 4w3s create their own little world woven from the finest feelings, deepest thoughts, and vivid imagination. The richness of their inside, although not visible to the naked eye, is often felt in the form of the special energy that they exude.

What does the inner landscape of a person who spends so much time exploring their depths look like? Is it even really possible to know them for real?

While we may not provide you with a precise answer to this last question, we surely can help you understand everything that makes this personality type unique and different from other similar ones.

Ready to learn about the INFP 4w3 meaning? Let’s dive in!

INFP 4w3 Overview

People with the INFP 4w3 personality type are explorers of the inner world. They have a dream of making a real difference by achieving something extraordinary or gaining unique insight. Though they are very introverted and private, they actually enjoy being surrounded by people as long as the overall atmosphere is harmonious and positive.

Since they are very sensitive, they pick up other people’s vibes easily, and for the same reason, they need to keep some distance from others to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Their interpersonal intuition allows them to connect with others easily. They actually have very developed interpersonal skills; the thing that needs to be understood is that they decide when it is necessary to use them.

Passionate and inspired, these individuals are original thinkers full of ideas, and they often burst with creativity. Their complex emotional lives are most effectively communicated through the medium of their chosen creative outlet. They are often artists or art lovers who have a knack for recognizing the best art pieces.

The Three wing keeps them in touch with reality, so INFP 4w3s are more grounded, assertive, and practical in their approach to life. They are also more driven and ambitious, eager to show others that they are different and one of a kind.

They have a clearly defined set of values and are unwilling to compromise them because their values are intertwined with their emotions. Their emotional insights are precious, and they are often a great source of inspiration and guidance for their close friends.

INFP 4w3 Fears & Desires

INFP 4w3s are among the most sensitive and emotionally complex personality types. They are deeply empathetic and pick up the atmosphere in their environment quickly. For that reason, they often feel others’ fears and anxieties. As for their desires, they are refined and generally revolve around self-actualization.

INFP 4w3 Fears

Because INFP 4w3s are constantly in touch with their emotions, they are frequently acutely aware of their fears, which largely revolve around:

  • Not living up to their potential. For INFP 4w3s, this means not expressing their uniqueness, and they believe that the purpose of life is to explore our identities and live up to our talents.
  • Being insignificant and ordinary. For them, this means not being seen, heard, and validated.
  • Failing to express themselves. They have an intense sense of creativity and believe they have been called to create something special. Not being able to do so feels devastating to them.

INFP 4w3 Desires

There’s a lot of simple, honest kindness in the souls of INFP 4w3s. However, this doesn’t mean their dreams are simple. The deepest INFP 4w3s’ desires include:

  • Being unique. They hold the deeply ingrained unconscious belief that the only way to be recognized and validated is to be unique and completely different from others.
  • Leaving their mark on the world. These people have a strong desire to be heard and are motivated to take action that will have a significant and long-lasting effect on the lives of other people.
  • Following their passions. They are brimming with excitement when they are interested in something, and they dream of being able to pursue their interests without the interference of any outside constraints or pressures.

Differences Between INFP and INFP 4w3

The key difference between an INFP and an INFP 4w3 is in the strength of their willpower. Though the Enneagram 4w3 type generally correlates pretty well with the INFP type, their willpower is of an entirely different quality. Let’s see what all the most prominent differences are between these two types:

#1. Difference: Assertiveness

INFPs easily get lost in their vivid imaginations and are perfectly satisfied just observing the world and all that’s happening in it. 4w3s are not so laid back—they want to leave their mark, influence others, and show how unique they are. Therefore, INFP 4w3s are more assertive when communicating and meeting their own needs. They are not indifferent to success.

#2. Difference: Ambition

Unlike a typical INFP who is satisfied with going with the flow, an INFP 4w3 is goal-oriented and ready to take action to achieve anything that comes to their mind. These individuals will still be primarily oriented toward exploring their inner depths, but they will also stay in touch with reality and want to earn their place in life.

#3. Difference: Pragmatic spirit

INFP 4w3s are capable of using their strong intuition and empathy to come up with practical solutions to everyday challenges. Sometimes, their deep insights turn out to be so useful that it almost seems like they are magic.

#4. Difference: Independence

INFPs are imaginative and sensitive, and they prefer to surround themselves with people who have more assertive personalities. However, an INFP 4w3 is much more interested in claiming their independence than leaning on others for support. They will also be more aware of their qualities.

#5. Difference: People-oriented

INFPs genuinely love people and enjoy their company, but they are not so skilled at communicating what matters to them. They often seem lost in their thoughts in a crowd or like they have just landed from another planet. An INFP 4w3 is still pretty introverted but much more grounded and better at making connections and expressing themselves.

INFP 4w3 vs. INFP 4w5

The biggest difference between INFP 4w3s and INFP 4w5s is their level of introversion. While INFP 4w3s may be considered social introverts, INFP 4w5s will have a much more pronounced need to keep their distance and spend time alone.

There are also many other important differences between these two subtypes, so let’s have a brief look at all of them:

INFP 4w3

INFP 4w5

Ambitious person who cares to be seen as successful

Deeply curious person who cares about discoveries

Artistic and creative

Interested in science

More assertive and self-confident

Distanced and reserved

Very expressive and emotional

Controlled and collected

Relies on intuition

Takes logic into account, too

Extraverted introvert

Highly introverted

Can be goal-oriented and practical

More likely to pursue an academic career

Wants to impress others

Wants to understand themselves and life

Passionate about their interests

Detached and objective

INFP 4w3 Careers Matches

INFP 4w3s are not born leaders but can inspire an intellectual shift with their insights and original thinking. They are not even interested in being leaders—they just want to follow their passions and pursue their many interests freely, unburdened by the demands of boring reality.

Since they want to distinguish themselves as different and unique, they actually love working in groups despite the fact that they are introverted. They need a harmonious and flexible setting to be able to show the depth of their potential.

Working alone can also be a good solution as long as they are, in some way, part of some system or group. They need to impress others with their originality, so some level of communication and contact with others is necessary for them to feel good.

Best INFP 4w3 Careers

INFP 4w3s need to be able to use their creativity and imagination to be satisfied at work. They also need room for growth and self-development. With this in mind, the best INFP 4w3 careers are:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Actor
  • Copywriter
  • Writer
  • Musician
  • Artist
  • Performer

Worst INFP 4w3 Careers

Rigid environments paired with a lack of growth opportunities and creativity are particularly defeating for this personality type. The worst INFP 4w3 careers include:

  • Data Scientist
  • Police Officer
  • Auditor
  • Paralegal
  • Secretary

Unhealthy INFP 4w3 + Growth Tips

When functioning on an unhealthy level, an INFP 4w3 tends to be too sensitive in a childish, egocentric manner. They take everything personally and may act like the whole world is plotting against them. Obsessing about their imagined and real flaws becomes unbearable and pushes them to isolate themselves from others in an attempt to hide how fragile they are.

The Three wing may also emphasize impulsive behavior and a tendency to depend on external approval. On the one hand, they try to convince everyone that only their perception is valid, and on the other, they crave their acceptance and approval.

Inner conflicts, emotional confusion, and mood swings are characteristics of INFP 4w3s in unhealthy mode. It doesn't matter what the source of their stress is—their job or their personal relationships—it could be the thing that pushes them over the edge and causes them to start questioning their value.

To overcome these and other weaknesses and grow into the unique and creative personalities that they are, INFP 4w3s need to:

  • Learn not to jump to conclusions and make decisions based on how they feel at the moment. Intuition is a magnificent asset, but only when it is supported by logic and rationality.
  • Confront their self-perceived flawsand come to terms with the fact that perfection is neither desirable nor attainable. They have a responsibility to show compassion not only to others but also to themselves.
  • Introduce self-discipline into their everyday lives. Discipline is the bridge that keeps us connected to reality and grounded in the present. Without self-discipline, every goal is too high to reach. For INFP 4w3s, it is especially important to practice self-discipline, as this will help them stay balanced and more in control of their emotions.

INFP 4w3 Famous People

Many famous people identify as INFP 4w3s. Here’s a list of some of the best-known INFP 4w3 celebrities:

  • David Bowie, English singer and songwriter
  • Kate Bush, English singer and songwriter
  • Sia, Australian singer and songwriter
  • Andy Warhol, American visual artist, film director, producer, and leading figure in the pop art movement
  • Wes Anderson, American filmmaker
  • Pyotr Iliych Tchaikovsky, Russian composer
  • Nina Simone, American singer, songwriter, pianist, and civil rights activist
  • Sergei Yesenin, Russian lyric poet
  • Erikah Badu, Australian singer and songwriter

Key Takeaways

Now that you know the INFP 4w3 meaning, you know how rich their minds are. However, just like snowflakes, each INFP 4w3 will be different from the other INFPs, as authenticity is their primary value. Before you leave, let us briefly remind you of the INFP 4w3s’ key traits:

  • Kind, compassionate, and creative, INFP 4w3s are great friends who always inspire you with their deep insights.
  • These individuals want to leave their mark on the world by creating something extraordinary and unique.
  • They are deeply motivated to learn about human nature and the purpose of life in general.