Enneagram 6 Memes—A Funny and Insightful Look at the Loyalist

1 April 2024

Though there’s not much room for fun and laughter in a typical Six’s world, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of humor. Moreover, they are the masters of sarcasm and irony, and we can surely have fun looking at some of their most prominent traits from a new perspective.

So, allow us to entertain you, and get ready to chuckle and nod knowingly as you recognize yourself or the ones you love in these relatable memes!

Let’s dive in!

11+ Hilarious Enneagram 6 Memes

What could be funny about someone who takes life as seriously as a typical Six does, you may wonder? Well, the answer is—plenty of things! The following Enneagram 6 memes will show you a different, hilarious side of this personality type and help you understand them better.

Sixes Are More Than Cautious

The first time you meet Type Six, you’ll probably get the impression that they are reserved, aloof, and even introverted people. However, they are just extremely cautious and distrustful.

They truly enjoy being a part of a community and put a lot of effort into keeping their friendships and close relationships strong. But if you wish to join their inner circle of trusted friends and family, be prepared to undergo rigorous honesty and loyalty tests!

Sixes Are Thoughtful Friends

Think carefully before complaining to your Enneagram Type Six friend about any health issue—they might rush you to the hospital and maybe plan your funeral along the way before you even get to say what troubles you.

Indeed, it is great to have someone so caring and protective by your side. If you have a Six who loves you in your life, make sure they know it because you’ll hardly ever find someone as kind and devoted as they are. No matter what they are going through, they will never refuse to help a friend in need.

Sixes Can Be a Bit Paranoid

It is incredible how creative Sixes are when it comes to finding reasons to feel insecure and guilty; no one can doubt or blame themselves as much as they can.

So, while they look reserved, standing somewhere in line, avoiding eye contact, it’s not because they are arrogant but because they tend tocatastrophize based on their imagined mistake.

Sixes Are Masters of Anxiety

This Enneagram 6 meme is a great illustration of what motivates Sixes’ behavior. Their entire life strategy is based on their fear of life and its unpredictability. This is why they are so obsessed with planning and organization—structure provides them with a sense of security.

Moreover, healthy Enneagram Sixes often become very skilled at managing their anxiety exactly because they feel it so often. For this reason, they are also great at helping other people with their anxiety issues.

Meanwhile, unhealthy Enneagram Type Six is completely consumed by their anxiety, and they go into hypersensitive mode, where everything is perceived as a threat.

Sixes Show Their Love Through Acts of Service

This Enneagram 6 meme is an excellent depiction of how Sixes show their love and loyalty. They would do anything for someone who earned their trust, and they show their love through many tender gestures. Moreover, their love language is based on acts of service and spending quality time together.

However, when a Six is disappointed with you, they might not say it directly, but you will know it.

Sixes Are Prone to Hypochondria

When a Six feels physical discomfort of any kind, they will not just complain about it but also come up with several fatal illnesses and diagnoses after a few Google searches. By the time they come to the doctor’s office, they will already have compiled a fat file of all the symptoms they have experienced, paired with possible diagnoses.

And needless to say, when they hear they just caught the flu, they look almost as if they are insulted, not relieved.

Sixes Are Creative In Their Own Way

Though they are, in general, very traditional and even conservative individuals, Sixes are amazingly creative and prolific when it comes to imagining worst-case scenarios. While this trait may not make them popular at parties, they are indeed unsurpassable troubleshooters.

So, yes, there is a problem for every solution, but on the other hand, it’s better to have more solutions than problems. At least, that’s how Sixes think.

Sixes Are More Than Loyal

This Enneagram 6 meme speaks about the importance of relationships in Six’s life. Hypersensitive and deeply emotional, Sixes take both their friendships and romantic relationships very seriously.

They are devoted to the concept of what they want the relationship to become even before the relationship starts, which is a really admirable quality despite how funny this meme sounds.

Sixes Have Their Dark Side, Too

Every Enneagram Type has a dark side, and this Enneagram 6 meme is a great illustration of Type Six's core weaknesses. Considering all the inner turmoil they experience when they function at their lowest, we can only admire their ability to even stand on their feet.

Nevertheless, the good news is that all it takes for Sixes to get through to the light side is an honest and warm connection with a friend or romantic partner. The moment they feel they have someone they can trust and who can offer protection and safety to them, they are reborn.

Sixes Are Incurable Pessimists

Even when things are generally going more than well in their lives, Sixes will use the first obstacle they run into to get back to their pessimistic perspective.

It’s not that they don’t want to believe that life can be good; they just believe that they have to be aware of even the slightest possibility of a problem so that they can prepare for it. This explains why they perceive negativity wherever it may exist.

Six’s Are Great at Finding Reasons for Their Paranoia

Sixes’ paranoia can get them into very funny situations, and this Enneagram 6 meme is an excellent example of that. They might not be the type of friend who will make you laugh at their jokes, but they surely can make you laugh at their paranoid ideas!

Moreover, this kind of paranoia is more typical of a Six with a Five wing (6w5), a subtype of 6 who has some traits of Type 5, than of a Six with a Seven wing (6w7), a subtype of Six who has some of the Seven’s traits.

Sixes Like Social Clubs

Sixes are one of the most organized Enneagram types—they simply love rules and procedures. Therefore, this Enneagram 6 meme describes how their love for order sometimes slightly gravitates toward obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

Key Takeaways

We hope these funny Enneagram 6 memes brought a smile to your face and helped you better understand Sixes and their fears and quirks.

Though it may seem like these talk only about their shortcomings, don’t be fooled. Sixes are amazing friends and partners, and you can consider yourself extremely lucky if you have just one Type Six who loves you in your life!