A Comprehensive Guide to ENTJ 3w4 Personality Type

27 May 2023

ENTJs do not leave a lot of room for any kind of dilemma in any kind of situation. Is the ENTJ 3w4 type any different, or can we expect the same unbridled willpower and determination from them?

Generally, ENTJs have the reputation of being insensitive and even brutal at times, and the Enneagram 3 type easily loses touch with their soft side, too. The real spice here comes from the aristocratic, hyper-emotional Four wing, which is always full of surprises.

So, what can we expect from this ENTJ subtype? A warmer heart or just a moodier Commander? If you are interested in knowing the answers to these and many other interesting questions about this type, stay with us!

ENTJ 3w4 Overview

The bold and domineering ENTJ 3w4 is a bit more introspective than a typical ENTJ. For this reason, their intuition is even more precise, so they read people with great accuracy. That’s mainly because the Four wing enhances better contact with emotions, so they do not just see through others but also feel how others feel.

In addition to this, the Four wing also stresses the importance of their need to set themselves apart from others and come out on top by accomplishing something extraordinary.

Thanks to this trait, these individuals are not afraid to walk to the beat of their own drum. Since they are better connected to their feelings than regular ENTJs, they are not so obsessed with the image of success. Still, they are no less ambitious.

Success, achievement, and recognition are still magical words for them, but they want a slightly different kind of success. They are more aware of what their biggest talents are and more determined to pursue their own definition of prosperity than to conform to society’s expectations.

For ENTJ 3w4s, independence sounds just as exciting as success. They are less motivated to be managers and leaders and show a more entrepreneurial mindset because they do not want to be tied down by corporate rules.

Also, even though they are a bit more sensitive than a typical ENTJ, their sensitivity has a certain egocentric quality to it. Because of this, they may have trouble connecting with others on a more intimate level.

Sharp, insightful, and dedicated, these people set high goals and work hard to achieve them. Their direct style of communication may seem brutal to others, but for them, unnecessary emotional expressions are just a waste of precious time. However, it’s not that they can’t be emphatic—they just believe they shouldn’t show empathy unless it is necessary.

For the people they love, they are ready to move mountains. Passionate, straightforward, and energetic, they invest themselves fully when they feel the relationship is worth it. Although they are extroverted and make connections easily, finding someone who gets them doesn’t happen that often, so they deeply value close relationships.

ENTJ 3w4 Fears & Desires

Daring ENTJs are not friends with fears, but they know plenty about desires. The thing is, this type is so passionate that their desires will ultimately override their fears. They know the cost of success and are willing to pay it, which is why some see them as cutthroat. Needless to say, their fears and desires will mostly revolve around success and power.

ENTJ 3w4 Fears

Resilient by nature, ENTJ 3w4s have excellent innate strategies for dealing with their fears, and working hard is actually one of them. With that in mind, we can conclude that their core fears are:

  • Not achieving what they feel they are capable of. They know what they are capable of, and failing to achieve what they want feels devastating.
  • Being seen as ordinary and mediocre. Not being able to express themselves through what they do feels deeply depriving for this type.
  • Being seen as a loser. Since they believe being successful is a condition for being loved and respected, failing equals being rejected.

ENTJ 3w4 Desires

When they want something, ENTJ 3w4s put their intuition to the max and work hard until they see the results. Their biggest desires are:

  • Being successful. For ENTJ 4w3s, success is the solution to all life problems.
  • Achieving something extraordinary. For them, only if you accomplish something extraordinary can you consider yourself successful.
  • Enjoying the respect and love for all their achievements. They often believe that their achievements will enable them to have everything else in life.

Differences Between ENTJ and ENTJ

The key difference between ENTJs and ENTJ 3w4s is in the level of their sensitivity. ENTJs generally correspond to Enneagram Types Eight and Three, so what really makes the difference is the result of the influence of the Four wing.

#1. Difference: Refined ambition

An ENTJ 3w4 has a more precise idea of success. They do not find satisfaction just in climbing the corporate ladder—they want to achieve something unique that tells the world how special they are. Since the Four wing adds more creativity to this type, they also often find different and innovative ways to achieve all this.

#2. Difference: Increased sensitivity

ENTJ are rational, realistic thinkers who keep their emotions under control. The influence of the Four wing expresses itself through increased sensitivity, which has good and bad sides. On the upside, it adds creativity, imagination, and passion to their characters. However, it also makes them more sensitive to criticism and prone to impulsive reactions when they feel jeopardized.

#3. Difference: Richer love life

Fours are known as the romantics of the Enneagram. The stronger the wing is in ENTJ 3w4s, the more they will show their romantic side in relationships. While this influence does not make them better at interpersonal relations in general, it does affect their love lives in a positive way.

#4. Difference: Autonomy

ENTJs are strong, independent leaders who typically thrive in corporate settings with a clear hierarchy and structure. However, an ENTJ 3w4 cares less about succeeding in that way but is more interested in exploring their independence. While they are still great leaders, they would rather be entrepreneurs than CEOs.

#5. Difference: Artistic flare

ENTJs are not typically too interested in art. They are practical and choose to spend time and energy only on things that are useful to them. However, the Four wing makes this pragmatic personality more imaginative and creative, so ENTJ 3w4s often develop a refined taste in art.

ENTJ 3w4 vs. ENTJ 3w2

The leading difference between ENTJ 3w4 and ENTJ 3w2 is reflected in the level of empathy they show toward others. Both Four and Two wings increase emotional complexity in ENTJs, but how they deal with this emotionality is pretty different.

ENTJ 3w4

ENTJ 3w2

More egocentric and self-concerned

Compassionate and willing to help

A touch of artistic flair

A touch of humanitarian flare

Wants to impress others

Wants to impress and inspire others

Often moody

Emotionally stable

Uses their intuition to create

Uses their intuition to understand

Has difficulty opening up

Bonds with others more easily

Can be impatient and impulsive

Is very collected and thoughtful

Sensitive to criticism

Sensitive to rejection

ENTJ 3w4 Careers Matches

Regardless of their subtype, ENTJs will always be excellent leaders. They see the big picture, have a vision, and have the energy and persistence to follow through. On top of that, they can be very charming and have the ability to inspire others to follow them.

ENTJ 3w4 has all the advantages mentioned above but chooses to use them a bit differently. They are more interested in succeeding on their own terms, so they would rather start their own businesses than work for others.

As team members, this type may be competitive but also inspiring for others, as their presence is energizing. Regardless of how they join the team, they will strive to establish themselves as leaders.

Working independently is also an option for this type, especially because the Four wing highlights their need for autonomy and independence.

Best ENTJ 3w4 Careers

Since they are very capable and interested in influencing others, ENTJs feel most at ease in professions that combine some level of contact with people and yet leave enough room for independence and creativity. With that in mind, we can say that the best careers for them include:

  • HR Manager
  • Politician
  • Writer
  • Designer
  • Account Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Training and Education Manager

Worst ENTJ 3w4 Careers

ENTJ 3w4s can be pretty egocentric and concerned with their own needs, so they don’t have the patience and warmth that are typically needed in helping professions. They also can’t stand being in a subordinate position for too long. If there’s no room for promotion, they will leave without a second thought.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that the worst ENTJ 3w4 careers include:

  • Nurse
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • High School Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Psychotherapist
  • Customer Support Agent
  • Clergy

Unhealthy ENTJ 3w4 + Growth Tips

When functioning on an unhealthy level, ENTJ 3w4s may project their high expectations on others and then criticize them harshly for not abiding by their perfectionistic standards. They may also behave in an arrogant manner, aiming to establish themselves as different and better than others and compensate for not achieving anything that supports that claim.

ENTJs and Threes easily lose touch with their emotions, and even when the Four wing is very strong, they may find it hard to stay true to themselves when their fear of failure takes over. Therefore, cut off from their emotional essence, they are prone to making bad decisions and choices that are not to their long-term benefit.

For ENTJ 3w4s to grow, it is essential that they:

  • Learn to stay in touch with their emotionsand stop using their empathy just to manipulate others. Allowing themselves to receive compassion and understanding can profoundly change their perception of interpersonal relationships.
  • Practice persistence, as they find it hard to stay focused on a project once they achieve initial success. They crave new challenges, but keeping their focus is actually their biggest challenge.
  • Learning thedifference between being weak and being gentle. This is a huge lesson for this personality type and opens the door to richer emotional expression, especially in their love life.

ENTJ 3w4 Famous People

ENTJ 3w4 has a special artistic streak, so it is reasonable to expect many performers to belong to this type. Let’s see some examples of the most famous ENTJ 3w4 celebrities:

  • Jenna Ortega, American actress
  • Adele, British singer and songwriter
  • Cleopatra, the queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt from 51 to 30 BC
  • Michael Douglas, American actor and film producer
  • Donatella Versace, Italian fashion designer, businesswoman, and model
  • Grace Jones, Jamaican-American singer, model, and actress
  • Giorgio Armani, Italian luxury fashion designer and manufacturer

Key Takeaways

And we’ve reached the end of this detailed ENTJ 3w4 description!

Thanks to it, there’s a great chance that now you’ll be able to recognize an ENTJ 3w4 when you see them. To ensure this, keep in mind these key facts about this personality type:

  • ENTJ 3w4 are straightforward and energetic individuals who uplift others with their enthusiasm and charm. They can’t stand beating around the bush and bravely face whatever life throws their way.
  • They have an entrepreneurial spirit and are driven by the need to achieve extraordinary success. Compared to regular ENTJs, who just want to succeed in whatever they do, ENTJ 3w4s are more specific in their desires. They take pride in being different from others.
  • Failing and being seen as ordinary are their biggest fears, while they dream about enjoying the respect of others earned by their achievements.