13+ Enneagram 9 Memes: The Light Side of “The Peacemaker”

1 April 2024

If we asked Enneagram Type Nine, also known as the Peacemaker, what they want most from people, it would be for everyone to laugh in peace and harmony with each other. Therefore, Nines would surely approve of these funny Enneagram 9 memes as a tool for fostering joy and happiness in the world!

So, let this be a thrilling and amusing journey from laughter to self-discovery for Nines! We hope you’ll have fun with this selection of Enneagram 9 memes we created for you.

13+ Funny Memes That Every Enneagram 9 Can Relate to

While Nines find it easy to relate to anyone, they may struggle to relate to their own feelings. Nevertheless, we are sure these relatable memes will remind them of their core needs or at least make them giggle!

If Nines Came With Instruction Manual

This Enneagram 9 meme offers a quick insight into all the key Nine weaknesses. From their tendency to neglect their own needs and feelings to being a walkover and repressing their rage, these are all the main sources of their issues in life.

Nines with a One wing (9w1) are particularly prone to swallowing their anger, while Nines with an Eight wing (9w8) tend to be more assertive.

Nines Making Plans

Enneagram Type Nines have the reputation of being one of the laziest Enneagram types. While this Enneagram meme is funny, it is important to note that Nines’ laziness is more of a defense mechanism than an inborn trait of their personality.

The thing is, like Twos, Sixes, and other people-pleasers of the Enneagram, Nines struggle to say ‘no’ and, therefore, often end up doing many things they never wanted to do. When they get tired of that, instead of speaking up, they just act lazy and try to avoid further confrontation, hoping the others will leave them alone.

How Nines Make Life Goals

Credit: Ifunny

Though they often seem very calm and even robust on the outside, Nines are very sensitive and have a hard time dealing with criticism. This is because they have a strong desire to please other people and take criticism personally, as if they had let others down.

Peace and harmony are paramount to them, so much so that they would give up their own wants and attitudes in order to achieve them.

Nines Being a Part of the Community

This Enneagram 9 meme shows the typical demeanor of a Peacemaker in a chaotic environment. They do not exactly bolt; rather, they remain covert until they can find a way to make things better.

So, if you have a friend who shows up from nowhere just at the moment your conflict with someone climaxes, it is probably a Nine who estimated that their moment to save the day has come.

How Nines Deal With Conflict

Credit: Morgan M

Though they are often amazing at soothing conflicts, Nines rarely completely overcome their fear of confrontation. That’s because conflicts trigger their core fear of abandonment. So, this Enneagram 9 meme illustrates their ambivalence around conflicts and how difficult it is for them to speak up and express their attitude.

Nine as the Worker of the Month

While Threes and Eights grind toward success, Nines lay back and cheer for them. They are not into competing with anyone, and they can’t be motivated by office perks, a bigger paycheck, or special benefits. All that they are interested in is a stable and harmonious work environment and a tasty snack here and there.

When You Tell a Nine To Try Harder

Nine's greatest ambition in life is for everyone to get along and live in harmony so that they can contemplate life in peace. For this reason, they truly believe that when you ask them to try anything or simply try harder to achieve something, the point is in trying, not succeeding.

However, there’s more to this Enneagram 9 meme than humor. Nines are often afraid of success, especially if they believe their prosperity could cause conflicts or hurt someone in their environment.

When a Nine Decides To Show Their Anger

Credit: Microfichey

Witnessing a Type Nine deciding to stop putting up with someone’s inadequate behavior and confronting them is the most amusing thing in the world.

This Enneagram 9 meme is a great illustration of how that looks and feels in real life: like a volcano smiling at you before the biggest eruption!

Nines Enjoying a Sense of Community

Credit: Meme Generator

This Enneagram 9 meme points out how important harmony and community are to Nines. Simply seeing people they care about happy and smiling is all they need to feel happy themselves. They feel a profound sense of safety when there is peace and harmony in their surroundings.

Nines Are Master Procrastinators

Credit: ADHD Memes

If you need advice on how to avoid your responsibilities and then do everything in a hurry at the last possible moment, Nines are the ones to go to. They are incredibly creative in coming up with ideas about what they need to do before they really get to do what is really necessary for them to do.

The Secret of Nine’s Anxiety

This Enneagram 9 meme is a great illustration of the Nines’ vicious circle of anxiety. On the one hand, they are very sensitive and like to work at a slow pace, which is why busy and dynamic settings are very stressful to them. On the other hand, the mere fact that they are avoiding their tasks makes their schedule too busy.

Nines Need Their Time Alone

One of the most puzzling aspects of the Enneagram Type Nine personality is how introverted they are and how much they need the community at the same time. While Enneagram 2s, for example, prioritize one-on-one relationships, Nines focus more on their entire community. For them, feeling that they belong is one of the most important things in life.

However, no matter how much they love other people, Nines need their time alone, as it allows them to recuperate, contemplate, and return to the community with a new zest for life.

When 9s Disconnect From Their Needs

Credit: 1lilgobrazy

This Enneagram 9 meme depicts the consequences of Nines being so attuned to everyone else's needs but their own. They are so focused on supporting other people and maintaining harmony in their environment that even when they have the time to think of themselves, they have trouble connecting to their emotions.

When a Nine Gets Angry

Credit: Healthy9club

If you somehow managed to make a Nine angry at you, you can bet you deserved it. They have surely tried to avoid confrontation in numerous ways, so when they decide to speak up, it means they are completely left without other options.

So, don’t add to their troubles by being ignorant or denying their reality. Otherwise, they will silently withdraw and eventually ghost you.

Nines When Married to Eights

Nines are often drawn to dominant partners such as Eights, Threes, and Ones because they have the drive and initiative and readily take on the leadership role in the relationship. However, this may come with a high price unless they learn to voice their needs and attitudes.

Key Takeaways

And that’s a wrap! We hope you had fun reading through these Enneagram 9 memes. While these are funny, bear in mind that they are mostly based on how Nines are perceived in internet culture. Of course, the depth and complexity of the Nine’s character can never be captured in a set of memes.

However, apart from being amusing, these memes can also be a great inspiration for embarking on the road of self-discovery, using the Enneagram test and theory as an excellent starting point!