ENFP 2w3 Personality Type: Complete Guide

29 May 2023

It is hard to resist the charm of the warm, energetic, and fun ENFP 2w3s. They radiate positive energy and make it really hard for anyone to stay in a bad mood.

The story of an ENFP 2w3 is one of generosity, kindness, compassion, and community. Is their optimism honest? What is the source of their strength, and what do they want from life? These are some of the topics you’ll read about in this article.

Stay with us as we reveal the inner beauty of this wonderful personality type!

ENFP 2w3 Overview

ENFP 2w3s have a great understanding of other people’s needs and feelings and highly developed people skills. They are the type that makes you feel like you’ve known them for years even though you met just a few moments ago. Spontaneous and warm, they put others at ease and are, therefore, very popular and have plenty of friends.

Another reason they are so loved is that they see the best in others and know how to inspire them to act on it. Just like true leaders, they encourage others to pursue their greatest talents and find happiness in life.

However, when it comes to their own talents, they are not so dedicated and focused, so there’s a risk they might fail to use their greatest gifts. This is because they are easily distracted by both external challenges and their own curiosity.

Because they have a wide range of interests, they can easily talk with almost anyone on any topic and will always have fresh ideas or insights to share. Thanks to this, they are amazing when it comes to convincing others to follow their ideas, and they are excellent debaters.

Though they appear very independent, ENFP 2w3s actually care a lot about social approval. Their public image is very important to them—not because they are vain but because their sense of self-worth depends on how others perceive them.

ENFP 2w3 Fears & Desires

ENFP 2w3s are emotional people who integrate well into their communities, both in personal and professional contexts. As long as they feel connected, their fears are under control. As for their desires, they also pretty much revolve around their relationships with others.

ENFP 2w3 Fears

ENFP 2w3s are very adaptable and emotionally intelligent people who know how to handle fear and other unpleasant feelings. Yet, this doesn’t make their concerns any less powerful. They essentially fear:

  • Being alone. Life simply makes no sense if they do not have meaningful relationships. They feel deeply deprived when they are disconnected from the people they care about.
  • Failing to live up to their potential. These individuals have tremendous strength, and they feel they can accomplish a lot. However, since they are often too focused on other people’s needs and generally have trouble focusing, they get anxious about whether they are living their life purpose.
  • Being humiliated. They invest so much in others, who are not always capable of reciprocating. For this reason, they are sometimes frozen with fear that they will appear foolish for caring so much.

ENFP 2w3 Desires

Despite appearing relaxed and easygoing, ENFP 2w3s can be very ambitious and determined when they want something. Their core desires are:

  • Having reciprocity in relationships. They share their feelings, ideas, energy, and inspiration with others selflessly and dream to meet someone who will be capable of providing them with the same level of engagement and quality.
  • Having a stable future. Though they love changes and innovations, deep down they crave a gentle snuggle, a warm home, and a secure future to look forward to.
  • Being appreciated and important in the lives of others. They usually measure their worth by how much others appreciate them, so they need to feel important to others in order to feel self-respect.

Differences Between ENFP and ENFP 2w3

The key difference between ENFPs and ENFP 2w3s reflects in their need for security. The Enneagram Type 2w3 has a much more pronounced need for a stable, harmonious environment than a typical ENFP, who loves excitement and adventures.

#1. Difference: Focus

ENFPs are all over the place, and everything seems to be equally important to them. They easily get lost between their interests and daily responsibilities, often ending up doing things at the last minute. Meanwhile, Twos are better organized and highly responsible, and the Three wing makes them even more efficient.

As a result, an ENFP 2w3 will be far less chaotic and far better at time management and planning than a regular ENFP.

#2. Difference: Ambition

2w3s are grounded, capable individuals who are not satisfied with just supporting others—they also have a clear idea of what they want to achieve. So, ENFP 2w3s will have a much more defined perspective and stronger willpower to go after what they want. In doing so, they will use all the charm and people skills they are endowed with.

#3. Difference: Need for approval

ENFPs care about their public image, but usually not to the extent that they depend on it. On the other hand, 2w3s can sometimes be people-pleasers just because they care too much about conforming to society’s expectations. Therefore, an ENFP 2w3 will be slightly more concerned with how others perceive them.

#4. Difference: Manipulation

Both ENFPs and 2w3s are excellent communicators and have exceptionally developed people skills. However, an ENFP 2w3 is often tempted to use these skills to manipulate others into doing something they believe is necessary or good for the community.

#5. Difference: Discipline

ENFPs often struggle with procrastination and need others to provide them with structure so they don’t get lost in endless possibilities. Meanwhile, a 2w3 has no trouble staying focused, disciplined, and motivated. Because of this, an ENFP 2w3 will be more ready to adopt some kind of routine and stick to it.

ENFP 2w3 vs. ENFP 2w1

The leading difference between ENFP 2w3s and ENFP 2w1s is in their levels of extroversion. An ENFP 2w3 is as extroverted as a person can be since Twos, Threes, and ENFPs are all highly extroverted types. However, the One wing exhibits a different influence and makes ENFPs slightly less sociable.

Let’s have a more detailed overview of all the biggest differences between these two types:

ENFP 2w3

ENFP 2w1


Idealistic and principled

Focused on getting things done

Has perfectionistic tendencies

Brings people together

Helps people

Excellent performer

Not interested in showing in public

Energetic and upbeat

Thoughtful and organized

Needs social approval

Wants to improve society

Self-assured and biased

Self-critical and objective


(May be) Judgemental

ENFP 2w3 Careers Matches

ENFP 2w3s are great leaders and bosses that enjoy the respect and appreciation of their employees. That’s because they understand other people’s needs and make sure everyone feels accepted and appreciated. On top of that, they also have a unique gift for seeing the best in others, spotting their hidden talents, and inspiring them to bring them to life.

As team players, ENFP 2w3s will create a great atmosphere in a team, contribute with creative insights, and enjoy the exchange of ideas with their coworkers. They also make connections easily and effortlessly to soothe conflicts around them.

Finally, working alone isn’t what an ENFP 2w3 dreams about—they like to be surrounded by people, like to feel needed, and need others to stay motivated.

Best ENFP 2w3 Careers

ENFP 2w3s are creative, active, and energetic individuals who thrive in fast-paced environments with lots of human interaction. For this reason, they need a job that allows them to use their creativity and offers opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Some of the best ENFP 2w3 careers are:

  • HR Manager
  • Actor
  • PR Manager
  • Communication Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Account Manager
  • Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Psychologist
  • Lawyer
  • Social Worker

Worst ENFP 2w3 Careers

Jobs that require isolation and a strong drive for control are simply impossible for this social butterfly. Therefore, the worst ENFP 2w3 careers include:

  • Data Specialist
  • Programmer
  • Lab Technician
  • Librarian
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer

Unhealthy ENFP 2w3 + Growth Tips

An unhealthy ENFP 2w3 ignores their own authentic needs and becomes drained and scattered as a consequence of being overly attuned to others’ needs and expectations. They turn to daydreaming in an attempt to regenerate their energy and get stuck overthinking about different possibilities.

They often feel blocked, like they can’t get anything done. Everything seems to distract them, and they become especially frustrated for being so unproductive. They jump from one project to another, only to feel the joy of a new beginning but have trouble following through.

Exhausted and frustrated, they begin to have trouble with emotional control and may succumb to people-pleasing patterns of behavior. Their identity becomes fragmented, and they struggle to behave authentically. Ultimately, all this leads them to feel less worthy than others, which they chronically try to compensate for by doing too much for others.

For ENFP 2w3s to grow, it is essential that they:

  • Spend some time alone. Constant exchange with others feels very stimulating for these people, but everyone needs some time to process their thoughts and feelings regardless of how extroverted they are. Being alone and being lonely are two completely different things, and spending too much time with others will not push the feeling of loneliness away. However, spending quality time on our own will.
  • Learn the basics of self-care. Loving yourself doesn’t mean just taking a hot, nice bath. It means being in touch with your body and your emotional and physical needs. Following a healthy routine which includes a good nutritional plan and physical activity can be of great help in establishing emotional balance. But taking care of your emotional needs is even more important.
  • Instead of anticipating what others want them to be, ENFP 2w3s should focus on who they want to be. They are wired to take care of others, so it is reasonably challenging for them to apply such focus and care to themselves.

ENFP 2w3 Famous People

There are many famous ENFP 2w3s throughout history as well as today. Here’s a list of some popular ENFP 2w3 celebrities you might already know about:

  • Kristen Bell, American actress
  • Sarah Paulson, American actress
  • Charles Dickens, English writer and social critic
  • Kat Dennings, American actress
  • Doris Day, American actress, singer, and activist
  • Tessa Thompson, American actress
  • Romero Britto. Brazilian artist, painter, serigrapher, and sculptor
  • Jusuf Nurkic, Bosnian professional basketball player

Key Takeaways

And this marks the end of our ENFP 2w3 meaning analysis. As you can see, these people are not hard to spot in a crowd. They will be surrounded by people who enjoy their company, or you’ll find them engaged in some interesting conversation.

If you want to make sure they stay in your life once you meet them, bear in mind you’ve got their key traits right:

  • ENFP 2w3s have exceptional people skills and are one of the most extroverted personality types. They enjoy exchanging thoughts and feelings with others and have a great sense of humor.
  • They dread being alone and dream of meaningful relationships that are built on reciprocal feelings. Because they anticipate the needs of others so well, they may also be prone to manipulation at times but are generally well-intentioned.
  • Public image and success play important roles in their lives but only matter to them if they have someone to share them with.
  • Staying focused is one of their biggest challenges, but once they overcome it, they are destined to accomplish great things.