Type Guesser (Parent)


Type Guesser (Parent)
8 min

Parents can be difficult at the best of times, but sometimes you feel like you want a bit more of a view into why they make the decisions they do. If you want to figure out what type your parent is, but for some reason or another you can’t ask them directly to take the test, this short tool will help you make an estimation.

We have written a short list of common situations to get into with a parent. You have likely been in some of these citations (or similar ones!) yourself, so you should be able to answer what your parents' response is likely to be. Try to be as truthful as possible when you answer, and choose the option that we described that your parent is most likely to behave as.

If you haven’t been in a situation like the one described, then try to imagine yourself in the thick of it. How would your parent react? Which one of the available options is most likely the avenue of action they would take?