The Complete Analysis of ENFP 4w3 Personality Type

13 May 2023

ENFP 4w3 Personality Type

The ENFP type is called the Campaigner, while the Enneagram 4w3s are often referred to as the Aristocrats. An ENFP 4w3, therefore, surely promises to be an interesting and possibly contradictory combination, would you agree?

Does the enchanting enthusiasm of the ENFPs stay intact, or do they get carried away with the individualistic ambitions of the 4w3 type? This guide will provide you with an answer to this and many other intriguing questions about this charming personality.

So, if you are ready to learn more about the motivations, aspirations, fears, and virtues of the ENFP 4w3s, you are in the right place! Just keep reading!

ENFP 4w3 Overview

An ENFP 4w3 is a distinct mix of the ENTP personality type and Enneagram Type Four with a Three wing. Considering that ENFPs are very extroverted and people-oriented, while the Enneagram Type Four is one of the most introverted types, the blend of the two will result in a very delicate personality.

Therefore, ENFP 4w3s will be friendly and warm but very selective when it comes to choosing who they will be friends with. They are sensitive, have lively imaginations, and are very self-assured.

On top of that, ENFPs are very active, enthusiastic, and passionate about life. Fours, on the other hand, are creative and want to show who they are. The Enneagram Three wing spices up this character even more by fueling their ambition to achieve something extraordinary.

Therefore, an ENTP 4w3 is eager to achieve an enviable level of excellence in the field of their interest and distinguish themselves as special in their social circle. They use their natural charm and personal charisma to succeed and are generally more energetic than a typical 4w3 but less active than a typical ENFP.

ENFP 4w3s seek the company of those who respect their uniqueness, and though amiable generally, they don’t really care to be liked by everyone. Nevertheless, they place a lot of emphasis on social standing and usually know how to draw attention to themselves. What’s also interesting about this type is how warm and accepting they can be in their interactions with others while also imposing very clear personalboundaries.

Another noticeable trait of this personality type is that they often insist on some kind of artistic or creative expression. This is the reason why they can sometimes be intense in displaying their emotions, as they believe that we all have to experience our emotions to the depth of their fullness.

ENFP 4w3 Fears & Desires

ENFP 4w3 Fears & Desires

Generally, ENFPs are terrified of being alone—they need other people to feel good about themselves. The Enneagram 4w3 type, on the other hand, is only interested in figuring out their identity and showing the world what makes them unique. The ENFP 4w3 will not be so concerned with loneliness, but their need to achieve authenticity will stay just as strong.

ENFP 4w3 Fears

Slightly more independent than a typical ENFP, this personality is typically afraid of:

  • Rejection. Since they crave external validation, rejection feels dreadful to them. They are not capable of not taking it personally.
  • Appearing mediocre. They feel as if they will lose the respect of others and any chance to be loved unless they are exceptional in some way.
  • Not being able to createsomething unique or extraordinary. They are aware they have unique talents and feel a deep urge to express themselves, so not being able to do so is terrifying, as that’s the core of their personality.

ENFP 4w3 Desires

Both ENFPs and 4w3s crave external validation. Even though an ENFP 4w3 is not so dependent on other people’s opinions, they still need social confirmation that they are unique to feel good about themselves. Their core desires include:

  • Appearing different and classy. They want to impress others and show how unique they are in every situation.
  • Creating something of unique value. They often feel their emotions and subjective experience of life and the world are unique, and they feel the urge to create something that will make this evident.
  • Establishing meaningful, special relationships. They want to stand out but also need to be understood and accepted for all their differences. Therefore, they long for relationships with people who can understand their unique sensibility. Fours and Sixes often complement each other well, with Fours bringing emotional depth and creativity while Sixes provide grounding and stability.

Differences Between ENFP and ENFP 4w3

Collection of colorful sculptures

ENFPs do not often identify as Fours, so the ENFP 4w3 personality will be very different from a typical ENFP. The introversion of the Four greatly modifies the ENFPs’ natural tendency to be amiable and complacent, while the Three wing makes them more ambitious and resolute.

#1. Difference: Perfectionistic Traits

ENFP 4w3s have a very strong drive to achieve something exceptional. Their intense desire to make an impact is fertile soil for perfectionism. Highly idealistic and creative, they set high standards in everything they do.

Unlike easygoing ENFPs, they are deeply disturbed if they fail to meet those high standards. They need other people’s approval, but that’s not enough—only perfection can measure up to their authentic creativity.

#2. Difference: Hypersensitivity

ENFPs are emotional but not overly sensitive. On the other hand, Fours are very delicate and often obsess about expressing their authenticity. Therefore, the 4w3 personality shows hypersensitivity in certain areas of their lives. For example, they may take constructive criticism as a malicious remark and feel deeply hurt by it.

Since they place so much importance on the approval of others, anything but praise makes them feel insecure and question their value.

#3. Difference: Time Alone

Difference: Time Alone

Unlike the amiable ENFPs, who would rather do anything than spend time alone, ENTP 4w3s crave alone time to process impressions and feelings and think about their life.

ENTP 4w3 will often identify more like introverted extroverts, or ambiverts. Their strong desire to stand out modifies the ENTP’s need to blend in. For this reason, they will also feel compelled to distinguish between acquaintances and close friends.

#4. Difference: Confidence

The Enneagram Three wing accentuates the ambition, drive, and confidence in ENTP 4w3s. Unlike ENFPs, who prioritize their relationships with others over developing their talents, an ENFP 4w3 has a strong value system and slowly but persistently works toward achieving their goals.

ENFP 4w3 vs. ENFP 4w5

Both ENFP 4w3s and ENFP 4w5s will be highly creative, unique, and atypical compared to an average ENTP personality. ENFP 4w5s will be even more contradictory, as both Fours and Fives are highly introverted types.

Let’s take a look at the most significant ENFP 4w3 vs. 4w5 differences:

ENFP 4w3

ENFP 4w5

Cares for social approval

Less dependent on social approval

Friendly and assertive

More introverted

Pragmatic and creative

Creative and artistic


Quiet and peaceful

Craves attention and likes to be noticed

Not concerned with attracting attention

Likes to dress creatively

Does not care about attire

Needs time alone

Needs even more time alone

Makes contact easily

Needs more time to warm up

ENFP 4w3 Careers Matches

Interior designer standing in a room

ENFP 4w3s are charming, productive, and elegant people who easily make contacts at work. They are not interested in taking on too much responsibility but can be great leaders in jobs that are based on creativity and not organizational skills. Highly emotional and sensitive, they need a lot of room to express their unique talents.

They will enjoy working in a team as long as there are enough creative challenges. Rigid rules and strict hierarchies make them feel stuck. They easily lose their zest in such circumstances.

Working independently is another viable option for this personality type. They enjoy following their creative whims and typically succeed as independent contractors, outside collaborators, and in similar settings.

Best ENFP 4w3 Careers

Jobs that require creativity and an open mind and allow emotional expression are often the best choices for this personality type. In fact, variety and the ability to learn and grow are among the most important factors an ENTP 4w3 will take into consideration when deciding which career path they should opt for.

Bearing this in mind, it’s safe to conclude that some of the best careers for them would be:

  • Journalist
  • Musician
  • Singer
  • Comedian
  • Actor
  • TV host
  • Event Planner
  • Interior Decorator
  • Fashion Designer
  • Social Worker

Worst ENFP 4w3 Careers

Highly structured environments, a lack of growth opportunities, and creative challenges can be extremely stressful for people with this personality type.

With that in mind, here are some ideas of what the worst career choices would be for them:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Surgeon
  • Accountant
  • Police Officer
  • Lawyer
  • Judge

Unhealthy ENFP 4w3 + Growth Tips

Unhealthy ENFP 4w3 + Growth Tips

An unhealthy ENFP 4w3 becomes too concerned with social approval and seeks external validation. They easily get preoccupied with their flaws and tend to obsess over what’s wrong with them. Self-critical and too judgmental, they become self-absorbed and prone to mood swings.

Their perfectionistic tendencies take the best of them, and they project their inner frustration onto others, feeling unjustly disappointed and misunderstood. In an attempt to keep their relationships despite showing great dissatisfaction with them, they often become controlling and manipulative.

Emotional blackmail, dramatic scenes, and acting out are some of the tactics they are prone to when they are functioning in an unhealthy way. Anxiety and depression lurk beneath their arrogance and resentment.

Key Growth Tips for ENFP 4w3

An ENFP 4w3 can achieve remarkable things as a result of overcoming their shortcomings. Here are some essential lessons this type needs to learn to live up to their full potential:

  • Learning emotional regulation skills will help an ENTP 4w3 form a stable self-image that is not based on how they feel in the heat of the moment. As a consequence, knowing who they are will help them feel less pressured to prove how unique they are.
  • Cultivating their creativity and talents is essential for this type to outgrow their need to depend on external validation. The more they give in to their need to create, the less they will care about impressing others.
  • Focusing on their priorities instead of giving in to every impulse will help this type move towards self-fulfillment. They need to practice self-discipline and organization skills to be able to bring out all the talents they are endowed with.

ENFP 4w3 Famous People

Many famous people belong to the ENFP 4w3 family. Some of the most well-known ENFP 4w3 celebrities are:

  • Salvador Dali, Spanish surrealist artist, painter, sculptor, and writer
  • Oscar Wilde, Irish poet, novelist, and playwright
  • Brie Larson, American actress and comedian
  • Grimes, Canadian artist, musician, and singer
  • Helena Bonham Carter, English actress
  • John Lennon, English musician, songwriter, and peace activist
  • Charlie Chaplin, American comedian, actor, and entertainer

Key Takeaways

Now that you’ve grasped the ENFP 4w3 meaning, it is time to wrap up this ENFP 4w3 description. The best way to remember what is so intriguing about this personality type is to recap their key traits, so here they are!

  • Highly creative and imaginative, ENFP 4w3s want to be seen as one of a kind.
  • They are perfectionists who set high standards in everything they do.
  • Even though they are compassionate and caring, they are very selective about who they let into their closest circles.
  • They are very passionate and enthusiastic about life in general.